OSRS: What’s The Best Master Farmer Location?

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The best Master Farmer locations for pickpocketing would be in the Farming Guild, or in the Draynor Village marketplace.

The Farming Guild Master Farmer can be trapped in a small 3×3 tile area, near the Celastrus farming patch, meaning you’ll click a lot less and need to pay far less attention.

That location is also conveniently close to a bank to resupply, should you need to bank seeds or withdraw food. The seed vault is also located here if you want to directly empty your seeds into it.

Just note that the Farming Guild requires a minimum of level 85 farming to use effectively, but this area can also be done with less efficiency starting at level 45 farming.

Draynor Village Market is another great option for those who can’t enter the Farming Guild.

This is because there’s a bank very close by, and a shop to buy wine from, if you need a way to restore your health from any damage taken.

Note: Do not pickpocket from Martin the Master Farmer here, as he requires two clicks to thieve from. Instead you should pickpocket the Master Farmer who roams the marketplace in Draynor Village.

Pickpocketing a master farmer in Old School RuneScape
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Why Pickpocket Master Farmers?

Master Farmers are commonly pickpocketed for high level seeds, which can be sold for a substantial profit.

And you can see even more profit if you’re using the Rouge Set, which provides double the amount of seeds with every steal!

If you’re going after these master farmers then I would also recommend wearing a Thieving Skill Cape, or having completed the Ardougne Hard Diary. This will increase your probability of success when pickpocketing.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need a minimum of level 38 thieving to start pickpocketing Master Farmers.

Ultimately, you can earn anywhere from 130k per hour, up to 1.2m per hour, depending on your thieving level.

But either way, this is a very profitable way to make money in OSRS – and if you can get into the Farming Guild, that’s the ideal Master Farmer to set your thieving sights on.

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