Best Oak Tree Spots in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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The best locations for free players to cut down oaks are Draynor Village or Varrock, while members can choose between a couple other great spots: Seers’ Village and the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Oaks are low-tier trees, and to cut them down you’ll need level 15 Woodcutting and any kind of axe.

Oak trees provide oak logs (of course), which are used in a wide array of skills such as Fletching, Construction, and Firemaking. The Oak is also the first unlockable tree that can provide more than one batch of logs per tree.

You may also notice that these logs are worth an inordinate amount of gold – especially compared to many other high-tier logs.

That’s due to the fact that not many people choose to train their woodcutting with them (mostly free players), so the supply ends up being low, while their demand is always high.

This means oaks are a better money maker than even yew logs.


Best F2P Oak Tree Spots

First up is our top recommendation: good ole Draynor Village.

It’s the best non-members spot that has oak trees close to a bank.

But if your combat level is relatively low (below 53), you might want to be careful of the Jail Guards and Dark Wizards that roam the area. Because they can be deadly.

Oak trees next to the Draynor Bank / OSRS

Pictured above: Oak trees next to the Draynor Bank

Should you not want to risk a trip to death’s office, then we have an alternative location to recommend.

The place you’ll want to be lies just south-west of the west Varrock bank.

There are plenty of Oaks here for all your choppin’ needs, and the bank is always within walking distance.

Outpost surrounded by oak trees / OSRS

Best Members Oak Tree Spots

While nothing’s wrong with going to one of the aforementioned locations, members have a couple better areas at their disposal.

Just a few steps south of the Seers’ Village bank are two perfectly healthy oak trees, standing directly next to each other, just waiting to be chopped.

Even though Oak trees respawn rather quickly, having two of them next to each other makes this the ideal spot for all P2P oak-cutting enthusiasts out there.

The Oaks at Seers’ Village / OSRS

Pictured above: The Oaks at Seers’ Village

If for some reason you want a change of scenery, then the Tree Gnome Stronghold also has plenty of Oak trees to choose from, many of them close to the bank (although a couple more clicks are required to reach it)

But a few extra clicks aren’t enough to scare you off, right?

Oak Trees at the Tree Gnome Stronghold / OSRS

Pictured above: Oak Trees at the Tree Gnome Stronghold


Oak Choppin’ Tips & Tricks

In our previous OSRS tree-related articles, I’ve mentioned how your tools are very important, and that you should always try to use the best one your level allows you to.

Well, oak trees are so easy to cut down that even an adamant axe is as good as a dragon one if your woodcutting level is in the 70s.

This doesn’t mean that you should go around swinging a bronze hatchet.

I’m just trying to say that there’s better things to use your Crystal axe’s charges on.

Other than that, don’t forget to bring along your Lumberjack outfit too. Since wearing the full outfit provides you with an extra 2.5% experience!

A lumberjack standing by a river with RuneLite HD / OSRS
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