OSRS: The 5 Best Harpoon Fishing Spots

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Fishing is a great way to make money and to get some much needed food along the way.

And there are a bunch of different fishing spots throughout OSRS, but there’s only a few that you can tackle with a harpoon.

Harpoons allow you to catch tuna, swordfish, and the coveted shark – which is one of the best and most commonly used healing items in all of OSRS.

So where are the best places to harpoon yourself some tasty fish?

Let’s take an in-depth look at where you might spear your next meal.


5. Karamja

Karamja Harpoon Fishing Spot / OSRS

Starting off our list is the famous Musa Point fishing spot on the island of Karamja, which is the most popular spot for F2P players to break out their harpoons.

It’s only one of two places in all of OSRS that non-members can catch swordfish and tuna. So it’s definitely a spot to remember.

And considering swordfish is the highest healing fish in F2P worlds, this spot is always fairly crowded!

But for fishing you’ll get roughly 40k experience an hour here.

I highly recommend dropping the tuna and keeping the swordfish. A single swordfish is worth almost 4 times the amount of single tuna.

Also note that you’ll need 35 fishing to catch tuna, and 50 to catch swordfish, although higher levels will yield fast fish and faster experience.

Where To Find: On Musa point located just by the port on northern Karamja.


4. Miscellania

Miscellania Docks for Harpoon Fishing / OSRS

The island of Miscellania is a very unique option on this list, but one worth mentioning none the less!

The fish you catch here are not for you – but for the people in your kingdom, as the “Kingdom Management” mini game.

For every fish you catch, there’s a 50% chance for a +1 change to your overall approval rating. You want the maximum approval rating to fully obtain the best loot from this minigame.

Overall, harpoon fishing here is one of the better ways to get your ranking up. And it totally deserves a spot on this list, since the income from your kingdom can be very profitable!

Where To Find: On the docks of Miscellania, you’ll find the fishing spot on the same docks you first arrive at when traveling by ship to the island.


3. Catherby

Catherby Harpoon Fishing Spot Screenshot / OSRS

Catherby is one of the most popular fishing spots where you can catch almost anything.

It’s one of the few places you can also catch sharks in OSRS.

I would highly recommend this spot to players who cannot yet access the fishing guild, so that’s anyone under level 68 fishing.

This is because the fishing spots here are very close to a bank and a cooking range, which allows ironmen and low level players to cook their fish before banking them. This provides great experience in two skills, and saves you a bunch of time.

There are also nearby farming patches too. So you could train farming between fishing runs, as the allotments and tree patches are plentiful.

Where To Find: You will find this fishing spot on the shores of Catherby by before White Wolf Mountain.


2. Piscarillius

Piscarillius Docks for Harpoon Fishing / OSRS

This location is probably the best spot for 2-tick harpooning in OSRS. And it provides some of the fastest experience to level 99 fishing, if you have the patience for it.

To do this method you need two rats at the northern part of Piscarillius attacking you, two ticks apart while you fish.

You’ll be catching tuna and swordfish using the 2-tick method.

This can result in experience rates as high as 135k an hour using a crystal harpoon – which is the best fishing experience in OSRS!

Be wary as this method is VERY click intensive. It requires insane amounts of focus and patience.

Where To Find: You can find this very specific spot just west of the Piscarillius bank on the Northern beach. This method can only be done here in OSRS.


1. Fishing Guild

Fishing Guild Docks HD Screenshot / OSRS

The Fishing Guild is my favorite spot to AFK with a harpoon, for a few reasons.

It’s very AFK which is great by itself.

And it’s close to a bank!

Being in the guild also provides an invisible +7 boost to your fishing level, which means you catch fish faster and a lot more often.

There are 11 spots to catch tuna and swordfish around here, plus another 9 spots dedicated to catching sharks. So if you’re at the guild, you’ll always be near an available fishing spot.

I recommend catching sharks on the southern docks here, as there tend to be more spots around that area.

And there’s even a cooking range located within the guild, if you wish to cook your fresh catches.

Just note you need at least 68 fishing to enter the guild, and at least 76 fishing to catch sharks.

Where To Find: For these harpoon spots you’ll need to access the Fishing Guild, which is just north of East Ardougne and just west of Hemenster.

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