OSRS Best Prayer Gear: Helmets, Boots, Armor & More

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Asking for the Gods’ protection is not always an easy task in Old School RuneScape, as you’ll need to prove your faith!

How can you prove your faith?

Why, by wearing the latest and greatest prayer-related gear – with those juicy prayer bonuses attached.

A high prayer level is also an essential for end-game content in OSRS. But it will be pointless if you don’t have a decent prayer bonus to keep those overhead prayers up!

So let’s dive into some of the best prayer items which are absolutely needed to keep your prayer usage at maximum efficiency.


Holy Wraps

Holy Wraps OSRS Preview

Glove slot items with a prayer bonus have never really been a big thing in OSRS, with only three items receiving this benefit.

This all changed with the introduction of the Holy Wraps, the best prayer filled gloves an adventurer could ask for with a humble +3 prayer bonus!

Besides the prayer bonus, the gloves also act as a Saradomin item which might be useful on a prolonged Commander Zilyana trip at God War Dungeons.

This is a rare drop from elite clue scrolls with a 1:1100 drop rate.


Rada’s Blessing (4)

Rada’s Blessing (4) in OSRS

God Blessings have been a great inclusion to OSRS, offering players a way to increase their prayer bonus without sacrificing an important armor slot!

While most God Blessings offer a +1 prayer bonus, Rada’s offers a +2 – making it the best blessing to use for prayer.

On top of this, the blessing also provides the player with unlimited teleport to the Slayer Master Konar, who’s located very close to a bank. Which makes this item particularly useful!

The only downside is that this requires the completion of the Kebos Elite Diary, which has some insanely high stat requirements, like 95 Slayer.


Holy Wrench

OSRS Holy Wrench Render

The Holy Wrench is unique on this list, as it’s not an item you can wear, but rather one with a passive effect.

So the wrench must be placed in your inventory for the passive effect to work.

When the wrench is in your inventory, it’ll restore an extra 2% of your prayer points whenever you sip a prayer potion, super restore, or sanfew.

This is incredibly useful in places where you use a lot of prayer potions, such as in a low level Fight Caves attempt where every single prayer point is valuable.

Getting the wrench is also not too hard, as it’s a reward for completing “Rum Deal” which is a fairly medium-level quest.


Holy Sandals

Holy Sandals in OSRS

Holy Sandals are a pair of stylish shoes which have a prayer bonus of +3.

They’re in the same set as the Holy Wraps, and as a result, have matching aesthetics.

So if you’re looking match, you might want to grab them both!

The sandals have the highest prayer bonus of any footwear in OSRS, and are often used at DKS by high level players, since they’re useful in helping extend trips.

Like the Holy Wraps, the sandals are affiliated with Saradomin. So these can also be very useful at God War Dungeon.

You can obtain these sandals from medium clue scrolls.


God Books

Holy Book God Book - OSRS Render

The offhand slot has some really great options for prayer.

However, the most useful has to be the God Books. There are a total of 6 God Books, all with varying effects and stats, and each of them carry a decent prayer bonus of +5.

To complete a god book, you’ll need to fill it with 4 pages (obtainable from clue scrolls) and place them in the correct book.

However, if you simply want the prayer bonus, you can use the book without any pages and reap the full effect!

To get access to the God Books, complete the “Horror From the Deep” quest and speak with Jossik in the lighthouse.

The best part is that once the quest is finished, you can get the books 100% for free! Talk about a bargain.


Holy Symbol

Holy Symbol Amulet in OSRS

Holy symbols are actually the best in slot F2P prayer item, with an impressive prayer bonus of +8.

This item is worn in the neck slot, and surprisingly has quite a few uses. Such as weakening vampyres, or acting as a Saradomin item, and can be used by the prayer book to cure poison.

To obtain one, you’ll need to use an unblessed symbol on a Saradomin God Book (Holy book).



Bandos Mitre in OSRS

Mitres are awfully stylish hats which provide a prayer bonus of +5, making them the best in slot headgear prayer bonus item.

There is a mitre affiliated with each of the OSRS gods, and all of them act as a god item in places like the God War Dungeon.

But unlike other prayer gear, you’ll need a minimum of level 40 Prayer and 40 Magic to earn the right to wear one of these fancy hats.

Mitres also have a pretty decent mage attack bonus, making them quite useful for mid-leveled mages.


Ardougne Cloak 4

Ardougne Cloak 4 OSRS Render

Ardy Cloak 4 is a fantastic cape with really great bonuses across the board.

It offers not only the highest prayer bonus for the cape slot of +6, but also the highest stab bonus of any cape in the game.

Once unlocked, the cape is also free. And as a result, it has become very popular amongst Pkers and those trying to kill the Corporeal Beast.

This cape also offers unlimited teleports to the Ardy farming patch.

The only downside is that this cape is locked behind the Ardougne Elite Diary, which has some extremely high skill requirements – such as 90 agility and 94 magic.



Ancient Crozier Staff in OSRS

Similar to many of the items on this list, Croziers are affiliated with the Gods of Old School RuneScape, and offer the same benefits of this affiliation.

These magical staffs offer a prayer bonus of +6, as well a magic attack bonus of +10.

Although I would not recommend using them as your primary magic weapon since there are many better alternatives.

These can be obtained as rewards from medium and hard clue scrolls.


Proselyte Tassets

Proselyte Tassets OSRS Render

Proselyte Tassets are very commonplace, with many people using them to AFK slayer tasks due to their substantial prayer bonus of +6.

Not to mention some decent melee defense stats, which are comparable to Adamant Platelegs.

This item can only be obtained by becoming a member of the White Knights of Falador and completing the “Slug Menace” quest.


Ring of the Gods (i)

OSRS Ring of the Gods (i)

Now this ring has some decent stats, but is mostly used for its impressive prayer bonus of +8.

That beats all the other rings with prayer bonus by a mile.

The imbued version of this ring also acts as a holy wrench, which allows you to save an inventory spot!

Ring of the Gods can only be obtained by killing the Wilderness boss Vet’ion, and it has a 1/512 drop rate. So it’s a fairly rare drop.


Proselyte Hauberk

Proselyte Hauberk Plate in OSRS

What would the Tassets be without the Hauberk?

This platebody is almost always worn in conjunction with the Tassets, and boasts a prayer bonus of +8.

It is the best in slot for prayer in the body slot, and along with the legs, it makes up the two most popular items on this list.

This is largely due to the versatility of the armor, which still allows you to mix it with high-end melee gear.

You’ll often see these armor pieces used by adventurers in the Catacombs of Kourend.

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