What’s The Best Magic Tree Spot in OSRS?

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The absolute best spot to chop some magic trees is without a doubt at the Woodcutting Guild. But other locations are also good, such as Prifddinas and the city of Arceuus, and they provide some nice alternatives.

Magics are high-tier trees that require level 75 Woodcutting and any kind of axe to be chopped down.

Cutting down these trees rewards the player with magic logs.

These are mostly used in production skills, like Fletching or Smithing, or they can be (very rarely) set on fire by rich players for some quick Firemaking experience.

Due to the existence of the “Magic Longbow” item in combination with the “High Level Alchemy” spell, the price of magic logs has always fluctuated around the 1000 gold mark – which means that chopping magic trees a leisurely activity many players choose to go with (over other more click intensive activities) while leveling their woodcutting skill.


Best Magic Tree Spots

Much to no-one’s surprise, the greatest place to cut magic trees has to be the Woodcutting Guild.

Here you’ll find not one, not four, but eight magic trees all tightly packed next to each other. All within the close vicinity of a bank and deposit box!

If that’s not enough to convince you, all players within the guild receive an invisible (meaning you can’t perform actions above your real level) +7 level boost to their woodcutting, making your chopping much faster.

It should be noted that in order to access the guild, players must have earned 75% favour with the Hosidius city, and have at least level 60 in Woodcutting.

Player woodcutting inside the guild / OSRS

High level players that are Ironmen, agoraphobic, or that don’t want to compete with the bots that sometimes infest the guild, have the option to do their choppin’ within the elven city of Prifddinas.

Four magic trees can be found a few steps west of the north bank in Prifddinas, just below the entrance to the Gauntlet.

While chopping these trees down, there’s also a 1 in 80 chance that you’ll get a crystal shard when a log is received.

These shards are necessary for the creation of various crystal equipment and divine potions, making them quite the valuable commodity to have.

To enter the city of Prifddinas, completion of the grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves” is required.

The captivating Prifddinas magic trees / OSRS

And lastly, players that want to do some magic chopping but lack the requirements for both of the aforementioned areas should make their way to the city of Arceuus.

Right in the center of the town square you’ll find four happy little trees, waiting for you to get your hands on them.

If you want to bank your logs then a bank is available just a brisk walk to your west.

The Arceuus city square with magic trees / OSRS

Chopping Gear & Tips

While woodcutting, it’s very important to (almost) always use the best axe available for your level.

Especially for the slower trees like magics.

There’s four types of axes that are noteworthy:

  • The Rune Axe, the baseline of what you should always be using from level 41 and on.
  • The Dragon Axe, a strict upgrade over the rune. It’s 10% more efficient at chopping logs, and has a skill boosting special attack.
  • The Infernal Axe, a sidegrade to the dragon. It’s got the same stats, except it automatically burns a third of your chopped logs for instant firemaking experience.
  • The Crystal Axe, which is currently the best and fastest axe in the game. Needs to be recharged with crystal shards every ten thousand uses.

And regardless of which trees you’re chopping, don’t forget to wear your Lumberjack Outfit for a nice 2.5% experience boost!

Woodcutting with the gnomes / OSRS
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