Top 10 Most Useful OSRS Quest Reward Items

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Quest items are some of the more useful items you can get. Since they cannot be bought, they encourage players to work on skills and gear upgrades so they can complete those daunting quests to unlock some truly useful items.

But there are dozens on quest items available in OSRS, with some of them literally being game changing.

So if you want to be competitive in OSRS, you’ll need to get questing.

But which quests offer the most useful rewards, and why would you even want them?

Let’s take a look.


10. Iban’s Staff

Iban’s Staff render in OSRS

Getting us started is the Iban’s Staff, which is a fantastic mid game staff and a powerful reward to obtain.

It can cast the spell “Iban’s Blast” which is great for activities such as barrows or Dagannoth Rex, for players who have not yet unlocked the Trident of the Seas, especially Ironmen.

It has a maximum hit of 25.

And it’s locked behind the infamous “Underground Pass” quest, which is one of the more challenging quests out there.

Iban’s blast also requires a magic and attack level of at least 50 to use, so keep that in mind.

How to Get: Obtained after the completion of the quest “Underground Pass”.


9. Ectophial

Ectophial render from OSRS

The Morytania area is notoriously difficult to get to in the early game.

And the Ectophial provides the first one click unlimited teleport to the area, which makes questing and general navigation much easier.

But this first becomes available only after completing the quest “Ghosts Ahoy” – which is an early level quest, not too tricky.

In the late game, Ectophial is commonly used to get to the Morytania farming patch, since it provides one of the quickest ways to that area beside Fairy Rings.

How to Get: You can be this awesome teleport after completing Ghosts Ahoy.


8. Anti-Dragon Shield

Anti-Dragon Shield item render in OSRS

This mighty shield requires that you start Dragon Slayer I, and you’ll need the shield to face the powerful dragon at the end of the quest anyways!

After the quest is finished, however, the shield is also useful against other dragons you might run into.

Dragonfire deals a ton of damage, and this shield is one of the few ways to properly mitigate and deal with it.

Who knows, maybe in your travels you’ll find a way to turn this shield into a more powerful version…

How to Get: Speak to the Duke of Lumbridge who will give you this shield during Dragon Slayer I.


7. Magic Secateurs

Magic Secateurs item render in OSRS

As a wieldable pair of secateurs, this is a reward from the quest Fairy Tale part I.

And it’s the only weapon which can harm Tanglefoot – but commonly it’s used more for another reason.

These secateurs increase the yield of all farming patches by a massive 10%!

This changes the game for high level herb runs, as you’ll profit an extra 10% for every single herb run you get through.

Over time, this can equate to hundreds of thousands of extra coins if you’re farming herbs like torstols and snapdragons.

Plus these secateurs can also be used to cure disease from trees.

How to Get: You’ll need to be at a certain point in the quest Fairy Tale part I.


6. Mythical Cape

Mythical Cape render in OSRS

Only myths and legends have the right to wear this cape, which offers the highest crush bonus of any cape in all of OSRS.

You must first complete Dragon Slayer II to be able to obtain and wear this, and it’s only buyable inside the Myths’ Guild.

The Mythical cape also offers unlimited teleports to the inside of the Myths’ guild, which is quite useful for wrath rune running and killing dragons below the guild itself.

And it’s also the best cape to use for activities like wilderness bosses or Pk’ing, beacuse it’s easily replaceable and has great stats attached to it.

How to Get: Complete Dragon Slayer II and head to the Myths’ Guild. Inside Jack will sell you these capes for 10k each.


5. Crystal Shield

Crystal Shield equipped / OSRS render

Now this shield is a great tank item, with one of the highest range defence bonuses you can get – with a bonus of +80!

It also has substantial melee bonuses, making the Crystal Shield the best free tank shield in OSRS.

It’s comparable to many high end shields like the Dragonfire Shield.

But there are a plethora of requirements to wield this shied, such as the completion of the quest “Roving elves”, along with a minimum of 70 defence and 50 agility.

And the shield must be charged with Crystal Shards, and will slowly degrade overtime.

It’s a common choice for ironmen to use because it’s readily available and powerful for bosses like Bandos.

How to Get: Complete Roving Elves and speak with Islwyn to obtain the shield. You can also obtain one in Prifddinas with 40 crystal shards and a crystal weapon seed.


4. Royal Seed Pod

Royal Seed Pod OSRS render

The Royal Seed Pod is a reward from the gnome people after the grandmaster quest Monkey Madness II.

It’s a really useful one-click teleport, as it can be used up to level 30 wilderness – making it a common means of escape.

It’s also one of the few items in OSRS with this effect making, it very sought after.

And I should mention that the pod offers unlimited charges, so yeah that adds quick a bit more to its overall appeal!

And it’s also commonly used by PvM’ers who are hunting demonic gorillas – reason being that it offers the closest teleport option to their lair.

How to Get: Speak with King Narnode on the ground floor of the Grand Tree and he’ll present the Royal Seed Pod as a reward for completing Monkey Madness II.


3. Helm of Neitiznot

Helm of Neitiznot armour render in OSRS

Once you finish the Fremennik Isles quest, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best in slot helmets in the game.

This helm offers a +3 melee strength bonus, a +3 prayer bonus, and some decent melee defences to boot.

It’s mostly worn for its melee strength bonus, though, which helps increase your max hit.

This helm is often viewed as the “barrows gloves” of helmets, because it compliments range and magic, making it a decent item to camp for multiple attack styles.

As a result it’s used in both PvM and PvP thoroughly.

The helmet can also be further upgraded by completing the Fremennik Exiles quest and adding a basilisk jaw to the helm. This creates the best in slot helmet in OSRS.

How to Get: Speak with Mawnis Burowgar after completing the Fremennik Isles quest on the island of Neitiznot. If you ever lose the helmet, it can be rebought for 50k.


2. Ava’s Accumulator

Ava’s Accumulator render in OSRS

This item is amazing just due to its improvement in the quality of life it provides to rangers.

The Accumulator automatically retrieves ammunition fired by your ranged weapons which hasn’t broken.

This calculates to 72% retrieval, 8% drop to the floor, and 20% break.

The accumulator also offers a decent range attack bonus of +4 and no negative stats.

You’ll just need to have completed the quest Animal Magnetism (and have at least 50 range) to obtain and wear this awesome backpack. That said, it’s worth the effort.

Later in the game this is even upgradeable to the best in slot range cape in OSRS. This can be done by obtaining a Vorkath head and attaching it to the accumulator, creating the Ava’s Assembler.

The accumulator and assembler are used almost everywhere, too, just due to their versatility. And they’re a must have for any OSRS player!

How to Get: Speak with Ava in Draynor Manor after completing Animal Magnetism, she’ll tell you how to obtain multiple accumulators if you need them.


1. Barrows gloves

Barrows gloves equipped preview in OSRS

I think we all saw this one coming.

It’s the most grinded for item in OSRS just due to how strong these gloves are!

To obtain these for yourself, you need to complete Recipe for Disaster – which is no easy feat, as you need over 175 quest points to start it. So you also have to complete some other really tough quests first, like Desert Treasure.

But these gloves are the best in slot all-round gloves in OSRS.

They provide fantastic bonuses for all styles of combat, offensively and defensively. And they’re also the best in slot range gloves you could wear, hands down!

These boast +12 in all attack styles and defensive styles, with a +6 magic. On top of this, they also have a massive +12 melee strength bonus – which makes them a force to be reckoned with.

I highly recommend the Barrows gloves to all players, both for PvM and PvP.

How to Get: You’ll need to complete Recipe for Disaster, after which they’re buyable from the Culinaromancer’s Chest in Lumbridge Castle’s basement.

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