OSRS: The 5 Best Places To Cook (F2P + P2P)

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Finding a place to cook your meals is just as important as finding your meal in the first place!

All over OSRS you can use stoves, ranges, and fires to get your food ready for consumption.

But when you’re looking to cook a ton of food at once, where’s the best place to go? You want to be able to cook as many items as possible, but also be in a convenient location.

The most commonly cooked food is fish, since these heal a lot of hitpoints, and are easy to catch.

So let’s take a look at the best place to cook all your fish and pastries quickly and efficiently!


5. Lumbridge Kitchen Range

Lumbridge Range Close-up Screenshot / OSRS HD

This is a great F2P and P2P spot to start out cooking.

This range has an ability which lowers your burn rate (on certain foods), which is incredibly useful at earlier levels.

The range is also called the Cook-o-matic 100, so that’s something.

The beds foods to cook here are generally low level fish.

Here’s an example of how the lowered burn rate can work: Trout normally stops burning at level 49, but on this range it would stop burning at level 47.

To make use of this range you’ll need to assist the Lumbridge Head Chef and complete the Cook’s Assistant quest.

This is a very easy quest, and should be one of the first you ever do on your account.

You can expect a maximum of 1120 cooked fish per hour using this range.

Where To Find: Lumbridge Castle First Floor inside the kitchen.


4. Cooking Guild

OSRS Cooks' Guild Range Close-up / OSRS HD

Once you’ve obtained level 99 cooking (or completed the Varrock Hard Diary) you’ll have access to the cooking guild bank, which makes the range here very useful.

That said, it takes a while to get your cooking up to 99. Which means you may not find this spot as valuable until you level up.

But this is one of the few guilds available in F2P, so it’s definitely a spot to bookmark.

The range is even right next to the bank, optimally placed so you can cook & bank in only a few steps.

Chefs who have at least level 32 cooking can enter the guild, and you’d get there by using a skills necklace teleport.

You can cook a maximum of 1,377 fish per hour in this spot.

Remember to wear your chef hat to enter!

Where To Find: Located just outside Varrock west bank on the way to Barbarian Village.


3. Rogues’ Den

Rogues Den Eternal Fire Location / OSRS HD

As our only fire on this list, the Rogues’ den offers the closest location to a bank – which is literally a single tile away from the fire.

The fire is also eternal so it will never run out!

And since this is a fire, you can only cook meat or fish. But this is generally fine, as fish are the primary thing that most people cook in mass to level up in OSRS.

You can cook a maximum of 1,388 fish her per hour, which is one of the highest amounts in game at max efficiency!

As this is a fire, you also will gain no benefits like you would at a range (regarding burning food).

Where To Find: You’ll find the Rogue’s Den under the pub in Burthorpe. Take the secret ladder behind the counter to reach this area.


2. Myths’ Guild

Myths’ Guild Range Location Close-up / OSRS HD

The Myths’ Guild is not easy to enter.

It requires the completion of Dragon Slayer II (have fun). But gaining entry provides access to one of the best ranges in OSRS.

This range is similar to the Rogues’ Den, in that it’s a single tile away from a bank chest on the 2nd floor of the guild.

As a result, you can also cook a maximum of up to 1,388 fish per hour here.

You’ll also gain all the benefits of using a range, which sets this option apart from the Rogues’ Den.

This means you’ll burn less food, which is more profit for you!

And this is arguably the best spot to use after level 99 cooking.

Where To Find: In the Myths Guild on the second floor.


1. Hosidius House Kitchen

Hosidius House Kitchen Range Close-up / OSRS HD

This is the best spot to use while you’re still training cooking, as the ovens here decrease your burn rate by 5% – and the effect stacks with cooking gauntlets!

And this effect increases to 10% once you have the Kourend and Kebos Elite diary completed.

There’s a conveniently located bank chest here too, which will help you cook bulk amounts of food.

Currently you can cook a maximum of 1,333 fish here per hour. Which is just slightly worse than some of the above options, but this spot the added benefit of ensuring you don’t burn as much food.

So this has to be the best spot to use if profit and experience are your motivating goals, as opposed to time constraints.

Note that you’ll need 100% Hosidius House favor to use the ovens here!

Where To Find: Located in the Hosidius house, just east of the mess hall. Any easy way to get here is to use a Xeric Talisman teleport to the Glade!

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