15 Best PvM Drops in Old School RuneScape

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The main reason people grind combat in OSRS is to do PvM.

And the reason we do PvM is for the sweet loot, of course!

There are tons of different bosses, and all of them have unique drops which can enhance your account – or possibly make you very rich.

So which PvM drops are the best ones to go after?

Let’s take a look at some of the better ones out there.


15. Archers Ring

Archers Ring OSRS Render

Starting off our list is one of the best in slot rings for range, with a bonus of +4 range attack and defence.

The ring can be imbued to double these bonuses up to +8 at the Nightmare Zone.

Note that this ring is commonly used for PvM and Slayer tasks too, such as against the Alchemical Hydra and Kree’arra.

How to Get: Dropped from Dagannoth Supreme, one of the Dagannoth Kings at a rate of 1/128.


14. Primordial Crystal

Primordial Crystal Render Preview

This crystal is used to make one of the best boots in the game for melee, the Primordial Boots.

Creating the boots requires you to have level 60 Runecrafting, and a pair of Dragon Boots.

You’ll combine the crystal to the boots, and be left with a shiny new pair of primordial boots.

This crystal drop is also worth a massive 25m. So these are a very nice item to chase for those looking to make a profit.

How to Get: This is only dropped by the slayer boss Cerberus. To face Cerberus you’ll need level 91 slayer and a hellhound task. The crystal drops at a rate of 1/512.


13. Berserker Ring

Berserker Ring Render from OSRS

This is another ring dropped by the DKS, similarly to the Archers Ring, and is the best in slot ring for melee strength.

The Berserker Ring offers a +4 boost to melee strength, which can be further increased to +8 if you imbued it at the Nightmare Zone.

This is commonly used in almost every melee-based activity, and is only generally swapped out when defence is an issue.

The ring provides you with an increased maximum hit, making it a must-have for melee builds.

How to Get: Only dropped by Dagannoth Rex, one of the Dagannoth Kings, at a rate of 1/128. Rex can be safe spotted making the fight very easy.


12. Zamorakian Spear

Zamorakian Spear Wielded in OSRS

Here we have a very powerful spear which is used all over OSRS.

The Zammy Spear is the best in slot weapon to use for the Corporeal Beast, and is worth about 14m!

It has a lot of versatility too, as it’s also the base component needed to create the Zammy Hasta and Dragon Hunter Lance – both of which has best in slot weapons for their respective areas.

As a result, it has maintained a relatively high market value.

How to Get: You can get yourself a Zammy Spear from K’ril in the God War Dungeons. He drops this at a rate if 1/128 which isn’t too bad. I recommend fighting him while on a Greater Demon slayer task.


11. Blade of Saeldor

Blade of Saeldor Equpped in OSRS

Next on our list is the best in slot single handed slash weapon in game, the Blade of Saeldor!

The blade is worth a massive 73m, so if you can put up with chasing this drop, it’s worth the effort.

The Blade of Saeldor has a nice +94 slash bonus, which makes it really useful for things like Theatre of Blood and Thermonuclear Smoke Devils.

To use the blade effectively you’ll need to upgrade it to its corrupted version, which requires 1000 crystal shards.

This corrupted version does not degrade and lasts forever.

As a result, many players choose to use the Ghrazi Rapier instead, beacuse obtaining crystal shards can be very time consuming.

How to Get: You can get blade this as a 1/400 drop from the very challenging Corrupted Gauntlet, or as a 1/2000 drop from the regular Gauntlet. Trying the Gauntlet first requires that you complete the grandmaster quest Song of the Elves.


10. Trident of the Seas

Trident of the Seas from OSRS

The Trident of the Seas isn’t worth the most amount of money like other entries on this list.

But it offers one of the best in slot magic weapons in OSRS.

The trident has a built-in magic spell which must be charged with fire chaos, and death runes, as well as a few coins.

And this trident hits very hard. With no bonuses at level 99, it can hit 28’s – while with max bonuses it can hit 34’s!

This makes the trident incredibly useful for its low cost.

It’s commonly used for barrows and other activities requiring magic, such as Chambers of Xeric.

How to Get: Get this at level 87 slayer from cave krakens, or the Kraken boss! The drop rate is 1/200 and 1/512 respectively, with the normal krakens dropping an uncharged trident and the boss dropping a fully charged one.


9. Tanzanite Fang

Tanzanite Fang Render OSRS

Tanzanite Fangs are one of the most useful items in OSRS.

With the right fletching level, a skilled adventurer can create a Toxic Blowpipe – which is one of the best DPS weapon choices in the entire game.

Another Great factor about the fangs:

If you have a blowpipe already, you can dismantle it for 20k scales. These can actually be used to charge your Toxic Blowpipe!

The fang is worth around 2.5m as well, making is a nice drop to get if you simply want to increase your gold stack!

How to Get: Dropped from Zulrah at rate of 2x 1/1024. The drop rate is like this because there are two rolls on the drop table, meaning two chances per single kill. To fight Zulrah you must have completed the Regicide quest.


8. Dragon Warhammer

Dragon Warhammer from OSRS

As one of the best PvM special weapons in OSRS, the Dragon Warhammer is worth a massive 39m.

Reason being its special attack is useful in all corners of the game.

The Dragon Warhammer’s special attack will reduce a targets defence by 30%, provided you land a single hit!

This also only uses 50% of the special bar too, making it possible to use this back to back.

Common places to use the DWH include Chambers of Xeric, God War Dungeon, and Theatre of Blood. It’s a must-have in any serious PvM’ers arsenal.

How to Get: Getting this warhammer can be extremely tedious. It’s only dropped by Lizardman Shamans at a ridiculous rate of 1/5k (0.02%).


7. Zenyte Shards

Zenyte Shard Preview from OSRS

Zenyte Shards are used in the making some of the best jewelery in the game, such as the tormented Bracelet, Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, and the Ring of Suffering.

All of these items are some of the most powerful items you can hope to get – and all of them are used throughout PvM and PvP.

As a result, Zenyte Shards sell for around 9m each. Which will add a decent chunk of gold to your bank, should you wish to sell them.

How to Get: Once you’ve completed Monkey Madness II you’ll gain access to Demonic Gorillas in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Demonic Gorillas drop Zenyte Shards at a rate of 1/300 which is quite decent.


6. Ancestral Robes Set

Ancestral Robes Set Box from OSRS

These powerful robes have a combined net worth of over 131m

So by a wide margin, these are some of the most expensive robes around!

The set consists of the robe top, robe bottoms, and hat.

They offer some seriously high magic defence and attack if you’re wearing them, but do require level 75 magic and 65 defences to put on.

Common places to use ancestral items are in high risk PvP, against Zulrah, in the Chambers of Xeric, and against the Kraken boss.

The robes will also help increase your max hit quite dramatically. And should definitely be a priority for any serious magic user.

How to Get: Obtainable as rare drops from the Chambers of Xeric.


5. Armadyl Armour

Armadyl Armour Full Set in OSRS

It’s time to look at some seriously powerful range armour!

The Armadyl set is worth a total of 64m gp, and this requires that you’ve leveled up to 70 range and 70 defence to wield it.

The armour has some very high magic defences too, along with great range attack bonuses.

So this makes the armour useful for a variety of activities such as the Fight Caves, Inferno, Hydra, Zulrah, and Chambers of Xerics. It can also be used to tank magic users in the Wilderness.

How to Get: Obtainable from Kree’arra at a rate of 1/128 per armour item. Her bodyguards can also drop this armour but that’s a very high drop rate of 1/16,129 (0.006%).


4. Bandos Armour

Bandos Armour On Male Player in OSRS

Here’s one for the record boolks.

The best of the best in terms of melee and strength bonus!

As of this writing, the cost of the whole set is currently 55m. This consists of the chestplate, tassets, and boots, although the boots are not commonly used since they’re primarily defensive.

Both the tassets and chestplate offer strength bonuses of +2 and +4 respectively, making them fantastic for increasing max hit!

Just note that you’ll need at least level 65 defence to wear this powerful armour.

How to Get: Obtainable from General Graador at a rate of 1/128 per item. His bodyguards can also drop this armour at a much rarer drop rate of 1/16129 (0.006%).


3. Elysian Sigil

Elysian Sigil Render from OSRS

The Elysian Sigil is used to create the most powerful defensive offhand shield in all of OSRS – making it a highly sought after drop.

It’s worth a massive 1,070m (over one billion gp!)

This price tag makes it easily one of the most expensive PvM drops to snag.

It’s used to make the Elysian Spirit Shield, which has a 70% chance of reducing all damage received by 25%.

Naturally this is extremely useful for tanking, and is used by very rich players for activities such as the Inferno.

How to Get: An extremely rare drop from the powerful Corporeal Beast at a high drop rate of 1/4095.


2. Scythe of Vitur

Scythe of Vitur Render from OSRS

Here we have one more very powerful weapon, and the Scythe of Vitur is the best DPS melee weapon in OSRS by a very wide margin.

Due to its rare and powerful nature, it’s worth somewhere around 560m.

Why so popular?

Well, it has the ability to hit up to three enemies simultaneously provided they’re within a 1×3 box range. This weapon can also hit a large enemy three times in a single game tick.

So this scythe is really useful for large bosses like Verzik and Bandos.

Just note: you’ll need a minimum of level 75 attack and strength to wield this awesome weapon.

How to Get: Obtainable as a very rare drop from the Theatre of Blood.


1. Twisted Bow

Twisted Bow Equipped Render from OSRS

Our number one spot goes to the very rare Twisted Bow!

It’s worth a whopping 1,068m – meaning this bow is tied with the Elysian Sigil for most expensive PvM drop.

It requires at least level 75 range to wield, and can fire any type of arrow, including dragon.

The bow has a +70 range attack and a passive effect. The passive effect allows you to hit higher depending on your enemy’s magic level.

The higher their magic level, the higher you can hit.

This means that on certain enemies you can hit 70’s and 80’s very often.

So the Twisted Bow is very commonly used at raids, as well as with the God War Dungeon, Hydra, and Giant Mole.

As a whole, this thing is just extremely useful throughout the entire game.

How to Get: This is the rarest obtainable drop from the Chambers of Xeric, and is on the mega rare drop table. It drops at a roughly a 1/1k – 1.5k drop rate.

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