OSRS: The Best Money Making Methods (F2P + P2P)

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Money is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, driving forces for players in OSRS.

Money buys skills, it buys gear, and more importantly, it buys prestige!

Getting the best items in the game will cost you some serious bank. And everyone is constantly looking for ways to stack those riches.

So what are legitimately the best ways to get that dough fast in Old School RuneScape?

Most of the best methods are combat-based, but a few of them do involve skilling.

Either way, let’s break it all down and take a look at some methods you can use to build up your gp savings.


15. Mining Rune Ore

Mining Rune Ore in OSRS

At level 85 mining, members and non-members alike will be able to mine to coveted Rune Ore.

Rune ore is the most expensive ore, selling at 11.8k per ore. So a full inventory is worth about 330k gold!

Non-members can only mine Rune Ore in the Wilderness, which can be quite dangerous since the rune rocks are a Pk’ing hotspot.

Members on the other hand have a variety of areas they can mine rune ore at – making it faster and more efficient.

You can generally expect a profit of around 400k – 700k gp an hour, depending on if you’re F2P or not. This is still a really great profit though, and is easily one of the best F2P money makers (as well as a decent P2P one!)


14. Smithing Rune Items

Smithing & Smelting Bars in OSRS

So you’ve mined a bunch of rune ore and don’t know what to do with it?

Well if you want to make a ton of cash, why not smith it?

At level 85 smithing you can begin to smith rune items.

The best items to smith are those popular in High Alchemy, since they sell on the Grand Exchange very easily.

Rune platelegs, rune skirts, and rune 2h swords are the best options at the time of this writing.

You can expect a profit of around 500k per hour with this method.

This is fantastic for high level F2P smithers, but I recommend this to P2P players as well – specifically those who are looking to get 99 smithing while making some nice money on the side.


13. Zulrah

Zulrah in OSRS

Zulrah is an extremely popular option for money making in OSRS.

There’s a reason it is nicknamed “the money snake”.

To access Zulrah you’ll need to have completed the quest “Regicide” and I highly recommend having a high magic level too, and at least level 45 prayer to avoid its powerful attacks.

Zulrah’s drops average out to being worth around 100k gp per kill, meaning you can expect a profit of around 1m– 2m an hour dependant on your skills and gear.

High-level players will be able to earn quite a bit here, as kill times are very quick, and banking/restocking is easy with a maxed-out player owned house.


12. Black Chinchompas

Black Chinchompas in OSRS

Found deep in the Wilderness, Black Chinchompas require at least level 80 Hunter to catch. And they provide the best gp per hour out of any hunter option in OSRS.

Since you’ll be in the wilderness for this, remember to take some tank gear and a one click teleport, such as a royal seed pod, which is necessary to escape Pk’ers.

You’ll inevitably run into someone who wants to kill you while grinding – so make sure you’re prepared.

Provided you’re not targeted by Pk’ers too often, you can get around 300-480 chins per hour here. This equates to roughly 1.2m profit per hour!

You’ll also gain a hefty amount of hunter experience too, at about 150k xp/hour.


11. Chambers of Xeric

Chambers of Xeric in OSRS

Chambers of Xeric is first raid introduced to OSRS, and this raid can be very profitable.

The reason is because a single Twisted Bow drop is worth in excess of 1 billion coins!

On average, you can expect to complete roughly 2 raids per hour. And loot will depends on how efficient you are, as more points and less deaths equates to more money.

A strong high-level team can get 30k points each, equalling roughly 2m per raid. While finishing at 20k points you could expect 1.3m per a raid.

This is averaged out with all unique drops in mind – because for some raids you’ll get no unique drops, and for others you might get a drop for 100m.

Note: to do this raid you’ll need very high combat stats, high level PvM experience, and a strong team! There’s also a detailed guide on the wiki here.


10. Eclectic Imps (Medium Clues)

Eclectic Imps (Medium Clues) in OSRS

This method is highly chance-based. But on average it should yield a great profit.

More specifically, this method revolves around opening electric impling jars and completing medium clues found at a 1/25 chance, with the ideal goal of getting a Ranger boot drop worth 34m gp!

On average you should expect to complete 20 medium clues per hour, provided you have teleports unlocked and quests completed.

At this rate you can expect an average profit of 2.4m per hour.

If you’re less efficient and can only do 10 clues per hour, then you could expect to earn around 1.2m per hour.

And most other medium clue rewards are not worth much, so not obtaining ranger boots will significantly decrease these profit estimates.


9. Cerberus

Cerberus in OSRS

Requiring a minimum of level 91 Slayer is the hellhound boss, Cerberus.

Cerberus has a great drop table – including the prized Primordial Crystal which is worth 25m!

Each Cerberus kill is generally worth around 85k gp, and he’s a relatively simple boss to fight too.

Obtaining a Primordial Crystal or Eternal crystal will affect your profit quite a lot with this method, as Cerberus is very heavy on your supplies – especially prayer potions due to his special attack.

So without these drops, you won’t make as much here.

I’d say this is a great boss to kill on task – however if you want consistent cash there are better alternatives such as Chambers of Xeric (or keep on scrolling for even more!)


8. Corporeal Beast

Battling Corporeal Beast in OSRS

Corporeal Beast is one of the toughest challenges in OSRS. And beating him could yield massive rewards!

He drops the Elysian Sigil which is worth 1.1b gp (no joke) making it one of the most expensive PvM drops in OSRS.

The Sigil drop table is 1/585, and all of the sigils are worth serious cash. Corp’s drop table is also very generous with many high valued drops on it.

If we look at the average drop with sigils included, then that would be around 528k gp, and without you’d get around 120k. This is still fantastic either way.

If we assume 6 kills an hour, you stand to earn 2.7m every hour!

This can be sped up with teams – but obviously they’ll want their split of the drops!


7. Vorkath

Vorkath in OSRS

Vorkath is a great boss to kill, provided you’re using a Dragon Hunter Lance or Dragon Hunter Crossbow – since Dragonbane weapons are crucial for quick kills here.

To kill Vorkath you’ll need to have completed Dragon Slayer II, and have some high combat stats as well. I also recommend having elite void if you’re ranging, and I’d recommend access to anti-fire potions.

Vorkath’s drop table is very similar to Zulrah’s in terms of money making – although it’s much more generous.

You can earn around 3m an hour here, if we assume you’re getting 30 kills per an hour.

Most of the income is from his standard drop table, with his unique drops only supplementing this amount. As a result, Vorkath is one of the best consistent money makers to farm.


6. Giant Mole

Giant Mole battle in OSRS

Giant Mole is surprisingly consistent and high-level in terms of money making – which is amazing considering it’s accessible at very low combat levels with almost no restrictions!

So this easily deserves a top spot on this list.

The method here is to either use full Dharok or a Twisted Bow to quickly kill the mole and gather its parts. This is best done with the Falador Hard Diary completed, since you can then get noted mole parts and use the Falador shield (3) to track the mole’s movements.

Expect a profit of around 800k an hour with this method.

And it’s worth mentioning that most of this profit is from the actual nests received in exchange for the mole parts, while the remainder is profit from seeds.


5. Hallowed Sepulchre

Hallowed Sepulchre in OSRS

This is the best skilling money maker in OSRS – although it is very difficult.

Some say it’s the Inferno of skilling content due to its difficulty.

This content is realistically only extremely profitable from level 92 Agility and up, since then you can loot floors 3, 4, and floor 5 fully.

Although the drops are all highly profitable here. And you can expect roughly 2.5m – 2.7m in profit per hour, provided you’re efficient.

You’ll also gain some of the best agility experience grinding here too – with experience rates of roughly 75k – 80k an hour!


4. Theatre of Blood

Theatre of Blood (preview) in OSRS

Theatre of Blood is very challenging content, and it’s only doable by the best teams in OSRS.

This raid has a drop rate of roughly 1/11 for unique items, which is where most of the profit comes from.

Before starting here you’ll definitely need to be very experience at PvM, have solid team work, and have a full understanding of OSRS tick mechanics to stand a chance at completing this raid.

Assuming 2 completions per hour with zero deaths, you can expect a profit of 3.5m per hour – which is very high!

Drops like the Scythe of Vitur are worth 550m alone, meaning Theatre of Blood is a very desirable way to make some quick cash.


3. Corrupted Gauntlet

Corrupted Gauntlet in OSRS

Most content on this list is possible to do in teams. But the Corrupted Gauntlet is solo only, pushing all of the responsibility onto you!

This content requires you to solo a very difficult boss, the Corrupted Hunllef, which is no easy challenge. He’s absolutely one of the toughest bosses in OSRS.

You also only have 7:30 minutes to prepare for the fight! In that time you must obtain food, potions, and gear before time runs out.

The Corrupt Gauntlet offers a variety of high level drops though, including the rare Blade of Saeldor worth over 72m gp.

You’ll have to complete the gauntlet to have a chance at the rewards, since failure grants a “joke” reward worth very little. But if you can get through it all, you can expect a profit of roughly 3.5m per hour – specifically if you can complete this content consistently!


2. Alchemical Hydra

Alchemical Hydra battle in OSRS

Being the highest level Slayer boss in OSRS, the Alchemical Hydra can only be killed on task.

But he is a very rewarding boss to kill, although a bit tedious.

Generally you can manage around 25 kills per hour here – which equates to roughly 175k profit per kill, or 3.8m per hour.

If we take unique drops out of this calculation then the amount would be closer to ~110k gp per hour.

But this is a great boss to kill for ironmen, as the hydra bones offer fantastic prayer experience, and there are a ton of alch drops which can be used to increase your cash stack dramatically.

You will need high level range gear though, and a minimum of level 95 slayer before you can face the Hydra.


1. The Nightmare

The Nightmare (Screenshot) in OSRS

Our top spot goes to the newest PvM boss in OSRS (as of this writing).

The Nightmare is best killed in groups, and requires a very high combat level to face.

But she drops some of the most valuable items in OSRS, namely the nightmare orbs which sell for 80m, 250m, and 890m respectively.

She also drops the Inquisitor’s armour and Inquisitor’s mace which are worth between 120m and 520m!

Let’s assume a team of 5 players that can finish 10 kills per hour. The staff and armour drop at a chance of 1/120 and the orbs drop at a 1/600 rate.

Since her normal drop table is quite bad, all potential income comes from the unique drops.

So using the numbers above, you could expect to receive roughly 3.8m-4m gp per hour with this method – making her the best content to kill for money, provided you get lucky with her drops!

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