10 Best Diary Rewards in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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Achievement diaries are special tasks you can complete in certain areas of OSRS to unlock rewards, which are often permanently bound to your account.

And there are four tiers of diary rewards: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite.

The easy diary will be relatively simple to unlock, only requiring basic skills. While the elite diary will require some really high skills & an aptitude for high-level PvM.

But with so many diaries out there, which rewards are best? And which diaries are worth completing first for their awesome rewards?

Let’s explore some of these awesome rewards below, along with how you can get them.


10. Unlimited Teleports to Duradel

Karamja Gloves (4) render from OSRS

Duradel is high level slayer master, requiring a minimum of 100 combat to use him.

He’s commonly used by adventurers seeking difficult slayer task including boss tasks.

This teleport is also quite useful for clue scrolls, as there are quite a few in the region, which the gloves provide quick access to.

How to Unlock: Completing the Karamja Elite Diary will allow you to use the Karamja Gloves (4) which provide you an unlimited amount of teleports to Duradel. This is useful since he’s located in Shilo Village, which is miles away from civilization and is pretty annoying to get there quickly.


9. Unlimited teleports to Sherlock

Kandarin headgear 4 render from OSRS

Here’s another useful teleport, and Sherlock is the man to see regarding skill tasks when it comes to Master and Elite clue scrolls!

This is very useful for players looking to grind out clue scrolls. Reason being that you’ll save a ton of time teleporting to him instantly, as opposed to running from Seers’ Bank.

How to Unlock: Completing the Elite Kandarin Diary will unlock the Kandarin headgear 4, which offers this teleport. Note that the diary has some high level requirements, like 90 Smithing and 86 Herblore. You’ll also need to reach level 5 in all roles at Barbarian Assault.


8. Noted Dagannoth Bones

Dagannoth Bones OSRS render

Noted bones are always a great reward. But especially when its Dagannoth bones, which are great prayer experience and worth a ton of money!

Only the Dagannoth Kings (DKS) will drop the noted bones, but this will save you a ton of inventory space, and increase the lengths of your trips dramatically.

Many players find this to be extremely useful when pet hunting, or on a Dagannoth Slayer Task.

How to Unlock: Complete the Elite Fremennik Diary which requires some high level PvM, as you’ll need to kill each of the God War Dungeon bosses. A high Agility and Runecrafting Level of 80 and 82 are also needed for the Elite diary.


7. Better Quality Pay Dirt

Pay-dirt render from OSRS

Pay Dirt is what you get from mining at the Motherlode Mine, and once washed, it becomes the ores we use in the Smithing skill.

Higher quality Pay Dirt means better quality ores, such as Rune and Adamant ores, as opposed to more coal.

This in turn means more money in your pocket!

You’ll definitely want this upgrade before going for 99 Mining, as the increased profits are well worth it.

How to Unlock: You’ll need to complete the Falador Elite diary, which was some insanely high requirements like 88 Runecrafting and 91 Farming. You’ll also need a Quest Cape or a 99 skill cape, both of which will take weeks to obtain.


6. Giant Mole Locator and Noted drops

Falador Shield (3) item from OSRS

I personally love this reward and use it constantly on my Ironman, as you can never have too many Saradomin Brews!

The reward from this diary is the Falador Shield (3), which automatically locates the Giant Mole in its burrow, pointing the direction out to you.

This is insanely useful because it saves you from running around searching for this giant beast.

Even better, once the mole has been killed, its skins and claws will be noted – meaning you don’t have to run to a bank as often to drop off your newfound loot.

As a result, a skilled player can manage almost 100 kills before even needing to restock with this upgrade.

How to Unlock: All you’ll need is the Falador hard diary completed, which has some mid-to-high tier requirements such as 70 Prayer, obtaining full Prospector, and entering the Warriors’ Guild.


5. Ardougne Cloak (4)

Ardougne Cloak (4) item render from OSRS

Locked behind another Elite diary, the Ardy Cloak offers you the best in slot stab bonus and prayer bonus in OSRS – making this an extremely sought after cloak!

Considering it’s the best in slot for stab, it’s often used at Corporeal Beast and for PvP, since the cape is entirely free (provided the diary is complete).

But it gets even better:

The Ardy Cloak grants you with unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Farming patch, making your herb runs even faster!

How to Unlock: This cloak is locked behind the Ardougne Elite Diary, which is further locked behind some insane stat requirements. You’ll need 85 Farming, 90 Agility, 94 Magic, 91 Cooking, and 91 Smithing, just to name a few of the stats required for this diary. If you want a full list of all required skill levels for this diary then check here.

I would also recommend using Spicy Stews to boost yourself up to the required skill levels, in case you’re a bit under any of them.


4. Noted Dragon bone drops in Wilderness

Dragon bones render from OSRS

Dragon bones are one of the primary ways to train Prayer in OSRS. And you can never have enough of them!

This upgrade will allow you to slay any dragon in the wilderness and receive noted bones as a drop.

This applies to Black Dragons (but not the King Black Dragon), Green Dragons, and Lava Dragons.

The result of this upgrade is that you can virtually camp Wilderness dragons forever, or until someone kills you… as this is the Wilderness.

But this upgrade is commonly used by high level ironmen who are looking for a way to collect Dragon Bones to get 99 Prayer.

How to Unlock: Complete the Wilderness Elite Diary. This diary is especially challenging because it’s all within the Wilderness, meaning other players can kill you while you’re trying to finish up tasks.

You’ll need to have some high skills here too, such as level 90 Smithing, 85 Mining, 85 Fishing, 90 Cooking, 96 Magic, and 84 Thieving. Also be prepared to fight some of the hardest bosses in the Wilderness, as all of them will need to be slayed to grab this reward.


3. Rada’s Blessing (4)

Rada's Blessing 4 in OSRS

Rada’s Blessing is the best blessing in OSRS.

It provides a +2 prayer bonus and a variety of really cool benefits. So it’s worth tracking down if you can get it.

And the blessing will give you an 8% chance to catch two fish at once while it’s equipped. But this does not grant bonus experience (bummer, I know).

You’ll also have unlimited teleports to the top of Mount Karuulm – which is a great way to access Hydra’s and the Slayer Master Konar.

How to Unlock: Rada’s Blessing is locked behind the Elite Kourend and Kebos Lowland Diary, which like the rest of the Elite Diaries, has some very high requirements.

You’ll need to complete a Chambers of Xeric, have 95 Slayer, 90 Woodcutting, and 90 magic, just to name a few of the challenges. But this reward is well worth the grind!


2. Fairy Ring usage without a Dramen/Lunar Staff

Preview fairy ring render in OSRS

This is a quality of life reward, which honestly just makes the game so much easier.

Fairy Ring travel is essential for moving around the map quickly.

And this upgrade allows you to use Fairy Rings without the use of a Dramen or Lunar staff, which not only saves you an inventory spot, but also means that you don’t have to pre-plan your usage of Fairy Rings. You can simply use them at your discretion.

How to Unlock: Completing the Elite Lumbridge and Draynor Diary will grant you access to this awesome reward. This diary is probably one of the easiest to complete (compared to the others here), only requiring 88 Smithing, 76 Runecrafting, 75 Woodcutting, and 78 Thieving, to name a few of the higher end stats you’d need.


1. Elite Void

Full Elite Void armor in OSRS

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this reward is.

Elite void is an upgraded version of the original Void set, obtainable from the Pest Control minigame.

The upgraded version offers a 2.5% damage output increase to mage and range variants (compared to the original set), as well as an additional prayer bonus of +6.

Void is also useful because it limits the amount of switches you need in places like Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood, meaning it’s perfect for players to use when learning difficult content.

Void is also very useful to pures and in PvP, as the range set in particular is fantastic for its great damage bonus.

If you can put up with the requirements then I would highly recommend chasing down this reward.

How to Unlock: The Elite Void upgrade is only locked behind the Hard Western Province Diary, meaning you do not even need the elite diary for this awesome upgrade!

The requirements to complete the hard diary are not too bad, either. You’ll need a minimum of 100 combat, 70 Mining, 75 Thieving, and 68 Farming, just to name a few of the tougher skill requirements. But the toughest challenge of the hard diary is that you’ll need a Zulrah kill, which can be challenging since she’s a formidable boss.

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