OSRS: 15 Best & Most Profitable Slayer Monsters (Ranked)

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Slayer is a super profitable skill that’s constantly exposing you to new monsters and boss fights.

As you level up slayer you’ll unlock new enemies, with each of them having unique drops and ways of being killed.

And this slowly becomes one of the most profitable skills in the entire game. But not all monsters are created equal.

So let’s go through some of the better Slayer monsters in RuneScape to take down for experience and a tidy profit.


15. Dagannoths

Dagannoths in OSRS screenshot

Dagannoths are a great monster to get on task.

Cannoning them will result in some really high experience rates for both slayer and range, and they commonly drop some useful seeds – including medium clue scrolls.

If you’re not too keen on killing the normal Dagannoths then you can always head on over to Waterbirth Island and fight the Dagannoth Kings instead.

They offer some rare drops, and are very profitable, especially with the elite Fremennik diary complete for noted Dagannoth bones.

Where to Find: Catacombs of Kourend, Lighthouse, and Waterbirth Island are the best spots.


14. Aviansies

Aviansies Battle in OSRS screenshot

While Aviansies may not be the best experience, they are a solid money-making choice once you have the Fremennik hard diary complete.

This is because they’ll drop noted addy bars, which can sell for a lot of money.

And this is a common drop from them!

You can also use the task to fight Kree’Arra with the added damage and accuracy boost from your slayer helmet.

Kree’arra has some very high value drop, and is only really worth fighting on task.

Where to Find: Only the God War Dungeon is a feasible place to battle Aviansies.


13. Nechryaels

Nechryaels in OSRS screenshot

Nechryaels require a slayer level of 80 to attack. So it won’t be your first target.

There are multiple Nechryaels in OSRS, with the best option being the the Catacombs of Kourend.

These Nechryaels drop a variety of high value items, which can be alched for a decent profit.

They also have the benefit of being a in a multi-combat area – making them ideal to ice burst, which provides a ton of slayer and magic experience.

Alternatively, you can fight them with melee in the slayer tower and still expect an equally good profit.

Where to Find: Catacombs of Kourend or Slayer Tower in Canifis.


12. Black Demons

Black Demons in OSRS screenshot

Black Demons are commonly found throughout RuneScape, and provide some good experience for a low amount of effort since they’ll automatically agro on you.

The normal variety can also be cannoned for better experience.

If you wish to make a profit here, then you can fight Demonic Gorillas on a black demon task.

Demonics drop a ton of high value items, including the prized Zeynte shard worth more than 9m gp!

Just note that fighting these things requires the completion of Monkey Madness II first.

Where to Find: Catacombs of Kourend, Taverley Dungeon, Chasm of fire, and Edgeville Dungeon. Demonic Gorillas are only found in the crashed airship in the Tree Gnome Stronghold after Monkey Madness II.


11. Dust Devils

Dust Devils in OSRS screenshot

Dust Devils have a low slayer requirement of 65 to fight – and are some of the most profitable early slayer monsters available.

As a result, they’re often crowded, especially in the Catacombs of Kourend.

They’re also similar to Nechryaels in that they can be ice bursted for large amounts of experience. But using melee on them is also perfectly fine!

Where to Find: Catacombs of Kourend and the Smoke Dungeon.


10. Kurasks

Kurasks in OSRS screenshot

Kurasks require a slayer level of 70 to attack, and are also one of the most farmed enemies on this list, due to their ability to generate huge amounts of cash.

They can only be damaged with leaf bladed weapons or broad bolts/arrows.

But if you can take some down, you’ll commonly drop expensive noted items, herbs, and alchables – making them very nice tasks to boost your bank account.

Where to Find: They’re only located in the Fremennik Slayer Caves and the Iorwerth Dungeon.


9. Gargoyles

Gargoyles in OSRS screenshot

Requiring level 75 Slayer, these monsters are really good for profit and experience.

They generate around 350k gp an hour if killed on task, which is decent for a non-boss enemy!

Why so high? Mostly due to their drop table, which includes a lot of rune items and noted bars.

You can also fight the Grotesque Gargoyles, the gargoyle boss, if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge.

Where to Find: You can only find these enemies in the Slayer Tower. The Grotesque Gargoyles are on the top floor of the tower and requires a granite key to enter their lair.


8. Greater Demons

Greater Demons in OSRS screenshot

Greater Demons are a great AFK enemy to fight for some easy slayer experience, especially in the Catacombs of Kourend where they’ll automatically agro on you.

The profit incentive of Greater Demon tasks are using them to face off against K’ril in the God War Dungeon.

K’ril has a variety of high value drops, such as the Zamorakian Spear worth almost 15m!

But it’s only worthwhile fighting K’ril on task, as the damage boost makes him much more bearable.

Where to Find: Chasm of fire, Karamja Dungeon, and Catacombs of Kourend are the best places for Greater Demons. K’ril is located in the God Wars Dungeon.


7. Kraken (boss)

Kraken (boss) in OSRS screenshot

The Kraken requires a minimum of 87 Slayer to fight, and can bring in almost 900k in profit per hour (assuming you can get 60 kills in one hour).

So there’s a lot to like about this slayer beast.

Plus Kraken is a very easy boss to kill, as his accuracy is very low, and the only damage dealt is generally by his tentacles which only hit for small amounts.

The biggest downside to this boss is that he can only be killed on task – meaning you may want to use a bracelet of slaughter to extend the task.

Where to Find: Kraken Cove near the fishing colony.


6. Skeletal Wyverns

Skeletal Wyverns in OSRS screenshot

Skeletal Wyverns are amazing for profit. But they have poor experience rates.

Generally players still choose to fight them regardless, as the profit per task is almost 700k per hour!

They drop a variety of high level gear too, like dragon platelegs and rune items.

There are also of plenty of stackable drops like seeds, bolts, and runes.

The best method of killing them is with range, since you can safe spot them and take absolutely no damage!

There’s also a portion of their cave which is only useable by those on a slayer task. That said, they do require a minimum slayer level of 72 to face off against.

Where to Find: You can only fight the Skeletal Wyverns in the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon.


5. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil in OSRS screenshot

Here’s another Slayer boss, Thermy, that requires a very high slayer level of 93 to even attempt to battle.

He’s a very easy boss to fight, though, and generates about 1m gold per hour.

As you can imagine, he’s very popular!

He drops rare items too – such as the Occult necklace, Smoke Battlestaff, and Dragon Chainbody.

You’ll want to use melee gear here, with slash weapons being a priority.

Dragon claws and Crystal halberds can do serious damage to him at the start of the fight.

Where to Find: Near Castle Wars in the Smoke Devil Dungeon. Be sure to wear a face mask or Slayer helmet!


4. Brutal Black Dragons

Brutal Black Dragons in OSRS screenshot

To slay these creatures you’ll need at least a slayer level of 77, so not too high but not too low.

And these dragons are capable of producing a profit of up to 1.1m gold per hour, which is insanely good for a non-boss enemy.

They drop a ton of alchables, arrows, and runes, which makes it well worth your time to seek out this enemy.

To face them successfully, I recommend using a Twisted Bow or Dragon Hunter Crossbow to maximize damage.

And I should mention that the slayer experience you’ll get here is also fairly good!

Where to Find: In the Catacombs of Kourend only.


3. Abyssal Sire

Abyssal Sire in OSRS screenshot

The Sire is one of the tougher bosses on this list, requiring a minimum of 85 slayer to fight.

But the Sire should generate approximately 1.5m profit per hour, and has a really good drop table!

The actually fight can be a bit tedious and draining. But once you get into the swing of it, you’ll find it gets much easier.

And it’s not a very hard fight, either. But it’s not as easy as Kraken or Thermy.

Where to Find: You can face the Sire in the Nexus, accessible by fairy cod DIP.


2. Cerberus

Cerberus in OSRS screenshot

Cerberus is easily the hardest boss on this list, requiring you to pay a lot of attention every step of the way. You have to take special care of Cerberus’ movement pattern, too.

To even start this fight you’ll need a minimum slayer level of 91, making Cerberus a high level slayer boss.

But Cerberus can produce a massive 2.4m gold per hour, making him one of the best money-making bosses in OSRS (outside of raids).

I recommend either using a Twisted Bow or Blowpipe for range, or use melee gear with a strong crush weapon to slay her.

Where to Find: Cerberus lies at the end of the Taverley Dungeon. Be wary as she is a very powerful adversary!


1. Alchemical Hydra

Alchemical Hydra in OSRS screenshot

The Hydra is easily the best money-making slayer monster in all of OSRS.

But this creature also has the highest stat requirement, with a minimum level of 95 Slayer needed!

Per hour, the Hydra brings in approximately 3.7m gp. So it’s worth your time.

The only negative is that the Hydra is notorious for burning players out, as the tasks are excessively long.

And the fight itself can also be very tedious too, as you need to pay constant attention every step of the way.

The best weapon to use here is the Twisted Bow, which can hit the Hydra extremely hard and will end the fight much faster than any other weapon.

Where to Find: Located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. And the room where the Alchemical Hydra is located is instanced, meaning it’s a solo only boss.

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