20 Best OSRS F2P Items & Gear (And How To Get Them)

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In Old School RuneScape there are countless options when it comes to gear – and F2P is no exception.

Sure, in F2P there aren’t as many options as members have. But there are still hundreds of different combinations of armour and gear.

Deciding on the best tool for each job can often be daunting with so many choices… but fear not! Whether you’re new to Old School or a seasoned veteran, I’ll be sharing my picks for some of the best F2P gear & equipment to track down.


20. Wizard Robes

Wizard Robes in OSRS

Wizard robes are going to be your best in slot mage training gear, so you should focus on getting these on your account as soon as possible.

These robes have absolutely no requirements to wear, making them easy to use from level 1 Magic.

The set is made up of the Blue Wizard Hat, Blue Wizard Robe Top, and the Blue Skirt.

Only the hat and top have a magic bonus though, of +2 and+3 respectively. While the blue skirt is purely cosmetic and brings the look together.

How to Get: The skirt and hat are the easiest of the three to obtain, and can both be bought from Thessalia in Varrock Square and Betty in Port Sarim, respectively. The robe top can only be gotten as a drop from Wizards. I would recommend heading to the wizard’s tower where you’ll find plenty of wizards to kill in your hunt for this top.


19. Team Capes

Team Capes in OSRS

Team capes are some of the best capes for F2P, with some very basic bonuses attached.

They come in a variety of styles and colors, too, meaning there are literally dozens of options available for customization!

These capes have the added benefit of highlighting people wearing the same cape as a blue dot on your mini-map, as they were initially designed to assist teams in large scale PvP battles in the Wilderness.

How to Get: There are about nine cape sellers located throughout the Wilderness, and one located in Edgeville. I would personally recommend using the cape seller in Edgeville to avoid risking anything in the Wilderness.


18. Anti-Dragon Shield

Anti-Dragon Shield in OSRS

While this shield is generally only used for Dragon Slayer I in F2P, it can also be used as an offhand for Magic and Range.

Other than looking really cool, the shield actually has some basic all round defensive stats in mage, melee, and range, giving it some extra usefulness.

How to Get: You can buy this from Oziach once you have completed/started Dragon Slayer I


17. Amulet of Magic

Amulet of Magic in OSRS

Ah, the Amulet of Magic.

It’s probably the easiest to obtain of all the amulets in OSRS.

And it’s an above average magic upgrade, plus also your best in slot when training Magic on F2P with a +10 magic attack bonus.

How to Get: You’ll need to craft this, which requires a low crafting level of 24 to make a sapphire amulet, and level 7 magic to enchant it.


16. Law Runes

Law Runes in OSRS

Law Runes are required for teleportation spells – which are essential for getting around Gielinor, unless of course you want to walk everywhere!

With the right magic level you can teleport to Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador, saving you a ton of time and allowing you to max out on efficiency.

So these are basically must-haves.

How to Get: Obtaining Law Runes on F2P is rather challenging, as no shops sell them, they’re not craftable on F2P, and only a handful of monsters drop them in low amounts. I recommend buying these off of the Grand Exchange.


15. Death Runes

Death Runes in OSRS

Death Runes are necessary to cast the blast spells, which are the strongest combat spells a F2P adventure can cast.

Fire Blast has a base maximum hit of 16 – and is the best spell a death rune can cast in F2P.

These runes can be quite expensive, though, and cost roughly 200 gp each!

So they should only be used for PvP or high level PvM.

How to Get: The best way to get these is to buy them from the Rune Shops in Port Sarim or Varrock.


14. Amulet of Strength

Amulet of Strength in OSRS

Amazingly, this F2P amulet is tied with the Amulet of Torture for the highest strength bonus in the entire game (at +10!)

This is often the amulet of choice for pkers, or those looking to test their max hit, as nothing comes close to matching this amulet’s raw strength in F2P.

How to Get: You’ll need to craft this item. You’ll need a level 50 crafting to make a ruby amulet and 49 magic to enchant it.


13. Rune Chainbody

Rune Chainbody in OSRS

This iconic chainbody is often worn by players who don’t want to wear their Adamant Platebody anymore, but have not completed Dragon Slayer I to be able to wear the Rune Platebody yet.

If you too are currently in this position, then the chainbody offers some fairly decent defensive bonuses.

Who knows, maybe it’ll help you on your quest to the coveted Rune Platebody?

How to Get: This is buyable from the Champions Guild, however it’ll set you back around 50k.


12. Chronicle

Chronicle in OSRS

This equippable book is something every F2P player should have in their arsenal.

It’s just so incredibly over-powered for early game adventurers.

The Chronicle allows a player to teleport to the outside of the Champions’ Guild, effectively granting the player a teleport to Varrock!

This is really useful since law runes can be very expensive and difficult to obtain early game.

How to Get: A Chronicle can be bought for 300 coins and charged with teleport cards, costing 150 coins each.


11. Amulet of Power

Amulet of Power in OSRS

The Amulet of Power is an enchanted diamond amulet, which has a really decent balance of offensive and defensive bonuses: +6 in all attack and defense stats.

As a result, it’s pretty good to use for melee, range, and magic builds.

It also has a+1 prayer bonus – which is great when used in combination with God Armours!

How to Get: You’ll need to craft this item. It’ll require a minimum of level 70 crafting to make a diamond amulet, and level 57 magic to enchant it.


10. Elemental Staves

Elemental Staves in OSRS

There are a total of four elemental staves in F2P:

Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Each of the staves have an identical magic attack bonus of +10, with the Fire Staff having slightly better melee stats.

The staves also offer unlimited runes in their particular area, such as the Air Staff offering unlimited air runes. So it’s important to use each staff in which ever activity uses the most runes – like using a fire staff for high alchemy.

How to Get: All of the above staves can be bought from Zaff, located in Varrock Square, for 1500 coins each.


9. Ring of 3rd Age

Ring of 3rd Age in OSRS

Okay, so, this item is very useful unless it’s used to store wealth in F2P.

Alternatively it can be used as a flex to show off to other players.

The ring doesn’t have any combat prowess – but instead can change a player into any random 3rd age item.

They’ll appear as this item on the floor of where ever the ring is equipped.

How to Get: This can only be bought from other players, since it’s a clue reward which is only available to members. The ring is currently worth around 2.6m coins.


8. Adamant Arrows

Adamant Arrows in OSRS

Addy arrows are the best arrows available in F2P – and can be fired by the Maple short and long bows.

The arrows have a range strength bonus of +31, making them fairly decent overall.

These arrows are generally only used by wealth players, though, as they can be quite expensive. Or maybe used during pking trips since they can hit quite hard.

How to Get: These are sold near Varrock square by Lowe.


7. Decorative Boots (gold)

Decorative Boots (gold) in OSRS

Castle Wars is a great minigame, and has recently moved to F2P.

The boots were also recently released in an update in December 2020, finally offering F2P players a chance at some decent boot armour.

These boots are the best in slot for F2P and require 30 defence to wear.

Their stats are similar to adamant boots, which are only available to members.

How to Get: You can only get these from the Castle Wars Ticket Exchange at a cost of 400 tickets! This is a really high amount, and can take quite some time to obtain.


6. Green Dragonhide set

Green Dragonhide set in OSRS

Green d’hide is made up of the body, chaps, and vambraces, which together make the best range gear in F2P.

You’ll need a range level of 40 to equip the set – however the body has a further requirement.

To equip the body you’ll need to be a member of the Champions’ Guild, and have completed Dragon Slayer I.

The vambraces are also the best in slot gloves for F2P for range and melee – however you won’t want to use them for a mage build, as they carry negative magic bonuses.

How to Get: The chaps and vambraces can be bought from the Champions’ Guild. The body can only be bought in Edgeville from Oziach.


5. Maple Shortbow

Maple Shortbow in OSRS

Maple shortbows are the best F2P bow available, and can shoot all arrows up to and including adamant arrows.

You’ll need a range level of 30 to equip this bow, so keep that in mind before tracking it down. But it does come with a range attack bonus of +29.

This weapon is best used for getting casual ranged experience, and for Pking other players, as it can be a great switch weapon.

How to Get: You can buy this bow from Lowe in Varrock for just 400 coins.


4. Rune God Armour

Rune God Armour in OSRS

God armour is made up of a full helmet, kiteshield, platebody, and platelegs, and comes in six different varieties which all correspond to a specific God in OSRS.

This armour has the exact same stats as rune armour in terms of defensive bonuses.

But unlike typical rune armour, it offers a +1 prayer bonus on each piece, totaling +4 for a complete set.

Prayer bonus is quite rare in F2P. So players will definitely want to keep this bit of information in mind.

How to Get: On F2P you can only buy this from other players, as it’s a reward from hard clue scrolls, accessible to members only. The most expensive set is the Zamorakian set costing about 500k, while the Armadyl is the cheapest set costing about 150k.


3. Rune 2h Sword

Rune 2h Sword in OSRS

Also known as the R2h, this sword offers the highest slash bonus in F2P with a respectable +69.

This makes it a common F2P “knock out” weapon for Pkers.

The R2h is also a two-handed weapon, and it is very slow, meaning it’s not often used in casual training.

How to Get: You’ll need to make this with an insanely high Smithing level of 99, or get it as a lucky drop from Obor.


2. Rune Scimitar

Rune Scimitar in OSRS

The Rune Scimmy is the best scimitar in F2P hands-down. And it’s also among the best in all of OSRS.

It’s almost exclusively used by F2P players as their primary weapon of choice, as it has a decent slash bonus of +45 and is fairly quick.

The scimmy also allows you to train all three combat styles – meaning there’s seldom a reason to use a different weapon for casual training.

You can also upgrade the scimitar’s hilt with an ornamental kit, if personalization is something you’re keen on.

How to Get: In F2P your options are limited. You’ll either need a very high Smithing level of 90 to create this, or buy it from another player on the Grand Exchange.


1. Hill Giant Club

Hill Giant Club in OSRS

As a two-handed weapon, the Hill Giant Club is by far the most powerful weapon in F2P.

With a fairly high crush bonus of +65, and a Strength bonus of +70, the Hill Giant Club is pretty impressive by F2P standards – and it’s packing quite the punch!

It’s also the most expensive weapon to use in F2P, and will set you back around 450k gp if you want to buy this on the Grand Exchange.

How to Get: You’ll need to kill hill Giants until you receive a Giant Key. With this key you can face Obor, who has a 1/118 of dropping this mighty club. Note that one key is equal to one attempt at the boss, so you might need to grind out a few keys to obtain the drop.

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