Top 10 Best Crush Weapons in Old School RuneScape

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Crush styled weapons are some of the most important in all of RuneScape, as they’re essential for PvM and PvP.

Whether you plan to face the mighty Tekton in Chambers of Xeric, or Cerberus, the king of Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon, you’ll want a trusty crush weapon in your inventory to ensure the fight swings in your favor.

So which crush weapons are the best? And more importantly, where can you obtain these mighty weapons?

Let’s answer those questions right now.


10. Hill Giant Club

Hill Giant Club Weapon in OSRS

While the Hill Giant Club might not be much to look at for a member, it’s the best-in-slot crush weapon for a non-member, earning the number 10 spot on this list.

The club boasts a +65 crush attack bonus, which not only makes it the best crush weapon for non-members, but also arguably the best weapon obtainable by non-members.

Where to Get: You will need to defeat Obor, the Hill giant boss; he’s located in Edgeville dungeon and can only be accessed with a giant key.


9. Granite Maul

OSRS Granite Maul Weapon Preview

Not every weapon is used for killing monsters.

Sometimes we want to face off against each other.

And for many, there’s no better weapon to do it with than the Granite Maul.

With a +81 crush bonus, the maul is a formidable weapon to see an opponent attack you with… however, this bonus is not the reason this weapon is so popular.

The Granite Maul has a special ability “Quick Smash” which allows a player to deal an extra attack in the same game tick as another attack, making it very easy to kill enemy players by stacking a ton of damage!

If you want to join the PvP scene, this weapon is a must-have!

Where to Get: You’ll need to kill Gargoyles, requiring 75 Slayer, for the drop. I would recommend the Slayer Tower which has plenty of Gargoyles to kill on or off of a slayer task.


8. Verac’s Flail

Verac's Flail Mace OSRS Render

The Verac’s Flail is one of the most well-known weapons in the game, having been one of the best crush weapons in the early version of RuneScape.

The Flail has a +82 crush bonus, making it worthy of this spot in the ranking.

However, the real magic happens when you use the Flail with the Verac’s armor set.

This unlocks the set effect of having a ¼ chance of entirely ignoring an opponent’s prayer and defense, which is unbelievably useful!

The usefulness of this entire set is often used for bosses like Calisto.

Where to Get: You’ll need to head to the Barrows minigame and get lucky on the final chest. There’s plenty of other loot to be obtained here, so it is a very popular area!


7. Barrelchest Anchor

OSRS Barrelchest Anchor Render

Now this weapon is similar to the Granite Maul, as it’s another very popular PvP weapon.

The anchor has an impressive +92 crush bonus and is often used by players in conjunction with special weapons to deal very large damage on an opponent all at once.

And with a +100 strength bonus, as well as the ease of access to getting this weapon, all makes it a very desirable choice among Pkers.

Where to Get: Complete the quest “The Great Brain Robbery” to obtain this powerful anchor turned weapon!


6. Zamorakian Hasta

OSRS Zamorakian Hasta Weapon

The Zamorakian Hasta is actually primarily a stab weapon.

But many players find it desirable to use it as a crush weapon to due to its +65 crush bonus.

Still, with a +85 stab bonus as well, the Hasta is extremely versatile, and can be used in a variety of places as a result.

The Hasta is often used with bosses like Vet’ion due to this versatility.

Where to Get: Dropped as a Zamorakian Spear by K’ril Tsutsaroth and his generals at the God War Dungeon. If you’re lucky enough to get this drop, take it to Otto Godblessed at Otto’s Grotto, who can convert it into a hasta for a fee.


5. Viggora’s Chainmace

Viggora’s Chainmace OSRS Weapon

Sometimes the usefulness of a weapon is limited to a specific area of Runescape.

The Chainmace is a perfect example of this.

With a crush bonus of +67, you might dismiss this weapon before giving even giving it a chance.

And it’s easily one of the most useful weapons in RuneScape.

The Chainmace has a passive effect which applies a 50% damage boost, as well as a 50% increase to accuracy while in the Wilderness.

This makes the weapon powerful while within the Wilderness area, surpassing some of the higher tier weapons on this list with ease!

It earns the number 5 spot because it’s limited in scope, but still so valuable.

Where to Get: Travel to the Revenant Caves within the Wilderness and slay the revenants within. Be warned that this drop is very rare, so it might take a bit of a grind to get.


4. Elder Maul

Elder Maul OSRS Hammer Weapon

Now let’s get into the meat of this list, which has some really powerful weapons…

Such as the Elder Maul, which has a whopping +135 crush bonus, and is the highest tier crush weapon in RuneScape!

You might be wondering why it’s in the number 4 spot when it has such an impressive bonus.

This is largely due to its attack speed of 6, which makes this one of the slower weapons in OSRS, limiting its DPS and usefulness.

It’s often used by solo raiders in the Chambers of Xeric.

Where to Get: This is a possible mega-rare reward from the Chambers of Xeric once you’ve defeated Olm. Only the best players in the game will be able to achieve this!


3. Abyssal Bludgeon

Abyssal Bludgeon OSRS Weapon

I cannot sing this weapon’s praises enough.

The bludgeon has a crush bonus of +102, it’s fast, it has a +85 strength bonus, and a multitude of uses.

It’s the second best crush weapon in the game (in terms of DPS) making this a very desirable weapon.

The Abyssal Bludgeon is often used for Slayer, Nightmare, and Gargoyles. Beyond this, players also use this as their primary strength training weapon when grinding it to 99.

Where to Get: You’ll need to face the Abyssal Sire and obtain all three components: the Axon, claw, and spine, to build yourself a bludgeon of your own.


2. Dragon Warhammer

OSRS Dragon Warhammer Preview

This is a unique entry on this list, as it’s almost never used as a primary weapon, but rather for its special attack – which is one of the most useful in all of OSRS.

The Warhammer has a crush bonus of +95, which in itself is decent.

However its special attack “Smash” lowers your targets defense by 30% provided you land a hit.

Considering this special can be used twice in a row with a stackable effect, it is a must-have for most high level PvM.

Most teams will even require you to bring this along if you want to raid or PvM with them.

Where to Get: To get this God-Tier weapon you’ll need to grind Lizardman Shamans. I say “grind” because the drop rate of the Dragon Warhammer is a depressing 1/5000, meaning you’ll be grinding this for a very, very long time.


1. Inquisitor’s Mace

OSRS Inquisitor’s Mace Preview

And now… the very best crush weapon in the entire game:

The Inquisitor’s Mace!

With a Crush Bonus of +95 and a strength bonus of +89, this weapon tears through its enemies with ease.

It’s single handed, unlike other weapons here such as the bludgeon and anchor.

This means the Inquisitor’s Mace can be paired with an Avernic Defender, which makes it all the more deadly.

Furthermore, it is much faster than the Elder Maul or Barrelchest anchor. Meaning this mace pumps out damage like no other crush weapon.

It’s tied for the very best melee weapon in RuneScape, only matched by the Blade of Saeldor and The Ghrazi Rapier, comfortably earning the Inquisitor’s Mace the top spot on this list.

Where to Get: You’ll need to travel to the town of Slepe and face The Nightmare of Ashihama for a chance at this elusive drop. This is no easy fight, so ensure you go prepared!

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