The 10 Best Healing Items in Old School RuneScape

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Whether you’re planning a slayer task or prepping for a high level boss, one of the first things on your mind is going to be which healing items to take.

If you want to be efficient, you’ll need to use your inventory wisely. And most players wanna make sure they’re not about to lose, because retrieving items from Death’s Domain can be costly.

But no matter what your healing needs are, we’ve got you covered in this ranking. Let’s take a look and see what we can use to keep our health up, no matter the occasion.


10. Regen Bracelet

Regen Bracelet Render in OSRS

Starting off our list is the one and only Regen Bracelet.

I find that this item is perfect for activities that require slow passive healing, such as Agility, Thieving, Pyramid Plunder, and Zalcano.

The Regen Bracelet doubles the rate of passive health regeneration – meaning you heal one point every thirty seconds.

Plus this effect stacks with the Rapid Heal prayer and the Hitpoints Skill Cape, meaning you could technically heal 1 hitpoint every 15 seconds!

The bracelet also has some pretty decent stats. It’s better than a combat bracelet, but worse than barrows gloves, so kinda somewhere inbetween.

How to Get: Enchant an onyx bracelet, which requires level 87 magic.


9. Purple Sweets

Purple Sweets Render in OSRS

Purple sweets are very useful items, often used by low level pures attempting to get their Fire Cape, or to tick eat bosses that hit for big damage.

These sweets are amazing, because they act as a stackable food source healing between 1–3 hitpoints per sweet, and restoring 10% of your run energy!

This might seem low. But when you can carry as many of these as you want, they effectively act as an infinite food source.

The only place you currently cannot use the sweets is at the Inferno. Jagex knew that this would have made the content too easy, allowing players to tick it or “buy” their way through.

How to Get: Sweets are obtainable as a reward from all levels of clues except beginner clues. You can also buy them in bulk from the Grand Exchange.


8. Elidinis Statuette

Elidinis Statuette OSRS

The Elidinis Statuette is a very unique entry on this list.

Partly because it’s not an item you can own or carry around, but rather a place you can visit.

The statute is located in Nardah. And when you pray at it, you’ll restore all of your stats, run energy, prayer, special attack, cure poison, and you heal your full hitpoints + get a temporary 7 hitpoints boost.

In essence, this location acts as an ornate pool, and is a great alternative if you don’t have one of those in your player owned house.

This statuette also becomes very easy to access with Desert amulet (4), which provides unlimited teleports to Nardah.

How to Get: To access the statuette you’ll need to complete the quest “Spirits of Elid”.


7. Tuna Potatoes

Tuna Potatoes OSRS Render

This is the first food item on our list, and is an amazing option for high level healing.

Each Tuna Potato heals for 22 hitpoints, and is only one of four food items in all of OSRS to heal this much in a single bite.

So yeah, it’s definitely a top-tier choice.

The reason these take the number 7 spot in this ranking because they’re the cheapest of the 4 foods to purchase, making them a much more desirable option to use, since nobody wants to waste all of their hard earned gold.

How to Get: You can spend time cooking these, but I recommend buying them in bulk on the Grand Exchange.


6. Summer Pie

Summer Pie OSRS Render

Summer pies are a very high-end food. They’re eaten in two bites, with each bite healing 11 hitpoints for a total of 22 hitpoints overall.

These delicious desserts are very cheap, and offer a great option for agility training too, because they boost your agility level by 5 and give a 10% boost to run energy.

I also find that summer pies are the best food to take if you’re fighting the Chaos Fanatic, or the Chaos Elemental.

This is because these bosses have a special attack that removes your armour and puts it into your inventory. But in this case, the empty pie dishes will remain in your inventory once the food has been eaten – meaning your armour cannot be removed.

How to Get: Like tuna potatoes, these pies can be cooked once you’re at level 95 cooking – and making them in bulk will be tiresome. I suggest buying these off the Grand Exchange.


5. Saradomin Godsword

Saradomin Godsword OSRS Render

Godswords are always useful. But when it comes to healing, the Saradomin Godsword takes the cake.

This weapon has a special attack called “Healing Blade” which heals your hitpoints by 50%, and your prayer by 25% of whatever damage you dish out to your foes.

And this attack only uses 50% of the special bar, meaning you can use it twice in a row!

This is really great to take on slayer tasks, or just about any place where you’re in combat. Especially since your special will slowly recharge, giving you a source of infinite hitpoint and prayer points.

How to Get: Dropped solely by Commander Zilyana. You’ll need to get a Saradomin Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade. The hilt drops at a rate of 1/512.


4. Basket of Strawberries

Basket of Strawberries OSRS Render

This might seem like a bit of an odd one on this list, but I assure you it’s actually one of the best healing methods for an inventory spot in all of OSRS.

So what makes these strawberries so special?

A basket can hold 5 strawberries, and each strawberry heals 1+6% of your maximum hitpoints. Which means a basket can equal 30 healed hitpoints, all in a single inventory spot.

Many players choose to take baskets of strawberries to places like the Fight Caves, since this is a good source of food that’ll maximize your odds of success.

How to Get: Strawberries can be grown and placed in baskets with the farming skill. This requires a level 31 farming.


3. Guthan’s Armour Set

Guthan's Set armour OSRS

Guthan’s is a set of Barrows armour which provides the best passive healing effect in the entire game (note that the effect only works with a full set of Guthan’s equipped).

This has a 25% chance of healing you by whatever damage you deal to an opponent, which is insanely good.

For example, hitting an opponent for 25 damage, heals you for 25!

This set is often taken along and stored in your inventory as a switch. Then when your health starts to run low, you can switch to Guthan’s to heal up. This saves you inventory space and reduces the need to carry food.

Plus this is another item commonly taken into the Fight Caves, and it’s also used at Bandos in the GWD, as well as on slayer tasks.

How to Get: Guthan’s items can be obtained at the Barrows mini-game. However, if you don’t wanna grind that out, you can also purchase these items on the Grand Exchange.


2. Anglerfish

Anglerfish OSRS Render

Actually the anglerfish are an interesting food, since this can be the best healing food or the worst, as it scales with your hitpoints.

Anyone with a hitpoints level of 92 or higher will get the full healing effect of 22 hitpoints per Anglerfish.

So the real question you may be asking is “why would this item hold the number 2 spot?”

Because Anglerfish can heal over and above your base hitpoints! This means that if you’re sitting on 99 hitpoints and you eat an angler, you’ll boost over to a maximum of 121 hitpoints.

This is often used to “pre-pot” for dangerous activities like the Theatre of Blood and GWD bosses.

But players should note that Anglers are only really useful for PvM, since their over-healing effect does not carry over into PvP

How to Get: Anglerfish can only be caught at Port Piscarillius with 100% house favor. You’ll also need a minimum of level 82 fishing. These fish are caught very slowly, and require a fishing rod with sandworms to catch.


1. Saradomin Brews

Saradomin Brew Preview in OSRS

Sara Brews are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, healing item in the game.

Sara Brews raise your hitpoints by 15% +2 per sip, as well as your defence level by 20% +2.

But this great boost comes with a negative: your strength, attack, magic, and range are all reduced by 10% +2.

To combat the stat drain, you’ll want to balance your brew intake with Super Restores, which restore prayer and all reduced stats. The general rule of thumb is that for every 3 sips of brew you take, you’d also take 1 sip of a Super Restore. That way you keep all the benefits with none of the adverse effects.

At levels 94 – 99 hitpoints, a single sip of Sara Brew heals 16 hitpoints. And if you have 4 sips per inventory spot, that equals 64 healable hitpoints in a single spot.

So these brews provide the highest amount of recoverable hitpoints per inventory spot, besides purple sweets.

And these brews also have the same ability to over-heal, just like Anglerfish, up to a maximum of 115 hitpoints.

How to Get: Mix a crushed bird’s nest in an unfinished toadflax potion to create a Saradomin Brew. This requires a level 81 Herblore.

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