Best Mid-Level Quests in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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Questing is an important way to advance your account.

You’ll want to make sure you’re on top of getting quests done, since they unlock some of the game’s best items.

And to be able to unlock the master and Grandmaster quests you’ll need to complete a variety of mid-tier quests first.

Many of these quests won’t give you too many great items – but they’ll open the door to higher level rewards and content. So you’ll need to tear through these if you wish to become the best of the best!

And in a sea of quests like this, here are my picks for the best mid-level level quests in the game.


10. Horror from the Deep

Horror from the Deep quest in OSRS

Just south of Rellekka lies a lighthouse with a strange mystery.

It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on, as all is not what it seems!

Beneath the lighthouse lies a horror from… the deep! Will you be able to vanquish it, or will it vanquish you?

This quest is really great in that it teaches you some basic PvM skills, such as switches and boss mechanics, while not being too punishing. Completing the quest also will grant you access to the coveted God Books, which offer some very useful benefits along your journey.

How to Start: You’ll need to speak with Larrissa who’s outside the Lighthouse past Rellekka.


9. Eadgar’s Ruse

Eadgar's Ruse underground screenshot in OSRS

This quest is another one in the troll quest line, and it deals with helping Sanfew in Traverley complete one of his druidic rituals.

To do so he’ll need a special herb that can only be found in troll country.

This quest has some great rewards, too.

Specifically unlocking the Trollheim teleport and granting you with 11k Herblore experience.

So you’ll want to get this quest done as soon as possible, because it’s also an important pre-requisite to unlock many other quests, such as Dragon Slayer II.

You’ll also want to complete this quest early so that you can properly start going to the God Wars Dungeon.

How to Start: Speak with Sanfew in Taverley to start.


8. Fairytale II – Cure a Queen

Fairytale II (Cure a Queen) quest fairy screenshot in OSRS

As the second quest in the Fairytale quest line, you’ll be discovering how to use fairy magic here to help in the search for the queen of Zanaris.

Probably one of the most important quests to get done as early as possible, since FTP2 unlocks fairy rings, which are one of the most used methods of transportation in OSRS.

You’ll also need to travel to a variety of fairy rings later on since they’re diary tasks.

And this quest ultimately unlocks a ton of content once you finish, so it’s advisable to get it done as soon as you meet the requirements to tackle it.

How to Start: Speak with Martin the Master Farmer, located in Draynor Village.


7. The Fremennik Isles

Fremennik Isles quest screenshot from OSRS

Yet another very important quest for a very useful reward, Fremennik Isles is the second quest in the series.

You’ll be travelling to the isles of Jatizso and Neitiznot – two island nations who are feuding, while also being under threat from ice trolls to the north!

This is one of the harder mid-level quests, as the end boss is not a push over by any means.

He attacks with all three combat styles and can easily kill and unprepared adventurer.

But keep your wits about you and you might just prevail.

This quest unlocks the Neitiznot Helmet, which is one of the best in slot helmets in the entire game for melee.

It can be further improved in a master level quest with a basilisk jaw.

How to Start: Speak with Mord Gunnars in Rellekka to start this quest.


6. King’s Ransom

King’s Ransom OSRS quest preview

Here’s another very important quest, and the finale in the Camelot Quest series.

For this you will need to save the Knights of the Round Table and stop Morgan Le Faye once and for all in this epic finale.

The quest is littered with puzzles and is very well written.

I’d say it’s a thoroughly enjoyable quest.

Completing it offers a ton of experience rewards, including a massive 33k defence experience.

And more importantly it unlocks the Knight Waves training ground, which will allow you to face off against the Knights of the Round Table.

If you manage to beat them all in the training grounds, you’ll unlock the two most powerful melee prayers in OSRS: Chivalry and Piety.

How to Start: Speak with the Gossip, north of Seers’ Bank by the Sinclair Mansion.


5. Lost City

Lost City OSRS Quest Preview

Lost City is one of the more famous quests in OSRS.

It unlocks the city of Zanaris as well as the Dragon Dagger and Dragon Longsword.

So it’s a very important quest to get done early, as the Zanaris area has lots to offer, such as Puro Puro, the fairy tale quest line, and the first mid-high tier slayer master.

Granted, the quest itself here is rather short.

But the final boss can be quite challenging. You have to face it with no armour or weapons.

The route most people choose to take for this fight is using spells and safe spotting the boss from a distance.

How to Start: You can start this quest by speaking with the adventurers who are gathered in the Lumbridge Swamp.


4. Throne of Miscellania

Throne of Miscellania quest screen in OSRS

So… ever have the king of a prominent island nation ask you to become his regent because he um… turned into a yeti?

Well, in the Throne of Miscellania you can finally answer “yes” to that question.

Despite the silly premise, this quest is actually a fairly important one to do because it unlocks the mini game “Kingdom Management”.

Kingdom Management allows you to manage how the workforce of the island of Miscellania splits their production – and you can use them to produce raw materials for you.

This will cost you some money.

But generally it’s a rather profitable venture!

If you want to make this whole thing even more profitable, then you can complete the quest “Royal Trouble” – the sequel to Throne of Miscellania.

That sequel quest unlocks a larger workforce, and provides you with even more resources at a slightly higher cost per day.

How to Start: Speak with King Vargas in his castle on the island of Miscellania to begin this bizarre quest.


3. Shilo Village

Shilo Village quest screenshot in OSRS

Shilo Village is a rather long quest to undertake.

But it’s worth it, as it’ll unlock the large village at the southern end of the island of Karamja, aptly named Shilo Village.

Shilo Village is home to the highest level slayer master in OSRS, and it offer gem rock mining, and a conveniently placed furnace for training crafting or smithing.

Mid-level players might find this quest to be fairly difficult.

You’ll be raiding multiple tombs, solving puzzles, and travelling all over the southern bit of the island.

The final boss has three different forms which can be hard to deal with in a straight-up fight. But you can safespot him to make this much simpler for yourself.

How to Start: You can start Shilo Village by speaking with Mosol Rei just outside of the village.


2. Hero’s Quest

Hero’s Quest from OSRS

A quest for true heroes and those seeking entrance into the famous Heroes’ Guild.

To prove your worthiness, you’ll be tasked with completing three challenging trials.

These will take you from deep within Taverley Dungeon, out to high level wilderness.

You’ll also need to face a few enemies along the way, such as the infamous Ice Queen of White Wolf Mountain.

Should you managed to complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with entry into the Heroes’ Guild – as well as the ability to wield the Dragon Battleaxe and Dragon Mace.

Inside the guild you’ll find the Fountain of Heroes where you can recharge Amulets of Glory, and there’s a Blue Dragon you can fight too.

How to Start: Talk to Achietties outside of the Heroes’ Guild to start this famous quest.


1. Underground Pass

Underground Pass quest screenshot from OSRS

Underground Pass is infamous in the community for being very difficult, long, and challenging.

The entire quest takes place in the Underground Pass. And it ends once you find your way out.

There’s no resupplying, either.

Once you’re in, you’re in.

And teleporting out means starting all over again – so you better be prepared!

There are multiple enemies to defeat and some puzzles to solve, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Players with low agility will fail the shortcuts over and over again – which can cost you a ton of time.

This is one reason why it’s recommended to train up your agility.

If you manage to complete this quest, you’ll unlock the Iban’s staff, which is a very powerful mid-game magic weapon.

The staff can cast Iban Blast – which has a maximum hit of 25, and is often used in the Barrows minigame.

How to Start: Speak with King Lathas in the Ardougne Castle.

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