OSRS: What’s The Best Spot To Kill Hellhounds?

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There’s many places to kill hellhounds in OSRS, but if we’re talking about Slayer, then the undoubtedly best spot is the Stronghold Slayer Cave. Or if you want another suggestion then the Catacombs of Kourend are also a good location.

Hellhounds are members-only high-level demonic monsters, that many players oftenly kill for their slayer task.

Because their general drop table is made up of exactly three items (vile ashes, hard clue scrolls, and an extremely rare smouldering stone), it’s not really recommended to kill them unless it’s your slayer task – or if you’re after the clue scrolls.

Also, just like most other demonic creatures, hellhounds are susceptible to demonbane weapons such as the Arclight or Demonbane spells.


How To Slay Hellhounds

If you’re on a slayer task and want to get with it quickly, grab your dwarf multicannon and head directly to the Stronghold Slayer Cave.

This slayer-only cave houses many hellhounds for you to dispatch, while also being extremely close to a bank, should your supplies start running low.

And Nieve the slayer master is right outside the cave, ready to give you another task when you’re done!

The Stronghold Slayer Cave / Old School RuneScape

Pictured above: an overhead screenshot of The Stronghold Slayer Cave

On the other hand, if you wish to take your sweet time and don’t have a cannon in your possession, the Catacombs of Kourend offer a good alternative.

In addition to their normal drops, the hellhounds in the Catacombs also have a chance to drop an Ancient Shard (used for creating and recharging the arclight), or a piece of the Dark Totem (required to start a fight against the boss Skotizo).

Keep in mind that the whole area of the Catacombs is multicombat, so using the “Protect from Melee” prayer here is highly advised.

The Catacombs of Kourend / OSRS

Wilderness Hellhounds

If you’re a brave warrior who isn’t afraid of getting a little bit PvP action, hellhounds are sometimes given as a task from the wilderness slayer master, Krystilia.

You can find these evil dogs around the Wilderness Resource Area, and inside the Wilderness Slayer cave, although it’s recommended to kill them in the Slayer cave because their drops are much better there.

And don’t forget to wear a Ring of Wealth (i) to increase the hard clue scroll drop rates to 1/32!

The Wilderness Slayer Cave / OSRS

Cerberus: The Other Big Red Dog

Those on task seeking the ultimate hellish opponent can challenge Cerberus, the guardian of the River of Souls.

This requires at least level 91 slayer – and wild pies can be used to boost.

Cerberus is an end-game boss that drops three valuable crystals which are used to upgrade the infinity, ranger, and dragon boots into their best-in-slot variants.

Additionally, her drops include:

  • Smouldering stones (at a much better rate than hellhounds)
  • A cosmetic jar of souls used in construction
  • And the cute hellpuppy pet
Cerberus in her lair / Old School RuneScape

Hellhounds: Common Battle Strategies

Players looking to brawl with hellhounds generally resort to using one of two strategies available.

  • Equipping prayer boosting gear such as Proselyte or Monk’s Robes and protect from melee, nullifying all incoming damage
  • Or straight-up tanking their attacks and healing using food as needed (not recommended outside of the Stronghold Cave)

But low level players that want to tackle the beasts can try using ranged attacks while hiding behind terrain – also known as safespotting (works in most places with hellhounds).

Player battling a hellhound up close (screenshot) / OSRS
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