10 Best Stab Weapons in Old School RuneScape

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Sometimes the only way to put a monster down for good is to stab it through the heart!

Old School RuneScape has some formidable stab weapons that will come in handy when facing off against anything weak to stab – such as Dragons, Vasa, and even the Corporeal Beast.

So let’s explore some of the better stab weapons you should consider adding to your OSRS arsenal. Just for the next time you feel like slaying some dragons.


10. Rune Sword

Rune Sword weapon in OSRS

While the Rune Sword is classified as a medium-level sword, it’s the best in slot stab weapon for non-Member.

And it definitely deserves a spot on this list!

With a stab bonus of +38, it’s better than a Rune Dagger, and comparable only to its Slash counterpart: the Rune Scimitar.

This weapon is absolutely worth it for non-members, or those just starting out in the members worlds.

How to Get: This weapon is dropped from a variety of monsters and can also be made by a player with a high Smithing level of 89.


9. Keris

Keris weapon rendering in OSRS

Keris is a very unique weapon with an unassuming +40 stab bonus.

So you may be wondering why it’s even on this list in the first place.

Well my friends, Keris deals an extra 33% damage to all Kalphites, and has the ability to cause triple damage on occasion when it randomly punctures their exoskeletons.

As a result, Keris can sometimes hit extremely high, making it quite the useful weapon when hunting Kalphites.

How to Get: Keris is received as a reward for completing “Contact!” a hard quest.


8. Dragon Spear

OSRS Dragon Spear weapon

Dragon Spears have a stab bonus of +55.

Which is not too bad.

However, this is not the main reason players often use this spear.

The Dragon Spear has a special effect called “Shove” which temporarily pushes an opponent back, and stuns them.

This has commonly been used in the Wilderness to lure and stun people into mulit-combat areas, often resulting in the player being lured, getting smited, and losing their items.

Always be wary of people with this weapon in the Wilderness.

How to Get: This is a rare drop on the “Rare drop table” and is also dropped by Brutal Black Dragons.


7. Dragon Dagger

OSRS Dragon Dagger weapon

Also known as a DDS, the Dragon Dagger is a very popular weapon amongst low risk Pkers.

It has a very low gold value while also packing a very hard punch.

The DDS has a stab bonus of +40, but is more often used as a “Knock Out” weapon in Pking due to its special effect.

The DDS’s special named “Puncture” allows the player to deal two hits at once, and only uses 25% of the special bar.

Also, the special allows for a 15% accuracy boost, and 15% extra damage boost.

In perfect conditions, the max hit with the DDS special is a massive 96, as each individual hit would be 48-damage.

And that’s using only 25% of the special bar!

How to Get: This is dropped from a variety of sources and can be bought from a store in Zanaris.


6. Guthan’s Warspear

OSRS Guthan’s Warspear rendering

The Guthans Warspear is the second most accurate spear in the entire game with an impressive +85 stab bonus.

While the Warspear is a rather powerful weapon, it truly shines when combining it with the rest of the Guthans set, which will activate its passive effect.

The full set will have a 25% chance of healing the user the same amount of damage just dealt to the enemy.

So for example, hitting a 21 will mean healing 21 Hitpoints.

This effect is arguably one of the best in the entire game, as it eliminates the need for food in many combat situations, and can extend your trips – sometimes indefinitely.

How to Get: This item is a rare drop at the Barrows mini-game.


5. Abyssal Dagger

OSRS Abyssal Dagger weapon rendering

Singled handed and extremely fast, the Abyssal Dagger is the best dagger in OSRS with a stab bonus of +75.

The dagger has the same special effect as the Dragon Dagger, but does not include a boost to accuracy and damage.

This means that it’s overall a stronger weapon, but cannot hit as high as the Dragon Dagger when comparing special attacks.

Nowadays the dagger is mostly used by pures looking to increase their strength levels.

Where to Get: From the Abyssal sire or as an extremely rare drop from Abyssal demons (1/16000).


4. Zamorakian Spear

OSRS Zamorakian Spear rendering

The Zamorakian Spear is the single best spear in OSRS, with a stab bonus of +85 and a multitude of other high stats – including a decent crush and slash bonus.

It’s faster than the Guthan’s Spear and can match the speed of daggers.

But this spear really shines at Corporeal Beast, where it’s an essential weapon required to get the kill.

Where to Get: Dropped by K’ril Tsutsaroth at the God War Dungeon.


3. Zamorakian Hasta

OSRS Zamorakian Hasta weapon

As a transformed Zamorakian spear, this weapon is identical in every way to its brother – except that it’s now one handed, and is therefore almost superior in every single situation, except when fighting Corp.

This weapon’s versatility cannot be understated.

It can realistically be used as a slash, stab, and crush weapon.

Every adventurer will definitely want one of these in their arsenal!

How to Get: Take a Zamorakian Spear to Otto at Otto’s Grotto who will transform it into a hasta for a fee.


2. Dragon Hunter Lance

Dragon Hunter Lance OSRS weapon

I know this trope might be getting a bit old, but this is an upgraded Zamorakian Hasta with almost identical stats…

Except that its prayer and strength bonuses have now been removed.

In exchange, you get a massive 20% increase to damage and accuracy when fighting dragons.

This makes the Dragon Hunter Lance the best in slot for facing Olm in Chambers of Xeric, as well as most other dragon enemies in the game.

How to Get: Attach a Hydra’s Claw to an Zamorakian Hasta to create this formidable weapon.


1. Ghrazi Rapier

OSRS Ghrazi Rapier rendering

This rapier is the very best stab weapon in all of Old School, with an impressive +94 stab bonus and a +89 strength bonus.

It’ll pretty much wipe the floor with anything weak to stab.

This weapon also ranks as a tie for best general-use melee weapon, tied with the Inquisitor’s Mace and Blade of Saeldor.

The Ghrazi Rapier is very useful for bosses and general slayer, since it’s non-degradable and extremely powerful.

How to Get: This is a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood.

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