15 Best Potions in Old School RuneScape: The Ultimate Ranking

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Potions in OSRS are seriously useful.

From restoring your prayer, to curing poison, to protecting you from dragonfire, the possibilities seem endless.

Using the right potion for the job can also save you a ton of stress and money, and there’s a few out there really worth looking into.

With literally dozens of options, it can be daunting to just get started. So which potions should you stock away, and which should you throw away? We’ll be diving into some of the best ones right here.


15. Hunter Potion

Hunter Potion in OSRS

The Hunter Potion is an early game potion capable of temporarily increasing a player’s hunter level by +3.

It requires a level 53 herblore to make.

This one’s useful for players who are on the lookout for rare imps in their travels. For example, the highly sought after Dragon Impling has a required hunter level of 83.

With this potion, you would be able to snag a wild one at level 80.

Ironmen would also find this especially useful, since it’s one of the few ways to get an Amulet of Glory early in the game.

How to Make: Making this potion requires a clean avantoe and some kebbit teeth dust. You can get the kebbit teeth from sabre-tooth kebbits, and crush them with a pestle and mortar.


14. Weapon Poison++

Weapon Poison++ potion

In OSRS, certain weapons can be poisoned (such as the Dragon Dagger and Dragon Spear) which make them far more effective, adding a layer of poison to their tips.

The only way to do this is to make a bottle of weapon poison, with the weapon poison ++ being the most deadly of all.

Requiring level 82 herblore to make, it’s pretty high up there.

But when applied to a weapon, it’ll create a 25% chance of poisoning your target.

And it’ll deal 6 damage every 18 seconds with melee weapons, or 4 damage every 18 seconds with range weapons, once poisoned.

This potion is a great tool for pking too, because it’ll slowly eat away at your target’s health.

How to Make: You’ll need cave nightshade and poison ivy berries. Use these on a vial filled with coconut milk to make this deadly concoction.


13. Agility Potion

Agility Potion OSRS Reneder

Now this potion works similarly to the Hunter Potion, and is often used by low level ironmen to overcome difficult agility obstacles, help with quests, or complete diary tasks.

Agility potions require 34 herblore to make, and will boost your agility level temporarily by +3.

These little potions also have ingredients that are pretty easy to get and to brew.

How to Make: Mix toadflax and toads legs, which can be found in the Gnome Stronghold.


12. Divine Battlemage Potion

Divine Battlemage Potion in OSRS

As the first combat boosting potion on this list, the battlemage potion is the best magical based choice.

This potion combines two in one, being a magic potion plus a super defence potion!

These would mostly be used for bosses in PvM, such as Zulrah, where a high defence level mixed with a magic attack boost is useful.

But this potion boosts magic by +4 and defence proportionally to your base defence level. For example, at 94 defence you would get a +19 boost, but at 80 defence you would get a +17 boost.

As this is a divine potion, the boost will last 5 minutes without dropping a single level.

How to Make: You’ll need a vial of blood, obtainable from the Theatre of Blood, plus a candantine and a potato cactus for the battlemage potion. To make it divine, add crystal dust.


11. Super Strength Potion

Super Strength Potion in OSRS

Super Strength potions are popular choices for both PvM and PvP activities, and are cheaper alternatives to super combat potions since many players just want a strength boost.

And that’s just what you get here.

More specifically, this potion boosts your strength level proportionate to your base strength level, similar to the battlemage potion mentioned earlier.

But this Super Strength variant is almost 1/10th the price of a super combat potion, making it a viable choice for a lot of activities.

How to Make: Use a Limpwurt root on a kwuarm potion to create this vial of strength.


10. Extended Super Antifire

Extended Super Antifire Potion from OSRS

Dragonfire is no laughing matter, and will burn you to a crisp in seconds without the right protection!

The Extended Super Anti-fire potion is not only the best of the anti-fire potions, but also the hardest-to-make potion in OSRS, with a herblore requirement of level 98!

A single dose provides full immunity to dragonfire for six minutes.

The only exceptions are Vorkath, KBD, and Galvek, who can all still damage you partially.

Note you’ll need to also have completed Dragon Slayer II and spoken to Primula, who resides in the Myths’ Guild, to learn how to brew this concoction.

How to Make: Using a lava scale shard on a super anti-fire potion will create an extended version. You can get lava scales from lava dragons in the Wilderness.


9. Prayer Potion

Prayer Potion from OSRS

Here’s a Prayer Potion that’s used to restore prayer points at a rate of 7 + 27% of your total prayer level.

For example, if you had level 80 prayer, you would restore 27 points. And if you had level 84 prayer you would restore 28 points.

Since prayer is a widely used mechanic, being able to restore your points while doing PvP or PvM is extremely important.

Most high level content will require you to have some form of prayer restoration. And a prayer potion is often the first choice.

Luckily, it only requires a herblore level of 38 to make.

This makes the potion widely accessible to all account builds fairly early on.

How to Make: Combine some Snape Grass with an unfinished Ranarr potion to make a Prayer Potion.


8. Guthix Rest Tea

Guthix Rest Tea from OSRS

Primarily used in PvP, the Guthix rest is extremely unique. Why?

It’s a healing item which takes zero game ticks to use. Meaning it doesn’t disrupt a player action such as an attack.

This can be really useful in combo eating when you’re facing a special weapon like Dragon Claws or an Armadyl Godsword.

And this potion is one of the only items in game with this effect.

It heals 5 hitpoints, restores 5 run energy, and reduces the amount of poison or venom damage you take by 1.

To make this brew you’ll need a herblore level of only 18, and you’ll need to complete the quest One Small Favour.

How to Make: Get a tea cup, 2 guams, a harralander, and a marrentill. Fill the tea cup and use any of the herbs on it to make the brew.


7. Super Restore Potion

Super Restore Potion OSRS

Super restore potions work the same as prayer potions, with a few key differences.

One of which is providing an extra +1 prayer point per a dose.

They also restore all reduced stats, making these a common supplement to use alongside Saradomin Brews.

The only stat they do not restore is hitpoints.

And since they’re commonly used in conjunction with Saradomin Brews, they’re used more commonly than prayer potions, because the effects are far more useful overall.

Most high level PvM will require these, but you’ll need a level 63 herblore to make ‘em yourself.

How to Make: Use some red spiders eggs with a snapdragon potion.


6. Anti-venom+

Anti-venom+ OSRS Potion

Requiring a minimum level of 94 herblore to make, Anti-Venom+ can cure any poison or venom instantly, and prevents you from becoming envenomed again for 3 minutes.

It also prevents you from becoming poisoned again for 15 minutes.

This is commonly used to fight Zulrah and Vorkath, since both of these bosses have the potential to envenom.

And this potion is also used at the DKS, as the anti-poison effects per dose help extend trips for very long periods of time.

How to Make: Use a Torstol on an anti-venom potion to create the + version.


5. Sanfew Serum

Sanfew Serum OSRS Render

Sanfew Serums offer a way better version of Super Restores, since they cure poison and disease, as well as provide every single feature a Super Restore does!

This poison and disease protection lasts for 15 minutes.

But these are notoriously difficult to make, and are pretty expensive at 20k per potion!

They are, however, extremely useful for bosses like K’ril at God War Dungeon, who can poison you quickly – and has attacks that drain your prayer.

Basically, this saves an inventory spot that would normally be used for an anti-poison.

But due to the high price, this is only worth using in extreme situations.

How to Make: I recommend buying this off of the Grand Exchange. Making them is a long elaborate process.


4. Divine Bastion Potion

Divine Bastion Potion in OSRS

The Divine Bastion Potion boosts your range level the same amount as a super range potion and a super defence potion.

For example, someone with 99 range and 99 defence would get a +13 range boost with a +19 defence boost.

As this is a divine potion, the boosting effects also last 5 full minutes. And they will not dip until the timer expires, after which all stats are reduced back to normal.

Also note that you’ll need a level 86 herblore to create this potion.

As a whole, these potions are useful for most bosses you face using range, such as Hydra, Theatre of Blood, Commander Zilyana, Kree’arra, and many more.

How to Make: You’ll need to use crystal dust on a normal bastion potion.


3. Divine Super Combat Potion

Divine Super Combat Potion in OSRS

Hands down, this is the best potion for melee in the entire game.

The Divine super combat potion combines a super attack, defence, and strength potion together into a single drink.

This means all melee stats get boosted at once.

A max level player could expect a temporary +19 boost to all melee skills with this.

And much like all other divine potions, the boosting effect also lasts 5 minutes.

This divine super combat potion is used any place where melee combat is used.

Most commonly this includes PvM, Slayer, and almost every melee-based boss.

It’s also pretty tough to make, requiring a high herblore level of 97.

How to Make: Use crystal dust on a super combat potion to create the divine variant.


2. Stamina Potion

Stamina Potion in OSRS

Stamina potions are useful for everything from PvM to skilling!

A dose of stamina potion restores your run energy by 20%, and will also reduce the rate your run energy goes down (specifically reducing your run energy’s reduction by 70% for 2 minutes).

The ultimate result of this is an almost unlimited amount of run energy for those two minutes!

It might take some work to reach the level requirements (77 herblore) to make this potion, but it’s worth it.

In PvM this potion is extremely useful for solo Chambers of Xeric, Commander Zilyana, and Abyssal Sire. But skilling activities such as farm runs also benefit from this stamina potion.

Many players also choose to take these along during quests to speed up the progress.

They’re an overall amazing quality of life upgrade for the game, and should be considered whenever they could help you out.

How to Make: Add some amylase crystals to a super energy potion to make stamina.


1. Saradomin Brew

Saradomin Brew in OSRS

Saradomin brews are the best single inventory spot healing item in the entire game.

Requiring level 81 herblore to create, the Saradomin brew can heal a maximum of +16 hitpoints per single dose. And each potion has 4 doses in total.

So multiplay your bonus by 4 and you have a total of 64 hitpoints that can be healed per potion!

These also work as a stronger version of a Super Defence potion, and someone with level 99 defence can expect a +21 temporary boost to defence – which is insanely useful in conjunction with its healing effects.

The tradeoff to this Saradomin Brew is that all other stats are reduced. So as a result, Super Restores are generally used along with brews in a ratio of 3 brew sips to 1 restore sip.

This way you get a perfect balance.

Players use Saradomin Brews for almost every high level boss, and there are very few bosses where these are not taken, because they’re just so useful!

How to Make: Use a crushed bird’s nest on an unfinished toadflax potion.

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