The Best Rings in Old School Runescape, Ranked

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The ring slot in OSRS has a ton of variety.

There are skilling rings, combat rings, and even joke rings. There’s a ring that turns you into a rock, seriously.

Some of these rings are ridiculously good. So much so that you wouldn’t be able to do certain content efficiently without them!

And that means the ring slot is an extremely important one to get right for your character’s build.


15. Ring of Wealth (i)

Ring of Wealth (i) OSRS Render

Ring of Wealth imbued is a really nifty little ring.

While it has no stats buffs to boast of, it has a variety of really cool effects.

When worn, it’ll automatically pick up all coins and numulite dropped by enemies, and place them straight into your inventory.

When imbued, it also has the added benefit of doubling the chance of a clue scroll drop when in the wilderness.

This can be really great when farming Hellhounds for hard clues.

This ring also helps you get better loot from the rare drop table when it’s randomly rolled.

Lastly, there are four built-in teleports which can take you to The Grand Exchange, Falador Park, Donakan, and Miscellania.

How to Get: You‘ll need to craft a Dragonstone ring and imbue it. This requires level 68 magic and 55 crafting.


14. Ring of Life

Ring of Life OSRS Render

Used almost exclusively by Hardcore Ironmen, this ring might do as the name suggests… save your life!

If your health ever drops below 10% while this ring is worn, it’ll automatically teleport you to your respawn spot.

But this won’t work if you’re above 10% and get hit for all of your hitpoints, so be wary!

This teleport also won’t work above level 30 wilderness, or if teleblocked. And once the ring’s effect is used, it will crumble into dust.

How to Get: A quest reward from completing “The lost tribe”. Or you can craft and enchant a diamond ring, requiring level 57 magic and 43 crafting.


13. Celestial Ring

Celestial Ring Render from OSRS

Here we’ve got basically the newest ring in OSRS, and our first F2P obtainable ring on this list!

The Celestial Ring offers an invisible +4 level Mining boost, which works everywhere if you’re wearing it.

The ring also has a 1/10 chance of providing you with an extra ore, up to adamant, on any rock. This does not work at Motherload mine, though. So you’ll only get the mining boost here.

You can also combine the Celestial Ring with an Elven Signet, and obtain the effects of the signet, with at least level 70 Crafting and Smithing.

How to Get: Buy this from Susuri’s Star Dust Shop for 2k stardust.


12. Ring of the gods (i)

Ring of the gods (i) OSRS Render

This ring possesses the highest prayer bonus in the entire game in the ring slot.

It has a massive +8 prayer bonus, and also incorporates the effects of a holy wrench.

Besides this, it offers minimal protection with a +1 in all defensive stats.

The ring is largely used by those trying to maximize their prayer bonus, and on prayer-heavy builds only.

How to Get: A drop from Vet’tion. You can then imbue it at Soul Wars or Nightmare Zone.


11. Granite Ring (i)

Granite Ring (i) OSRS Render

Granite Rings are designed to be medium level rings with basic melee defensive bonuses of +4.

However, this does have a substantial +16 range defence bonus.

Ultimately, this ring is not used much. And has a very low street value of 30k.

The reason it takes this spot is because some Pk’ers like to use it to buff their defence, as it’s cheap to obtain in relation the level of protection it provides.

Note: you’ll need a minimum of level 50 defence and strength to wear this ring.

How to Get: This is dropped by the Grotesque Guardians in the Slayer Tower.


10. Warrior Ring

Warrior Ring OSRS Render

As the first of the four rings dropped by the Dagannoth Kings, the Warrior Ring is often viewed as the worst of the lot .


Because it only provides a minimal slash bonus of +4 in attack and defence.

It’s only worth about 30-40k on the Grand Exchange, and like the granite ring, is only really used occasionally by Pk’ers looking to get an edge with some cheap-to-obtain gear.

How to Get: This is dropped by Dagannoth Rex at a 1/128 drop rate.


9. Eternal Slayer Ring

Eternal Slayer Ring OSRS Render

Here’s another non-combat ring for this list.

The Eternal Slayer Ring offers no stat changes, but is purely for teleports. And it works great!

Most slayer rings offer a maximum of 8 teleports to various locations. The eternal ring offers an unlimited amount of teleports, meaning you never need to obtain more.

The ring can teleport you to various slayer locations, such as The Slayer Tower, Fremennik Slayer Cave, Tarn’s Lair, Stronghold Slayer Cave, and to Dark beasts in the mourners tunnels.

Just note that some of these locations will need to be unlocked before use.

How to Get: Use an Eternal Gem on a slayer ring to create the Eternal Slayer Ring. The gems are rare drops from superior slayer monsters.


8. Treasonous Ring (i)

Treasonous Ring (i) OSRS Render

Now this ring offers the highest stab bonus of any ring in OSRS, with a +8 offensive and defensive bonus.

It’s not the most used ring, though, as there are better alternatives.

But it has seen use against monsters weak to stab, such as dragons and Corporeal Beast.

It also isn’t too expensive at 500k – making it much more affordable than other rings here.

How to Get: Dropped by the Wilderness boss Venenatis a rate of 1/512.


7. Elven Signet

Elven Signet OSRS Render

The Elven Signet is a very useful non-combat ring, offering a 10% chance not to use a charge when using any crystal equipment – this includes the upgraded Blade of Saeldor.

There are a variety of crystal items in the game, Examples are like the crystal pickaxe, axe, harpoon, bow, and shield.

This ring would be most useful for the pickaxe or harpoon, which are both used in skilling activity.

Crystal Shards can be a pain to get, though. So this signet is a godsend for skillers who heavily rely on their crystal tools.

How to Get: Only obtainable from Crystal Implings which only spawn in Prifddinas. You will need a minimum of level 80 hunter to catch them.


6. Tyrannical Ring (i)

Tyrannical Ring (i) OSRS Render

The Tyrannical Ring is another Wilderness boss ring with an impressive crush offensive and defensive bonus of +8.

This ring is often carried as a switch so players can wear it when using their Dragon Warhammer special attack.

This is because the Warhammer relies heavily on crush bonuses to land a hit.

The only negative to this ring is its lack of strength bonus, which turns many players away from using it as a main ring.

How to Get: A rare drop from Calisto who resides in the Wilderness. It drops at a rate of 1/512.


5. Ring of Endurance

Ring of Endurance OSRS Render

This ring is probably the hardest to get in the entire game. And it’s also the most expensive on this list.

The Ring of Endurance requires a minimum of level 70 agility to wear, and is charged with Stamina Potions.

So first off, this ring restores 40% of your run energy, and doubles the effect of a stamina potion.

And secondly, provided you have more than 500 charges, it’ll reduce your run energy drain rate by 15%. That’s pretty handy!

These effects make the Ring of Endurance extremely useful in places where you need to run constantly, such as at Blast Furnace, or when facing Commander Zilyana.

How to Get: You’ll need a minimum of 92 Agility to attempt the final floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre, and successfully loot the Grand Hallowed Coffin. This is no easy feat, and the drop rate is 1/200.


4. Brimstone ring

Brimstone ring Render from OSRS

The Brimstone ring is basically the “Barrows Gloves” of rings.

It offers attack and defence bonuses in all areas of +4, with magic getting +6. It even has a cheeky strength bonus of +4 to boot.

Basically, this offers all of the DKS rings stats combined into a single ring! And this is for the un-imbued rings only.

The Brimstone ring also has an amazing passive effect, which makes it one of the best in slot rings for magic.

The effect makes it so that whenever a user casts an offensive spell against a target, there’s a 25% chance that the opponent’s defensive roll will be reduced by 90%.

This means you’ll hit harder and more consistently.

How to Get: Only obtainable by getting its three component drops from the Alchemical Hydra, which requires a minimum of a very high 95 slayer to kill.


3. Archers Ring (i)

Archers Ring (i) OSRS Render

As the second of the DKS rings, the Archers Ring is the Best in slot range ring.

It offers a +8 range attack and defence bonus.

This ring is used literally everywhere rangers go, as it beats any other ring for range attack.

Common locations include DKS, Cerberus, Armadyl (GWD), Saradomin (GWD), Giant mole with a Twisted Bow, slayer tasks, and much more!

The ring is also one of the more expensive of the 4 DKS rings, with a street value of around 3.7m.

How to Get: A drop from Dagannoth Supreme at a rate of 1/128. Since Supreme isn’t too tough to kill, it’s not too difficult to get this drop early on in the game at around 90 combat.


2. Ring of Suffering (i)

Ring of Suffering (i) Imbued OSRS

As the ultimate defensive ring on this list, this is absolutely god-like for certain situations – and a must have.

This ring has no offensive stats, but has a massive +20 in every single defensive stat.

This is ridiculously useful for almost every single solo boss situation, because the damage mitigated is substantially.

It even has a +4 prayer bonus, which makes this baby even sweeter!

The Ring of Suffering gets even better with its built-in effect. You can charge it with up to 100,000 charges from rings of recoil, about 2.5k rings, and the Ring of Suffering will act as a ring of recoil.

Plus this effect can be turned on and off at will.

With this effect in mind, the ring is basically a requirement for Zulrah, as the recoil effect will kill the snakelings for you with no issue.

Any solo PvM like Bandos or Zamorak God War Dungeon trips will also require you to be tanky, and this ring provides support for just that!

Get this ring now. Don’t even think about it. It’s worth the price tag.

How to Get: Enchant a Zeynte ring, which requires level 93 magic to enchant and level 89 crafting to craft. Alternatively you can buy this on the Grand Exchange for about 10.5m.


1. Berserker Ring (i)

Berserker Ring (i) OSRS Render

As the very best of the best when it comes to melee, this ring provides no offensive bonuses and a +8 crush defence bonus, with a massive +8 strength bonus!.

Strength is all we care about here. Because everyone is trying to increase their max hits, and the Berserker Ring does it better than any other.

More strength equals more damage per second. And as a result, this is the primary ring of most melee combat.

It’s also the primary ring used in The Theatre of Blood for this exact reason.

This holds true for both PvM and PvP, where the ring is insanely popular. Most pures and main accounts in PvP will risk this ring.

How to Get: Obtainable as a drop from Dagannoth Rex at a rate of 1/128. Rex is also the easiest of the 3 to kill since you can safespot him.

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