What Are The Best Mahogany Tree Spots in OSRS?

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If you want to get your hands on some sweet mahogany logs, then the best spots to do so are listed below & ranked starting with the best locations:

  • Fossil Island (home-grown trees)
  • Prifddinas
  • Kebos Lowlands behind the Farming Guild
  • Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai

Mahoganys are members-only medium-tier trees that require 50 woodcutting and some type of axe in order to chop them down with.

Together with teaks, mahogany trees form the hardwood family, whose logs are mainly turned into planks to then be used in the Construction skill.

Even though mahoganies are not generally prefered as a Woodcutting training method, some players (mainly ironmen) still choose to chop them just to acquire their semi-precious (and very useful) logs.


Fossil Island Mahogany Trees

The tree patches in Fossil Island / OSRS
The tree patches in Fossil Island

If you’re cutting mahoganies, then you’ll most certainly want to bank the logs you get for later use.

And the closest spot to do that is found in Fossil Island.

Firstly, to access the island you’ll need to complete the short intermediate quest “Bone Voyage”.

Here if you’ve got 55 Farming, you’re able to grow your very own mahogany trees, which no player can chop other than you.

The bank can be found a few steps to the south-east, but it’s going to be unusable until you repair it using your Construction skill (and a few supplies).

Lastly, in order to bring out the fullest of this location, you’ll need to have 70 Agility to be able to use the nearby shortcut. The spot is still usable without it, but it drops a few ranks in usefulness.


Prifddinas Mahogany Trees

Mahogany and teak trees in Prifddinas / OSRS
Mahogany and teak trees in Prifddinas

Another great place to do some mahogany chopping is Prifddinas, the crystal city.

To enter the city you’ll need to have completed the grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves”.

Here there are two nearby banks, and for every log you cut, there’s a 1/80 chance to receive a crystal shard, which is used in multiple high-level elven crafting recipes.

Optionally, players with 80 Hunter can take advantage of and catch the crystal implings that may occasionally spawn nearby.


Kebos Lowlands Mahogany Trees

The mahoganies behind the Farming Guild. / OSRS
The mahoganies behind the Farming Guild.

For players that can’t meet steep stat requirements yet, the mahogany trees behind the Farming Guild in the Kebos Lowlands is the ideal location.

When your inventory fills up, you can use the bank inside the Farming Guild to store your logs, access to which requires at least 45 Farming.

Alternatively, you can go north-east and hike up Mount Karuulm and use the bank there.

This is the closest spot to a bank for players that lack all the previously-named stats.


Hardwood Grove Mahogany Trees

The Karamjan hardwood grove in Tai Bwo Wannai / OSRS
The Karamjan hardwood grove in Tai Bwo Wannai

I’d also like to bring up and mention the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai.

Entry to the grove costs 100 trading sticks, which is the local currency that can be earned through various activities around the village.

Additionally, Rionasta’s parcel service can be used to bank your logs, at the cost of 10 trading sticks per log.

Tip: non-Ironman players might want to consider using this spot, because a couple mahogany logs will eventually cover the costs of a full inventory.


Extra Woodcutting Apparel

A good rule of thumb to follow with any gathering skill in Oldschool RuneScape is to use the best tier of tools available to you – and that’s true for Woodcutting too.

While cutting mahoganies, your axe should always be at least of rune quality.

After hitting level 61, your options become a bit more varied.

  • The Dragon Axe is a straight-up upgrade to the rune, and should be swapped to as soon as possible. It’s special attack can temporarily boost your woodcutting level by 3.
  • The Infernal Axe works the same as the dragon, with the added chance of immediately burning your logs for some firemaking experience. It will degrade after 5.000 uses, after which it must be recharged with another dragon axe or smouldering stone.
  • The Crystal Axe is the best one in the game, but is relatively expensive to use due to the crystal shards required to recharge. Wearing an Elven Signet gives a 10% chance of saving a charge after a log is received.

Other than choppers, every aspiring woodcutter should aim to get the full Lumberjack Outfit too.

This outfit boosts all woodcutting experience by 2.5%.

Woodcutting with the full Lumberjack Outfit / OSRS
Woodcutting with the full Lumberjack Outfit
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