OSRS: What’s The Best Spot To Kill Elves?

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The best location to kill elves in OSRS has to be the Iorwerth Dungeon. But depending on some other factors, other locations such as the Iorwerth Camp or even the city of Lletya can be considered as well.

Elves are high-level monsters that attack using deadly ranged and melee crystal weapons. They are usually encountered in Tirannwn, the far western side of the main continent, guarding their cities and camps from unknown invaders.

Because the elves’ general drop table is relatively lackluster, players that are after them are most likely doing it for two reasons:

  1. Because they’re on a slayer task
  2. Or for the incredibly rare Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed which provides unlimited teleports around the elven lands.

Best Spots To Slay Elves

Starting things off, players that have completed the grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves” gain access to the city of Prifddinas.

All elves killed within the boundaries of the crystal city have a one in a thousand chance of dropping the coveted enhanced teleport seed, which makes them the best target to go after.

While there are a few attackable guards patrolling the city, the great distances between them make them an unappealing choice.

On the other hand, the Iorwerth Warriors found inside the Iorwerth Dungeon beneath Prifddinas, are all very nicely clumped up at one spot, and they drop the teleport seed too!

Additionally, wealthy players have the option of placing down their Dwarven Multicannon inside the cave, should they want to make the killing go by significantly quicker.

Elven warriors inside the Iorwerth dungeon / Old School RuneScape
Elven warriors inside the Iorwerth dungeon

Next up we’ve got the Iorwerth Camp just south-west of Prifddinas.

Here you can find an even split of Elven Warriors and Archers for you to pick on.

The main drawback of this location also serves as its main advantage, that being the large amount of structures and obstacles found around the camp (I mean it’s a camp after all).

These obstacles can block the line of sight between player and monster.

But they can also be used to prevent the melee warriors from reaching you, making it possible to kill them from a safe distance using ranged/magic attacks without taking any damage at all.

Tip: Be careful though, because their halberds can reach one tile over an obstacle.

It should be noted that in order to be able to access the elven lands of Tirannwn, one must have completed the experienced (and lengthy) quest “Underground Pass”.

Safely killing warriors in the Iorwerth Camp / Old School RuneScape
Safely killing warriors in the Iorwerth Camp

The last spot I’d like to showcase is targeted at lower-level players that don’t want to use many (or any) supplies, and be as close to a bank as possible, to store any potential loot they get.

If any of that suits your fancy, the small town of Lletya is the perfect place for you.

Even though there are very few elves to kill here (four in total I believe), a working bank is within walking distance, so you can always restock on food if your health is running low.

On top of that, the upper level of the city houses an altar that can restore all your prayer points, making the use of protection prayers a very valid strategy.

The altar near an elven archer / Old School RuneScape
The altar near an elven archer.

Gear And General Equipment

Due to the elves’ highly accurate attacks, it’s advised to always wear the best armour available to you while fighting them.

Lower level players might want to choose the safespotting method in the Iorwerth Camp, or praying against them in Lletya.

If on a slayer task, the Slayer Helmet should always be equipped to take advantage of its superb bonuses (around 15% boost to damage and accuracy to all styles, when imbued).

Lastly, if you’re fighting elves far away from a bank, consider carrying some nature and fire runes to be able to cast “High level alchemy” on valuable drops like green dragonhide armour pieces. And maybe also a Soulbearer to bank any ensouled heads that you might get.

Cheap and basic melee prayer gear / Old School RuneScape
Cheap and basic melee prayer gear.
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