OSRS: What’s The Best Swordfishing Spot? (F2P + P2P)

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The best locations to catch swordfish for non-members are the Corsair Cove Resource Area and Musa Point in Karamja, while P2P players have Land’s End and the Fishing Guild as the superior areas for members to pull up swordfish.

In Old School RuneScape, Swordfish is a mid-tier fish that requires a harpoon and level 50 in Fishing in order to be caught – and can be found in Cage/Harpoon spots alongside tuna.

While members mostly disregard swordfish, using it occasionally to train cooking, its true use is found in the non-member worlds where it’s the best healing item a free player can use (which is also what drives its price point).


Best F2P Swordfish Spots

When you’re catching swordfish (or any kind of fish for that matter) you’ll most likely want to either cook it on the spot, or store it raw for later.

The best location for a non-member to do either of those things is the Corsair Cove Resource Area, which is unlocked after completing the experienced quest Dragon Slayer I.

You will also want to complete another quest, The Corsair Curse, in order to make the bank in the cove usable.

Corsair Cove Swordfish area / OSRS

But if you don’t want to mess with any of those pesky quests, the Musa Point fishing spot in Karamja is about the same distance from a deposit box.

After filling your inventory, you’ll have to take the boat back to Port Sharim, deposit your fish at the box next to the Entrana monks, and make your way back to Karamja.

This method also requires having some coins in your inventory, since the boat trip will cost you 30gp each time.

Runeline screenshot of swordfishing spot / OSRS

Best P2P Members Spots

The absolutely best place to engage in swordfishing as a member is undoubtedly the Fishing Guild.

Not only are the fishing spots very close to a bank, but all players inside the guild receive an invisible +7 boost in their Fishing level, making your catches much quicker!

Entry to the Fishing Guild requires the player to have 68 Fishing, making it the only “downside”.

But that can be cheated with the use of an admiral pie, dropping the requirement to only 63.

Fishing Guild docks area / Old School RuneScape

If you’re a member but can’t access the guild quite yet, then a little village on the southeast part of Kourend called Land’s End is your next best alternative.

Here you’ll find an assortment of fishing spots, including plenty of those with swordfish of course. Just look a little bit to the west of the bank.

Lands End Fishing Area Screenshot / OSRS

OSRS Fishing Apparel & Tips

Generally, it’s not recommended to go after swordfish immediately as you unlock them, because they’re relatively slow to catch compared to other seafood.

As we mentioned earlier to catch a swordfish you will be needing a harpoon.

And there are 5 types of harpoons in OSRS.

We have the regular, and its equippable variant the barb-tail harpoon.

And then also the dragon and infernal harpoons (infernal has a 1/3 chance to immediately cook the fish). These two both provide a 20% faster catch rate.

And then we’ve got the crystal harpoon that sits at the top of the list, providing a 35% faster catch rate.

Also, those who have been taught by Otto Godblessed in the ways of the barbarian can catch swordfish using only their bare hands.

That method requires 70 Fishing and 50 Strength, but every swordfish caught will also give you 10 additional strength exp.

Most players at lower levels often opt to train their Fishing skill with faster methods such as catching trout and salmon, or stick with lobsters until they get their hands
on one of the better harpoons.

Regardless of what you’re catching, there are some items that any fisherman should have with them at all times.

  • The Angler Outfit will boost all your fishing experience by 2.5%
  • Rada’s Blessing (obtained through the Kourend and Kebos achievement diaries), depending on its level, will give you a 2/4/6/8% chance of doubling your catch!

And then lastly, if you ever get to battle the Skilling-Boss Tempoross, you might get your hands on a Fish Barrel.

This barrel can store an extra 28 raw fish inside it, or some Spirit Flakes that give you a 50% chance of catching an extra fish.

Player catching a swordfish close-up screenshot / OSRS
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