15 Best Gloves in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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In OSRS, the glove slot has a wide range of useful content.

There are gloves and bracelets that assist you in almost every skill, some with extremely unique uses and effects.

Many of the gloves in OSRS are instrumental for training certain skills, and will often save you a ton of time and money too. And with an almost 2500-hour grind to get the max cape, you’ll want to maximize your grind as much as possible.

With so much to pick, how can you even know where to start? Don’t worry, your personal glove inspector is here to let you know what’s hot and what’s not!


15. Gloves of Silence

OSRS Gloves of Silence Render

These gloves are pretty, well… silent!

The gloves of Silence are used by the most nimble of thieves in Gielinor to pick the pockets of unsuspecting NPC’s with ease.

These gloves will reduce your failure rate while pickpocketing by 5%. And this’ll increase not only the amount of loot you get per hour, but also your experience.

Just note that once you’ve finished the Ardougne Elite Diary, these gloves will no longer function, as the diary provides a 10% permanent boost to pickpocketing which does not stack with the gloves.

How to get: Making these gloves only requires two dark kebbit furs and 600 coins, all of which must be taken to the fancy dress shop in Varrock. To wear these gloves you’ll need a minimum of level 54 Hunter.


14. Bracelet of Slaughter

OSRS Bracelet of Slaughter

Have you ever gotten a Slayer task that you wish lasted longer?

Well with the Bracelet of Slaughter, this can now be a reality!

While wearing this on a Slayer task, you have a 25% chance of your current kill not counting towards your total task, while still getting all of the experience!

This is especially useful when hunting certain items from Slayer bosses like Cerberus or Hydra.

And for maximum efficiency here, it’s advised to only wear the bracelet for the last hit of the kill to maximize your DPS.

How to get: The bracelet is made by enchanting a Topaz bracelet, requiring level 49 magic.


13. Bracelet of Ethereum

Bracelet of Ethereum in OSRS

Now this bracelet is unique in that it’s only useful in one area in the entire game: the Revenant Caves in the Wilderness.

The Bracelet of Ethereum must be charged with ether, and any damage done by Revenants in the cave is reduced by 75%, with one charge of ether being utilized per an attack.

The bracelet is a fairly common drop from Revenants, but be wary, as this item is always lost on death.

So be very careful with how much ether you charge it with!

Ultimately, Revenants have a great drop table. And reduced damage there is essential if you want to camp for a rare drop like a Craws Bow. Watch out for Pkers!

How to get: Common drop from Revenants


12. Superior Mining Gloves

Superior Mining Gloves OSRS Preview

These gloves are the upgraded version of the Mining Gloves, and are insanely useful!

When mining certain rocks, there’s a chance that the ore will be obtained while the rock isn’t depleted. This means you save on time since you don’t need to wait for the ore to respawn!

This effect is especially great for mining Rune Ore, as there’s roughly a 12.5% chance of a Rune ore not being depleted.

How to get: You can obtain these gloves from The Mining Guild. They’re purchased from Belona for 60 unidentified minerals, as well as your original mining gloves.


11. Chaos Gauntlets

OSRS Chaos Gauntlets Render

Completing the “Family Crest” quest will unlock these powerful mid-level magic gauntlets.

When equipped, all bolts spells get an increased maximum hit of +3, which is a really massive boost.

For context, that would put the max hit of any of the bolt spells only 1 point behind their respective blast spell counterparts.

This is great, as you can almost do the same DPS for a much lower cost, and at a lower magic level.

You’ll find these useful to use at places with monsters weak to magic, like Steel Dragons or Blue Dragons, or in areas where you want to safe spot.

How to get: take the steel gauntlets you receive from the quest to Johnathon at the Jolly Boar Inn located just outside Varrock. He’ll also require 25k to charge them for you.


10. Karamja Gloves (4)

Karamja Gloves (4) in OSRS

Karamja Gloves 4 are locked behind the elite Karamja Diary, but are well worth the grind.

The gloves offer an extra 10% agility experience when completing obstacles in the Brimhaven Agility Arena, plus a small discount on costs within the Tzhaar city, and discounts at the Karamja General Store.

And they offer free unlimited teleports to the gem mine and the Slayer Master Duradel.

Almost all of those bonuses can be unlocked before the elite diary, except the Duradel teleport.

How to get: You can claim these gloves from Pirate Jackie the Fruit at the Brimhaven agility course once you’ve made progress on the diary.


9. Cooking Gauntlets

OSRS Cooking Gauntlets

These are another pair of gloves that are unlocked by completing the “Family Crest’ Quest.

Wearing these gloves will lower the rate of how often you burn fish – and it’s lowered by a very significant margin.

For example, lobsters normally stop burning once you reach level 74 cooking. But with the Cooking Gauntlets, this drops to only level 64 cooking.

Ultimately these gloves will save you a ton of time, since you can ensure your fish are cooked to perfection much sooner.

How to get: Obtain these by taking your steel gauntlets from the quest to Caleb in Catherby, who will charge you 25k to charge these up for you.


8. Combat Bracelet

OSRS Combat Bracelet Render

This bracelet has a bit of a reputation in the OSRS community, as it’s often worn by players who don’t want to quest for the superior Barrows Gloves, and settle for the combat bracelet (which has no quest requirement to wear).

While the bracelet has some decent bonuses, most people use this for its built-in teleports.

This can take you to the Warriors Guild, Champions Guild, Edgeville Monastery, and the Ranging Guild.

Also just note that the Combat Bracelet typically only has 4 charges, and will then need to be recharged at the Legends Guild.

How to get: Enchant a Dragonstone Bracelet at level 78 Magic.


7. Goldsmith Gauntlets

OSRS Goldsmith Gauntlets

Here’s the last of the “Family Crest” Quest gloves, and my personal favorite.

The Goldsmith Gauntlets double the experience received from smelting gold ores, up from 22.5 experience to 56.2 experience per ore.

With this effect in mind, the gloves are often used by players all the way to 99 Smithing.

Blast Furnace experience rates of almost 300k per an hour are not unheard of.

How to get: Take your steel gauntlets from the quest to Avan in the Al Kharid mine, and he’ll charge you 25k to charge these up for you.


6. 3rd Age Vambraces

OSRS 3rd Age Vambraces

As with most 3rd age items, the vambraces are fairly expensive, and are often seen as a flex item.

These vambraces, however, offer the second highest range bonus for vambraces in OSRS. And are a good alternative for prayers who do not possess Barrows Gloves, such as pures.

They also carry a decent magic defense bonus of +9 which could prove useful in tanking.

How to get: You can only obtain these via elite and master clues, but a far easier alternative is to buy them on the Grand Exchange.


5. Regen Bracelet

Regen Bracelet OSRS Preview

The Regen Bracelet is very unique in that it has no requirement to equip, it has better combat stats than the Combat Bracelet, and it has a special effect.

This special effect doubles the player’s natural ability to heal from 1 hitpoint per minute, increasing it to +2 hitpoints per minute.

This effect also stacks with the Hitpoints Skill Cape and the Prayer, Rapid Heal.

This can effectively quadruple natural healing.

The Regen Bracelet has some niche uses too, such as for agility training or thieving. It’s very popular amongst 1 defense pures.

How to get: Enchant an Onyx Bracelet which requires level 87 Magic.


4. Dragon Gloves

Dragon Gloves Render from OSRS

Dragon Gloves are the second best you can buy from the Culinaromancer’s Chest during the quest Recipe for Disaster.

Many players buy these while on their way to get the Barrows Gloves, as the Dragon Gloves only require 107 Quest points, while the Barrows Gloves require 175 Quest Points.

Stat-wise these are strong, offering +9 in almost every area except for a +5 in magic.

Aesthetically they’re very pleasing, and make a full dragon set look absolutely amazing.

Those of you looking for a new fashionscape item will definitely want to check these out.

How to get: You can buy these in the chest in Lumbridge Basement at a certain point in the “Recipe for Disaster” Quest.


3. Tormented Bracelet

Tormented Bracelet in OSRS

The Tormented Bracelet is closing into the top of our list, and certainly fits as the best in slot bracelet for Magic in OSRS.

This bracelet has an awesome magic attack bonus of +10, and a magic damage of 5%. So this is absolutely required for content such as Chambers of Xeric.

Like with all Zeynte jewelry, a high level of 75 Hitpoints is required to wear this – with the addition of level 75 Magic.

The bracelet is targeted at end-game players, and as a result, carries with it some very high requirements.

How to get: You’ll need to enchant a Zeynte Bracelet, requiring level 93 in magic. Alternatively you can buy the bracelet from the Grand Exchange for around 10m. These are certainly not cheap.


2. Ferocious Gloves

Ferocious Gloves in OSRS

Holding the title for best in slot melee gloves, the Ferocious Gloves require a very high attack and defense level of 80 to wield.

They offer +16 in all melee offensive styles, and a +14 strength bonus.

Just be wary of the negative range and mage bonus, as these are not designed to be used for those styles.

These gloves are mostly used for high level PvM and Slayer.

How to get: You’ll need to use a Hydra Leather on a pair of Barrows Gloves. The Hydra leather is only obtainable from the Alchemical Hydra at a 1/512 drop rate.


1. Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves Render in OSRS

Barrows Gloves are easily the most popular gloves in the game. And getting a pair is often the first step in entering the end game of OSRS.

They offer +12 in every single offensive and defensive stat except a +6 in magic, making them the all-around best gloves for almost any style.

While they don’t dominate in any particular area, the bonuses allow any player to use them for content requiring multiple attack styles – such as Chamber of Xeric and DKS.

I personally recommend making these a goal to get, as they’re 100% worth it.

How to get: Complete the Recipe for Disaster quest, which is the longest quest in the game, made up of 10 sub-quests and a ton of requirements.

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