The Best Spirit Tree Locations in Old School RuneScape

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Spirit Trees are a convenient way to travel all around OSRS.

And many of them are conveniently unlocked early on in the game.

Unlocking them requires the completion of the quest “Tree Gnome Village”, which sees you become an ally to the gnome people who use this ancient power.

There are a bunch of spirit trees in OSRS, many of which you’ll have to actually plant yourself. But some are also just around from the beginning.

But all things considered, these are my picks for the best spirit tree spots in all the land.


5. Hosidius

Hosidius Spirit Tree Patch Screenshot / OSRS HD

Starting off our list is a spirit tree you have to grow to utilize.

The Hosidius spirit tree requires a minimum of level of 83 farming to grow.

And note that for a second tree, you’ll need 91 farming, and 99 farming for an unlimited amount of trees.

This spirit tree also requires that you have at least 35% Hosidius House favor to plant.

This is a great way to access the island of Zeah, as there are not many teleports to this location. It’s conveniently located next to the Forthos Dungeon, Tithe Farm, Sand crabs, Farming patch, and Mess hall.

Ultimately it’s a great choice for your first grown tree!

Where to Find: You will find this farming patch near Lammy Langle, who’s right by the Saltpetre in Hosidius House.


4. Farming Guild

Farming Guild Spirit Tree Patch Screenshot / OSRS HD

Another very conveniently located spirit tree, and this one must be grown as well.

And it can only be placed in the patch in the upper tier of the guild. This requires a minimum of level 85 Farming to access.

This location is truly great, as it’s highly accessible during farm runs where the farming guild plays a massive role (as you could expect).

Many spirit trees link to nearby allotments or tree patches, so this can be a very quick means of accessing them.

This is also one of the closest spirit trees to a bank in OSRS.

Where to Find: In the upper tier of the Farming Guild, requiring level 85 farming to access.


3. Gnome Stronghold

Gnome Stronghold Spirit Tree Spot / OSRS HD

Now this is one of the originals, and one of the largest spirit trees in OSRS aesthetically.

It’s located in the heart of the Gnome Stronghold and can be used at any time.

It grants early access to the Gnome Stronghold which is really fantastic for new players.

The Stronghold has a variety of activities to do, such as farming options, a slayer dungeon, quests, an agility course, and much more!

Having access to so much content so early on is a real boost to any account.

It’s also the best mode of transportation to the area unless you’ve completed the grandmaster quest Monkey Madness II, which is an end game quest in itself.

Where to Find: Near the center of the Gnome Stronghold, just below the Grand Tree.


2. Etceteria

Etceteria Spirit Tree Patch Location / OSRS HD

Located on the island of Etceteria, this is one of the most used spirit trees in OSRS.


It provides one of the quickest ways to the island, the only other being via fairy ring.

The island is commonly visited by anyone playing the Kingdom Management minigame, which requires players to constantly visit the island, sometime daily.

As a result, this tree is often used as the primary means of transportation to & from the island.

Also worth noting that this is another tree which must be planted. And I highly recommend planting it early on as a means of getting to this island, since the minigame here can be highly profitable!

Where to Find: You’ll find this patch on the island of Etceteria in the southern corner below the main castle.


1. Player Owned House

POH Spirit Tree Screenshot / OSRS HD

The player-owned house is your little slice of heaven away from it all.

It has all of your teleports inside, and if you have a high enough construction and farming level, you can plant your very own spirit tree too!

And this tree does not count towards the total amount you have planted in-game, so the restriction doesn’t apply in this case.

You’ll need a minimum of level 75 construction and 83 farming to plant this in the superior garden of your home.

This tree is very useful to have, since you can teleport to your house and have immediate access to a spirit tree – which would make it the closet one to access via teleport in the entire game!

If you have 95 construction you can also create a Spiritual Fairy Tree, which acts as a fairy ring and a sprit tree.

Where to Find: This is located within your Player-owned House. However, you can always use someone else’s in their house!

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