OSRS Chompy Bird Hunting Guide + Tips

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Chompy birds are low-level monsters that many players choose to hunt for the unlocks they can provide, such as achievement diaries and various cosmetics.

The ability to hunt chompies is acquired after completing the aptly-named intermediate quest “Chompy Bird Hunting”, in which players help an ogre named Rantz catch one of the elusive birds, while learning all about them in the process.

Killing chompy birds requires the use of an ogre bow (composite or normal) and arrows, because these critters are completely immune to magic, melee, and every other form of ranged damage.


Reasons To Hunt Chompies

There are 4 main reasons that might make someone want to go after chompies, and they are:

  1. The number one most common motive is Achievement Diaries. All of the Western Provinces diary tiers call for a varying degree of chompy murder, with the highest level needing a total of 1000 kills. Completing diaries rewards the player with experience lamps and several useful benefits, in this case the Elite Void Armour.
  2. Another goal many players could have is getting the very cute Chompy Chick pet. This pet has a 1/500 drop chance from every single chompy kill, but the ability to get one is only unlocked after completion of the aforementioned elite diaries.
  3. You can also earn a plethora of cosmetic feathered hats, given as a reward by Rantz to any players that have reached any of the multiple chompy-hunting milestones. The first hat can be claimed at 30 kills, and the last at 4000.
  4. The raw meat that chompies drop is the fourth and final reason why someone might want to hunt them. Other than being delicious, raw chompy is a vital part to the creation of wild pies, that players (mainly ironmen) sometimes use to get slayer drops earlier than they normally could.
Showing the hat from 1000 kills / Old School RuneScape
Showing the hat from 1000 kills

Chompy Hunting: Gear & Equipment

As we stated earlier, chompies can’t be killed by anything other than ogre (and brutal) arrows fired from an ogre bow.

Even though the chompies themselves are totally harmless, doing this activity for hours upon hours to get your target number of kills can get mind-numbing (don’t forget to take regular breaks), so you’re usually going to want to maximize your efficiency to get as many kills per hour as possible.

In order to do that, you’re going to want to wear the best ranged armour available to you.

The Void Knight set is considered ideal due to its accuracy bonuses, but anything else (such as black dragonhide) works just as well.

Player wearing the elite void knight ranged set / Old School RuneScape
Player wearing the elite void knight ranged set

Note: do not bother wearing degradable gear (like Karil’s) as the difference is negligible and you’ll just end up wasting your coins for absolutely no reason.

Other than your weapon and armour, there’s another item that’s necessary – the ogre bellows.

We’ll discuss what these bellows are used for in our “strategy guide” section further down in this article – just don’t forget to bring them!


Chompy Bird Hunting Locations

When you’re hunting chompies, you’ll want to be near one of the ponds that are inhabited by swamp toads, and these appear in 2 different large areas:

  • South of Castle Wars
  • The Feldip Hills

The first (and usually go-to) location is found just south of the Castle Wars minigame.

What makes this place ideal is the lack of any aggressive monsters, so you can do your activities without having to worry about dying.

The other possible region is Feldip Hills, where you helped Rantz and first learned about the chompies.

Ogres and wolves surrounding the pond / Old School RuneScape
Ogres and wolves surrounding the pond

These lands are populated by numerous aggressive enemies, like ogres and wolves, which can be a nuisance if all you want to do is hunt chompies.


Hunting The Chompies (Strategy Guide)

Once you’re all geared up and at your preferred spot, all that’s left to do is to hunt some chompies.

But first, you’ll need to lure them in!

Remember the ogre bellows from earlier?

These things are filled with swamp gas from a pond’s vapors, and then used on the nearby toads to bloat them. When dropped on the floor, these bloated toads act as bait, luring in the unsuspecting chompy birds.

After dropping your toads on the floor, just wait for a few seconds and your first victim will soon appear.

Killing two chompy birds / Old School RuneScape
Killing two chompy birds

When the boisterous bird makes its grand entrance, shoot it down with your bow, and make sure to pluck it if you’re going after the pet or their meat.

Keep dropping more toads on the floor, and more chompies are bound to arrive.


Bonus Tips & Tricks

It’s a good idea to immediately complete whatever tier of the Western Provinces diary becomes available to you, since they grant a chance to spawn an additional chompy bird for each toad (25/50/100% for the easy/medium/elite diaries respectively).

To make the hunting part less click-intensive (or if you happen to lose them), you also can obtain multiple ogre bellows from the chest inside Rantz’s house.

Having a bonecrusher equipped will give you a small amount of prayer experience after plucking a chompy, which can be useful to level prayer a bit.

Lastly, for situations where multiple birds appear simultaneously, it’s better to hit all of them at least once (even if they don’t die) before focus-firing one of them. This is done to prevent them from eating the bloated toad and promptly despawning.

Getting multiple bellows from the ogre chest / Old School RuneScape
Getting multiple bellows from the ogre chest
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