Best Coal Mining Spots in Old School RuneScape

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Coal is an insanely important ore in OSRS. It forms the basis of almost every single bar you can obtain in the game.

So you need this ore to make everything from iron to rune, and without it, the smithing skill wouldn’t be possible!

Lucky for us, coal is commonly found throughout OSRS, with a few locations where it’s easier to obtain then others.

So here are my top 5 favorite places in the game to go for mining coal.

Note: I highly recommend that you wear a prospector’s outfit and superior mining gloves while mining to maximize the amount of ores (and experience) you can get.


5. Wilderness Coal Mine

Wilderness Coal Mining Location (Screenshot From Above) / OSRS HD

First on our list is one of the best F2P coal mining spots: the Wilderness Coal Mine.

Located right above Edgeville, this area is littered with coal rocks, with over 34 coal rocks in total.

This is the second highest amount of coal rocks that you’ll find in a single location.

But be wary, as this area is in level 9 wilderness. So players may be able to attack you while you mine.

Furthermore, there are a ton of skeletons in the area that can easily kill a lower leveled player.

This location isn’t too far from the Edgeville bank, either. Which means banking for ore isn’t out of the question.

I highly recommend this spot to anyone who doesn’t have level 60 mining and is a non-member.


4. Coal Trucks

Coal Mining Carts (outside Seers Village) / OSRS HD

Located just outside Seers’ Village, north of the Fishing Guild, you’ll find the Coal Trucks.

This location is unique since there are 18 coal rocks, and some trucks that can be loaded with various amounts of coal.

Completing the Kandarin Hard Diary allows you to load 308 coal into the trucks.

Once they’re full, you can offload it to and from the bank.

Using the agility shortcut here is highly advised for low level players.

And here’s something else: these trucks automatically deliver the first 200 pieces of coal to your bank with the Elite Diary done.

This is a great way to get some coal early on, since it’s super easy to bank and stock up.


3. South Ardougne Mine

South Ardougne Coal Mining Location / OSRS HD

Also known as the Monastery coal mine, this spot has a total of 4 coal rocks and 13 iron rocks – and is very popular!

It’s easy to access with an Ardougne cloak too, which provides unlimited teleports to this location.

The best method would be to teleport in with the cloak, mine your ore, and then to teleport out using a duelling ring to go to castle wars, or perhaps a teleport to Seers’ Village.

This method is mainly only used by lower leveled players though, since the cloak is easy to obtain early on, and if your account is still newer then your better options (such as the Mining Guild) are not yet available.


2. Mining Guild

Mining Guild Mine Location / OSRS HD

The Mining Guild is the best spot for F2P coal mining, and one of the best places in OSRS for mining in general.

There are 37 coal rocks here. That’s the highest amount you’ll find in one location in F2P.

There’s also a conveniently located bank right inside the guild, which makes banking a piece of cake!

While mining in the guild, you also have the chance to find unidentified minerals. These can be traded in for mining gloves, which are a fantastic upgrade to any miner’s arsenal.

You’ll also gain an invisible +7 boost to your mining skill while inside the guild. This means you’ll mine faster and produce more ore overall, increasing your efficiency.

Just note that you do need a minimum level of 60 mining to enter the guild, both for F2P and P2P.


1. Motherlode Mine

Motherlode Mine full-view screenshot / OSRS HD

The Motherlode Mine is the best mining option in OSRS when it comes to ore.

You’ll passively gain a ton of coal. And by the time you reach level 99, you’ll have so much coal you won’t know what to do with it!

But you will need a minimum of level 30 mining to enter the Motherlode mine.

Although the mine truly begins to shine at level 72, once the upper level is unlocked. That area makes mining much more AFK, and you’ll be able to camp for much longer.

I also recommend upgrading the bag downstairs so you can load it with more pay dirt than usual.

You can also obtain a coal bag here from nuggets which you’ll periodically receive from pay dirt.

The coal bag allows you to hold an extra 28 coal in your inventory – a massive upgrade!

So if you’re after coal (or plenty of other ores) then the Motherlode Mine is the place to get it.

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