OSRS: What’s The Best Flax Spinning Spot?

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The best place to spin flax in Old School RuneScape is without a doubt at Seers’ Village, but only after completing the medium Kandarin Diary.

If you haven’t quite reached that goal yet, then other good spots like Fossil Island or even Lumbridge Castle can serve as nice alternatives.

To spin flax into bowstrings, you’ll need to have level 10 in Crafting, and then bring your raw materials to one of the many spinning wheels across Gielinor.

Spinning flax has always been a mainstay money-making method throughout RuneScape’s life.

Though it isn’t quite as popular or profitable today as it once was, it’s still used by many low-level players looking to make their first few thousands, or by players who are after some cheap Crafting experience.


The Best Spinning Spots

The Seers’ Village spinning wheel / OSRS
The Seers’ Village spinning wheel

The first (and best) spot we’re showcasing is the one located in Seers’ Village, inside a house south-west of the bank.

After completing the medium Kandarin Diary, this wheel spins 33% faster than the rest, making it clearly the finest choice.

Though, if you really want to take advantage of it, you might want to complete the hard Diary as well, to unlock the option of teleporting right in front of the bank (by using the Camelot teleport), which significantly cuts down the time of walking back and forth.


Alternate Spot: Crafting Guild

Upstairs of the Crafting Guild / OSRS
Upstairs of the Crafting Guild

Our next spinning wheel is located inside the Crafting Guild.

This wheel is the one closest to a bank, and by a fair margin.

The trade-off here is that to access this bank, you’ll either need to have 99 Crafting or complete the hard Falador Diary.


Museum Camp Spinning Spot

Reaching the spinning wheel with a single click / OSRS
Reaching the spinning wheel with a single click

Following that, we’ve got my personal favorite place to spin flax, the Museum Camp on Fossil Island.

While the wheel here is located a bit further than the one in the Crafting Guild, you can go back and forth from the bank to the wheel with a single click – without having to open any doors or climb any pesky stairs!

To get to this prehistoric island you’ll need to complete the intermediate quest “Bone Voyage”.

Afterwards, you’ll have to repair the bank chest and the spinning wheel yourself, which requires 28 Construction and a few building supplies, such as oak planks and nails.


Lumbridge Castle Spinning Spot

Spinning in Lumbridge Castle / OSRS
Spinning in Lumbridge Castle

The last spinning wheel that’s worthy of mention, is the one that most players stumble upon early on in their journey, and it’s located on the middle floor of the Lumbridge Castle.

This wheel has absolutely no requirements, and is about the same distance from the bank as the one in Fossil Island.

But you’ll need to constantly climb up and down the stairs – which can get annoying after a while.


Spinning Flax with Magic

Another way to turn flax into bowstring, is the aptly-named lunar spell “Spin Flax”.

Casting this spell will instantly turn 5 flax in the player’s inventory to bowstring, netting 75 magic magic experience, as well as 15 crafting exp for every created bowstring.

This spell is usually the preferred technique for higher level players since it dramatically eclipses the speed of the traditional method when used efficiently, making it possible to produce approximately up to 6,000 bowstrings per hour!

To cast the Spin Flax spell, players will need to have:

  • 76 Magic
  • Along with having completed the experienced quest “Lunar Diplomacy”

Lastly, it’s also recommended to have either an “Air Staff”, or “Bryophyta’s Staff” equipped. Just to save a little bit of money from every cast.

A touch of Lunar magic. / OSRS
A touch of Lunar magic.
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