What’s The Best Spot To Farm Cowhide in OSRS?

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Even though the Crafting Guild is the undeniably best place to farm cowhides in Old School RuneScape for members and free players alike, almost everyone is going to use other spots like the Falador Farm (F2P) and the Hosidius Town (P2P). This is mostly due to the Crafting Guild’s steep requirements.

Cowhides are obtained from dispatching cows and their offspring, both of which are very low-level monsters that even a player fresh off tutorial island is able to kill.

Because of how easy they are to get, cowhides have always been a staple money making method (mostly for new accounts), dating all the way back to the original release of RuneScape.

The hides themselves are used to craft low-level range armor, so there’s always a demand on the market for them.


Best F2P Cowhide Spots

As mentioned earlier, the best place to embrace your inner cow-murderer is the Crafting guild – though it does come with some prerequisites.

While there is a bank (and a deposit) right there in front of you, to be able to use it you need either:

  • 99 Crafting, or
  • Completion of the hard(or elite) Falador achievement diary if you’re a member.

If you have either of those requirements then you most likely have better money making methods available to you – but I thought I should mention it regardless.

There’s also a tanner on the second floor of the guild, should you wish to immediately tan your hides.

The crafting guild and its cow pasture / OSRS

If you just so happen to not be a master crafter, then the next best area to try is a little farm south of Falador.

This cow pen is relatively close to Falador’s east bank, and has plenty
of four-legged milk producers for you to kill.

Farm south of Falador with cows / OSRS

Best P2P Cowhide Spots

Other than the Crafting Guild, out of all the places that members can farm cowhides at, only two of them are worth mentioning.

First up is the area north of Yanille and a little west of the Nightmare Zone.

Because there’s only a few cows here (3-4) this spot is mostly suited for lower level players. Otherwise you might find yourself spending more time waiting for the cows to respawn than actually killing them.

Below is a screenshot of what this area looks like:

The cows north of Yanille / OSRS

Or if you don’t like any of the areas we’ve already mentioned, the little pen north of the Hosidius Town Square might be of use to you.

You could say this spot is a mix between Yanille and Falador, because it’s a little further from the bank, but it comes with a few more cows!

The screenshot below shows the spot you’ll be looking for:

Cows located north of Hosidius town square / OSRS
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