15 Best Dungeons in Old School RuneScape

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Delving into the dungeons of OSRS can be both daunting and exciting.

With literally dozens if not hundreds of dungeons to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to keep busy.

There are dungeons for skilling, quests, PvM, bosses, Slayer, and much more! As an adventurer it’s your duty to properly prepare to enter into these dungeons, as without proper preparation, death will be a certainty.

Having explored many of the game’s dungeons myself, let me act as your guide, introducing you to what I believe are the best dungeons in all of OSRS!


15. Crandor and Karamja Dungeon

Crandor and Karamja Dungeon in OSRS

This is probably the most iconic dungeon in all of F2P.

It’s where you travel to complete the legendary Dragon Slayer I quest by slaying Elvarg!

There are plenty of lesser demons here to train on, as well as deadly red spiders. You can also collect Red Spider Eggs down here which are used to make Super Restores, and can be sold for a quick profit.

Once Dragon Slayer is complete, the dungeon acts as a path to reach the island of Crandor.

Members will need to access this dungeon to enter the Tzhaar city which is located within Karamja’s volcano.


14. Underground Pass

Underground Pass OSRS Dungeon

While this dungeon is not particularly useful once you’ve finished all of the quests associated with it, I’d say it’s still one of the most well-designed dungeons in the entire game.

The Underground Pass is used in the elven lands quest line, and it is truly a challenge!

Once inside, your skills will be tested as you have to solve riddles and survive multiple enemies, all while pushing deeper and deeper into the pass.

You may think teleporting out is an option. But to lose all of the ground you’ve covered will mean hours of lost time.

If you manage to escape you’ll be rewarded with access to the Elven land of Tirannwn.


13. Lumbridge Swamp Caves

Lumbridge Swamp Caves OSRS game screenshot

Watch out for the gas!

The Lumbridge Caves are filled with… you guessed it, swamp gas. Which can be explosive!.

You’ll need a light source to explore these caves, but never take an open flame.

Take a bull’s-eye lantern in here, which will work just fine.

The caves offer new players a great training spot filled with lower level slayer monsters.

And the caves also have the Tears of Guthix mini-game within, which is great for early experience.

Exploring these caves will yield surprising results. Who knows what you might find deep within…


12. Falador Mole Lair

Falador Mole Lair Old School RuneScape Dungeon

Falador’s Mole Lair is a series of tunnels dug underneath the city by the resident Giant Mole.

He might be blind, but he sure does know his way around. As even when you fight him he’ll dig his way under the ground to escape your mighty blows.

You’ll also want to take a light source down here that’s not exposed, like a bulls-eye lantern, as the Giant Mole might put your light out by kicking up a bunch of mud.

Ultimately you’ll be here to slay the Giant Mole who can be very profitable to kill for his skins and claws.


11. Kraken Cove

Kraken Cove in Old School RuneScape

Located near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, you’ll find a cove populated with Cave Krakens, Waterfiends, and the Cave Kraken Boss.

The dungeon itself is safe to explore.

But only adventurers who have a Slayer Task are welcome to fight the enemies within.

It’s got a single floor and its quite small, but the enemies drop some great loot – especially the Kraken boss.

Adventurers seeking a Trident of the Sea or Kraken tentacle will spend quite a bit of time here.


10. Brimhaven Dungeon

Brimhaven Dungeon OSRS game screenshot

Now this dungeon is almost as famous as the Karamja Dungeon, and almost as old to boot!

Also located on the island of Karamja, Brimhaven Dungeon gained its fame for being the only place to find metal dragons.

This is no longer the case. But it still holds a reputation for containing a variety of slayer monsters including Fire Giants, Black Demons, Red Dragons, Wild Dogs, Greater Demons, and all metal dragons up to and including Steel.

To enter this dungeon, remember to bring an axe, as there are vines blocking a lot of the paths.

Also you’ll need 875 coins for entry, as the local tribesman will demand payment before you can go in. Or alternatively, you can pay 1m for permanent access.


9. Smoke Devil Dungeon

Smoke Devil Dungeon in OSRS

Here’s another Slayer Dungeon, similar to the Kraken’s Cove.

Smoke Devil Dungeon is found near Castle Wars and a Fairy Ring.

Inside the area is filled with smoke. And a player will need either a slayer helmet or face mask to enter.

Without one, you’ll take constant damage.

This dungeon is popular for killing smoke devils, and the thermonuclear smoke devil who’s another slayer boss!

And also like Kraken’s Cove, you’ll need a slayer task to fight the devils within!

Smoke devils drop the Occult Amulet, which is an amazing magic upgrade.


8. Edgeville Dungeon

Edgeville Dungeon in Old School RuneScape

Edgeville Dungeon is pretty famous in the community, and was the first dungeon I explored on OSRS when I was starting out.

There are two entrances to the dungeon: one outside Varrock, and another in Edgeville.

To gain access to the Varrock entrance you’ll require a Brass Key, obtainable within the dungeon.

Most of Edgeville Dungeon is accessible by F2P with only the Wilderness section being members only.

This dungeon specifically is very popular in F2P for Hill Giants, which drop big bones and Giant Keys, used to fight Obor.

Members make use of this Dungeon to access Vannaka who’s a medium level slayer master, specifically for Wilderness slayer, and to run air or earth orbs.


7. Kalphite Cave

Kalphite Cave OSRS Dungeon

Home to the deadly Kalphite Queen, the Kalphite Cave is located just outside of the Shanty pass.

You’ll need a rope to get down into the cave and face off against these giant bugs.

Alternatively, if you have the desert amulet (4) you can teleport right outside the entrance.

The design of the dungeon is really innovative. And you really feel as though you’re in the nest of deadly creatures.

The passages are long and windy with eggs all along the walls. Oftentimes the eggs hatch baby Kalphites.

At the end of the tunnels you’ll find the Kalphite Queen herself. Defeating her has been the goal of many adventurers!


6. Ancient Cavern

Ancient Cavern OSRS game screenshot

Ancient Cavern is designed for end game players, and contains mighty dragons including (but not limited to) the mighty Mithiril Dragon.

It goes without saying that this is a very dangerous area.

Entering this dungeon is extremely unique, as you literally have to jump off of a dock into a whirlpool outside of Otto’s Grotto!

You need to complete Barbarian Training to gain access to the dungeon, too. Otherwise you’ll simply be swept downstream.

The Dragon Forge is also located here and is used to make the Dragon Platebody and Dragon Kiteshield.


5. Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon in OSRS

This slayer dungeon is very pragmatically designed and well thought out.

It has multiple areas, all of which are home to unique slayer monsters.

The deeper you go, the harder and higher-leveled they become.

At the end of the dungeon you’ll find Kurasks, which are a level 70 Slayer monster. They have a very good drop table and are quite commonly farmed for money making.

The dungeon itself is easy to get to as well.

There’s a teleport on the slayer ring which takes you inside, or alternatively you can use fairy rings because one is right by the entrance.


4. Revenant Caves

Revenant Caves in Old School RuneScape

Located in the Wilderness, this spooky dungeon is the one and only home to Revenants.

As a result, it has become the biggest PKing spot in the Wilderness.

There are three entrances to the dungeon: in levels 17, 26 and 40 Wilderness respectively.

This means that should you need an escape, you have plenty of options to choose from.

To enter you’ll need to pay a fee of 100k. If you don’t die inside the caves, then this fee does not need to be paid again.

Just be very wary when exploring this dungeon. You have an extremely high chance of being killed.

Only carry what you are willing to lose!


3. God Wars Dungeon

God Wars Dungeon OSRS game screenshot

The God War Dungeon (GWD) is home to the four generals of the God Wars, as well as their armies!

In each of the four corners of this massive dungeon you’ll find the generals in their war rooms, surrounded by their armies.

The Dungeon is truly a masterpiece. You can watch the enemies of each side fight with each other as you go.

If you don’t wish to be a part of the fray, be sure to wear items corresponding to the various gods of the GWD, and their armies will leave you alone.

Most adventurers here are high leveled and looking to take on the generals, because they drop some of the best items in the entire game – including the legendary Godswords!


2. Taverley Dungeon

Taverley Dungeon in OSRS

Taverley Dungeon, in my mind, is the perfect dungeon in OSRS.

It has content for players of all ranges, plenty of quests, and even bosses.

In this dungeon you’ll find a little bit of everything from dragons to secret hideouts. It’s great to explore and really well designed!

But to explore the more dangerous half of Taverley Dungeon, players will need to acquire a Dusty Key, or have level 70 agility.

To get the key you’ll need to explore the dungeon thoroughly until your find the Black Knight’s Fortress within. Speak with Velrak the Explorer and he’ll present you with the key.

Many early level players come here to slay Blue Dragons to earn some quick money, while high level players come here to face off against Cerberus, or do some slayer at the Black Demons.

The entrance is just outside of the town of Taverley, where a ladder awaits anyone brave enough to venture in!


1. Catacombs of Kourend

Catacombs of Kourend OSRS Dungeon

And the number one spot on our list goes to the Catacombs of Kourend!

This dungeon sprawls underneath Zeah and encompasses a huge part of the island, with multiple entrances scattered around.

It’s one of the largest dungeons in the entire game!

The interior is a dark purple mixed with blues, and it’s multi-leveled without the need of ladders or stairs because the dungeon ramps up in certain areas.

The layout is captivating and worth exploring.

Really, this dungeon has everything you’d ever want for slayer.

Tons of enemies, powerful Brutal Black Dragons, and plenty of Sand Crabs for lower levels. You’ll find a little bit of everything here.

You’ll also find that every bone you bury here restores a prayer point – meaning items like the Bonecrusher can provide you with a ton of extra prayer here, at little-to-no effort.

You’ll also be able to face the boss Skotizo within the Catacombs, provided you find all three totem pieces which are dropped exclusively by enemies within.

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