10 Best Minigames in Old School RuneScape Worth Playing

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Minigames are a fun part of OSRS, as they take the focus off of the main game and allow you to do something else with your friends – or a team of players.

You might even make some new friends along the way!

But there’s quite a few minigames out there. Which ones are really the most worthwhile?

Well let’s take a look and rank some of my picks for the best minigames in all of Old School.

Whether you’re looking for a nice way to chill, or just grinding for some really good gear, you’ll want to check out some of these whenever you get the chance.


10. Fishing Trawler

Fishing Trawler Minigame preview in OSRS

Are you ready to set sail on the high seas in search of some of the hardest to obtain fish out there?

Fishing Trawler is a skilling minigame where you set out to sea on Murphy’s trawler. Your job is to keep the ship afloat, and the nets fixed, while the trawler catches fish.

This must be done with a team, as you’ll be bailing out water, plugging leaks with swamp tar, and fixing broken nets.

And completing this minigame could net you a rare piece of the useful angler’s outfit.

The whole outfit basically boosts your experienced gained while fishing, so it’s definitely handy to get early on.

You’ll also get a ton of fish, based on your fishing level, including Sea Turtles and Manta Rays.

Just note that you need a minimum of level 15 fishing to start here.

Where to Find: You can find the Fishing Trawler in Port Khazard, speak to Murphy to find out what to do.


9. Tears of Guthix

Tears of Guthix Quest Preview / OSRS Minigame

This minigame is locked behind a quest of the same name, and is a weekly event you can do for some very nice experience.

To complete the quest you’ll need 43 Quest points, plus levels of 49 firemaking, 20 crafting, and 20 mining.

The minigame consists of collecting tears which appear in streams from the walls in random locations.

Blue tears increase your score, while green tears decrease it.

The amount of time you get to collect tears depends on how many Quest points you have – more points equals more time to collect tears.

And once you’ve run out of time, you’ll drink the tears collected and get a large chunk of experience.

Where to Find: Under Lumbridge in the tunnels, you will find the minigame in the Chasm of Tears.


8. Nightmare Zone

Nightmare Zone preview in OSRS

Once you’ve done enough quests, you might end up haunted by all of the bosses you’ve slain.

The Nightmare Zone allows players to enter into a dreamlike state where they can battle quest bosses they’ve vanquished on their travels.

You can even increase the difficulty to make the fights harder!

This minigame rewards you with points, which can be used for a variety of things. The points are primarily used to imbue rings, or for the Slayer Helmet and the Salve amulet.

Other uses include buying herb boxes and other supplies.

Dying in this minigame is entirely safe and simply ends the dream.

There are also a variety of modes, from endurance to rumble, which can be played. When you’re next itching to reface old enemies be sure to check this place out.

Where to Find: Outside Yanille, near the bank.


7. Mahogany Homes

Mahogany Homes Construction Minigame / OSRS Screenshot

Fancy yourself a bit of a carpenter?

Well, the citizens of Gielinor might have use for your services!

Mahogany Homes is OSRS’s first construction company where you can be sent on specific jobs around OSRS to fix up some of the dilapidated homes around the world.

There are various tiers for all levels, and you’re rewarded with points for each of the jobs completed. Points can be exchanged for a variety of goodies at the rewards shop.

To start this, all you’ll need is a Player owned House – although I recommend having a bunch of teleports unlocked and ready, as you’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling.

Where to Find: The main offices are in Falador however smaller offices exist in Varrock, East Ardougne, and Hosidius.


6. Duel Arena

Duel Arena Screenshot from OSRS

Ah, the infamous Duel Arena.

This content has caused a split in the community, as some players say it promotes gambling while others say it’s an integral part of the game.

The Duel Arena allows you to face your friends in a one on one fight with rules set between the two participants.

The real controversy is that you can stake any amount of gold against one another.

As a result, there are many billions of coins being staked every day with some players making it big, while other players lose so much they end up quitting the game!

It’s primarily populated by max combat players looking to try their luck.

Be very wary going here.

Winners know when to stop.

Where to Find: Located in Al Kharid, you can also teleport here with a Ring of Duelling.


5. Castle Wars

Castle Wars Minigame Exterior Castle Screenshot / OSRS

Castle Wars is one of the oldest and most beloved minigames in OSRS.

Most people playing it today are there for the nostalgia factor, as the rewards aren’t too great. It’s also now a F2P minigame and can be enjoyed by everyone on OSRS.

But it’s still one of the more iconic ones to check out.

The minigame is a good old fashion game of capture the flag!

Now just add the ability to kill members of the opposite team, and you have Castle Wars.

This minigame is safe and won’t result in lost items.

It’s easily one of the most fun minigames out there, so make sure to check it out!

Where to Find: Located just west of Yanille and south of the Observatory. You can use a Ring of duelling to teleport here.


4. Barrows

Barrows Minigame Preview from OSRS

This is our first dangerous mini-game, as death will result in lost items.

Barrows is a mid-to-high level minigame in which players must defeat five bosses, and then travel deep into a crypt to slay the final boss, looting the chest in the middle of the crypt for a potential reward once all the bosses are dead.

Barrows is a great introduction to PvM and can be very profitable, as the rune drops and possible barrows gear drops can add up over time.

Expensive items, like the Ahrim’s and Karil’s Top, are worth millions – and can boost an early level player’s bank quite nicely.

Where to Find: Found in the lower part of Morytania, just next to the town of Mort’ton. I recommend using barrows teleport tabs if you can access them.


3. Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace Overhead Screenshot from OSRS

Blast Furnace in the city of Keldagrim provides players with the best smithing experience in the game, and is also a fantastic money maker.

There are specific worlds to use the Blast Furnace on, and it involves dropping ore into the massive furnace to make bars.

The Blast Furnace uses half the amount of coal you normally would and smelts bars all at once it an awesome money maker and effective way to get bars.

It can actually provide up to 350k experience per hour if you smelt Gold Bars, which is crazy good.

Where to Find: Found in Keldagrim and requires the quest “The Giant Dwarf” to access it. I also recommend brining Ice Gloves.


2. Pest Control

Pest Control Minigame SCreenshot in OSRS

Pest Control is a safe combat-based minigame that’s played to obtain the very powerful Void Knight Armour!

You’ll need a minimum level of 40 combat to board the lander and travel to the islands under siege by various pests.

On these islands, you’ll need to defend the void knight while destroying the portals the pests come through.

This is a cooperative effort, as your team (up to 25 people) must work together to make sure the void knight doesn’t die before the portals are destroyed.

For each game you win, you’ll be awarded some points and coins.

And with enough points (around 850 in total) you can purchase the Void Armour for yourself.

Where to Find: You must travel to the Void Knight Outpost, reachable from Port Sarim.


1. Raids

Running character to Xeric / OSRS Screenshot

Raids are the best (as well as the most challenging) minigames in OSRS, as you must truly work as a team to overcome the most difficult content in the entire game.

There are currently two raids in OSRS: Chambers of Xerics and Theatre of Blood, with the latter being a very dangerous activity.

Within the raids you’ll face a variety of bosses and challenges, which you and your team must work together to overcome.

Without teamwork you’ll almost certainly fail, so make sure you go in with people you can trust!

If you succeed, you stand the chance to receive some of the best items in the game – such as the Twisted Bow and Scythe of Vitur.

Where to Find: The Chamber of Xeric is located on the island of Zeah, while the Theatre of Blood is located in Morytania by Ver Sinhaza.

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