The Best Questlines in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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Quests are the foundation of what makes OSRS such a fantastic game.

The lore is really well done and exciting to be a part of. Plus there are quests where you slay dragons, fight vampires, join massive battles, and even help trolls…um…fall in love.

In other words, there’s something for everyone who’s looking for adventure.

But there are dozens of quest lines, yet some of the OSRS quests are so well done that they deserve special attention. These are questlines that have truly captivating stories with high stakes and well-written dialogue.

And we’ll be ranking the most iconic ones right here – many of which include some of the hardest quests in OSRS. Namely the challenging grandmaster quests, of which there are only currently three in the entire game!


5. Dragonkin Series

Dragon Slayer 2 battle againast Galvek / OSRS

This series is one of original quest lines, and it’s the one that gets everyone started!

The Dragonkin series is short and consists of three quests. Namely Dragon Slayer I, a Tail of Two Cats, and Dragon Slayer II.

The series is literally about heroes saving the world from an ancient threat, the Dragonkin, who are powerful dragon-like enemies looking to dominate everything in their path.

Only you and a few powerful allies stand in their way of complete domination.

The quest line ends with a Grandmaster quest, Dragon Slayer II, in which you’ll fight the hardest quest boss in OSRS.

And you’ll see yourself doing what every adventurer dreams of:

Slaying dragons and saving the day!

It’s gotta be the most heroic quest line in the game, and it unlocks two guilds: the Champions’ Guild and Myths’ Guild.


4. Gnome Series

Gnome Tree Saved Quest in OSRS

The gnome series questline consists of four quests:

The Grand tree, Monkey Madness I, Eyes of Glouphrie, and Monkey Madness II.

This series sees you working with the Gnome people, discovering far off new islands, and even turning enemies into new allies.

Along the way you’ll unlock powerful new weapons and fight difficult bosses (of course).

It’s also littered with puzzles and riddles, which only the most capable of adventurers will have a chance of solving.

The quest line ends with Monkey Madness II, which is a Grandmaster quest and not an easily challenge.

Be ready for a wild ride, which can get a bit silly at times, but never boring!


3. Elf Series

Elf Questline Preview from OSRS

This is probably the hardest series here, as well as the longest on this list.

There are a total of eight quests in this series. And as you might imagine, there’s a ton of lore involved!

The quests range from novice all the way to grandmaster, meaning you’ll be working on this quest line for quite some time.

Basically this whole storyline sees you doing everything you could imagine in Old School RuneScape: from investigating a plague to solving difficult light puzzles and fighting bosses in-between!

You’ll also unlock the crystalline elven lands of Tirannwn and explore various cities and passes.

Be prepared for a tough time, though. As 4 of the quest in the series are master level, with the final one being grandmaster, namely Songof the Elves which unlocks the elven city of Prifddinas.

I recommend this questline to players looking for a more serious and lore-heavy experience.


2. Fremennik Series

Fremennik Questline Battle in OSRS

So here’s another very long quest line with 8 different quests within.

Fremennik is much easier than the elven quests, but I find this quest series to be much less serious and far more entertaining!

You’ll still be battling bosses and solving mysteries – but the quests have a light-hearted touch, and a great Viking aesthetic that just makes you fall in love with them.

From huge scale invasions to beating a veteran alcoholic in a drinking contest, you’ll have a great time exploring these characters and quests along the way.

There are only two master quests in this series – namely Dream Mentor and The Fremennik Exile’s, both of which have fantastic rewards.


1. Myreque Series

Myreque dungeon preview quest / OSRS

Easily my all-time favorite quest series has to be the Myreque questline.

It offers great aesthetics and a sense of hope in a truly hopeless situation, all of it is just captivating.

This series sees you working with the Myreque, a human resistance group in Morytania trying to rally the people against their Vampyre overlords who use the humans as a food source.

There are currently five quests in the series:

In Search of Myreque, In Aid of Myreque, Darkness of Hallowvale, A Taste of Hope, and Sins of the Father.

Sins of the Father is the only master level quest in the series – but at the time of this writing, the questline is still ongoing.

You’ll be fighting a nearly invincible enemy which cannot be hurt or killed, all to try and give the locals freedom.

It’s a truly fun series with constant plot twists and exciting challenges.

If you haven’t started this series then I recommend you start it as soon as you can.

You’ll be in for a thrilling adventure!

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