The Best Vambraces in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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The ranging skill has a variety of cool and unique armor pieces.

Many players want to really role play being a ranger – and as a result, nothing but real vambraces will do!

Vambraces often do not get the love they deserve, even though some of them are truly great items for any ranger to keep in their arsenal.

I say we give them some of that much-needed love they deserve.


5. Green d’hide Vambraces

Green d’hide Vambraces Render

Starting this list are the best in slot F2P vambraces in OSRS, and a really solid glove option to utilize for melee too.

The Green d’hide vambraces have a decent +8 range attack bonus, and some very basic melee and magic defence bonuses, making these the best in slot gloves for F2P as well.

These have also become a great option for “splashing” – which is a way of afk training magic. How so?

Because they have a very high negative magic attack bonus of +10.

Just note: you’ll need a range level of 40 to wear these.

How to Get: These are buyable at the Champions Guild. You can also craft these from using 1 tanned Green Dragonhide at level 57 crafting.


4. Black d’hide Vambraces

Black d’hide Vambraces Render from OSRS

Everything looks better in black!

The black vambraces are much better than the green ones, now offering a +11 range attack bonus and far superior defences – especially against magic with a +8 magic defence.

As these are very cheap to make and obtain, many players opt to use these as “tank gloves” in the wilderness.

That way they can avoid magic users trying to pk them.

These require a high range level of 70 to wear, but are well worth it.

And these are also commonly required in elite and master clue scroll steps, so keep a pair on hand!

How to Get: The best way to obtain these is to simply buy them. Alternatively you can craft them requiring one black Dragonhide and 79 crafting.


3. Black Spiky Vambraces

Black Spiky Vambraces from OSRS

What looks better than black?

Black with spikes, obviously!

These vambraces are quite unique since they offer the exact same stats at the black d’hide vambraces, but also have a +2 strength bonus – making them much more suited to possible combat situations where you use both range and melee.

You’ll still need at least level 70 in range to wear them.

But they just look awesome.

How to Get: Requiring level 32 hunter, you can attack kebbit claws to your black d’hide vambraces to get these sleek bad boys.


2. Blessed Vambraces

Blessed Armadyl Vambraces OSRS Render

Blessed vambraces come in six different varieties & are a part of the God Dragonhide set.

They have the exact same stats as black dragon hide vambraces, however they have an additional +1 prayer point.

On top of this, they also align with particular gods, making them useful in the God War Dungeon to avoid the attention of particular factions.

And you’ll need level 70 in range + level 40 in defence to wear these.

How to Get: These are only obtainable as drops from hard clue caskets.


1. 3rd age Vambraces

3rd age Vambraces OSRS Render

Our number one spot goes not only to the rarest vambraces in the game, but also the best!

These vambraces require a minimum of level 65 range and level 45 defence to wear.

They offer similar stats to the blessed vambraces, except that these have no prayer bonus. But they do have an extra magic defence point, putting that at +9

The 3rd age vambraces are the most expensive in the game at 6.6m. Hey, they’re rare!

But as a result of that rarity, these are more of a prestige item.

How to Get: An approximately 1/300k drop from hard, elite, or master clue caskets. I would recommend buying these from the Grand Exchange.

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