Best Places To Kill Dagannoths in OSRS

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While there are a few places where you can kill dagannoths, the best spot would either be Jormugand’s Prison or the Catacombs of Kourend.

And together with those two just mentioned, there are four locations worth talking about:

  • Jormungand’s Prison (best place to cannon)
  • Catacombs of Kourend (best place to burst/barrage)
  • The Lighthouse (weakest dagannoths, suited for lower-level players)
  • Waterbirth Island (dagannoth Kings boss, most profitable)

Since dagannoths are always in multicombat areas, many players choose to use area of effect attacks (like magic bursts or a cannon) to kill as many as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The sheer amount of different ways to kill dagannoths (and the rewards they offer), makes them one of the most popular and well-liked Slayer tasks.


Best Dagannoth Spots (And Their Advantages)


1. Jormungand’s Prison

The dagannoths underneath the Isle of Stone / Old School RuneScape
The dagannoths underneath the Isle of Stone.

The first spot we’re talking about is located at the Island of Stone, and is the very prison of the Serpent King himself.

Jormungand’s Prison is an excellent spot for those that wish to use a cannon to speed up their slayer task.

All the dagannoths located here are the level 92 variant that only uses melee attacks.

So you can set up your cannon in the middle of a room, put on the “Protect from Melee” prayer, and not have to worry about your health at all.

Just be careful to not accidentally walk in a room full of basilisk knights, and everything will be okay!

Note: Access to the Island of Stone requires completion of the master quest “The Fremennik Exiles”.


2. Catacombs of Kourend

Killing dagannoths in the Catacombs / Old School RuneScape
Killing dagannoths in the Catacombs.

Following that, we’ve got the ancient tunnel system located underneath Castle Kourend.

The Catacombs are perfect for players that either want to complete their task using ancient magicks (burst/barrage), or afk for a long time using protection prayers with prayer-boosting gear.

The dagannoths here are much more tightly packed compared to every other location, and are very easy to get “aggro” on without any unnecessary running around.

In addition, just like every other monster inside the Catacombs, these guys drop Ancient Shards and Dark Totem pieces too.

Tip: Should you not want to use melee or magic, there are a few ranged safespots around the pathways, though this method makes killing them significantly slower.


3. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse in the distance / Old School RuneScape
The Lighthouse in the distance.

The Lighthouse, located at the southwest tip of the Fremennik Province, can be thought as a watered down version of the Jormungand’s Prison.

Most of the dagannoths here are the weakest variants that can be fought.

So it’s the best area for low-level players and any startup slayers out there.

You can also place a cannon here too, should you wish to do so!


4. Waterbirth Island

Running through the Waterbirth Dungeon / Old School RuneScape
Running through the Waterbirth Dungeon.

Though regular dagannoths also exist here, the ones we’ll be focusing on are the biggest, meanest dagannoths around.

The Dagannoth Kings!

The Dagannoth Kings are a trio of fearsome monsters, and each one attacks with a different deadly attack-style.

Their arena is located at the very end of the Waterbirth Dungeon, and players can reach it after going through a series of maze-like rooms (all filled with aggressive creatures of the deep).

Under no circumstances should you underestimate the kings just because they are a mid-tier boss, else you’re going to have a very swift meeting with death himself (Prime can consistently do 30+ damage in a single hit).

Some of the coveted loot from the Dagannoth kings includes:

  • The Berserker Ring
  • The Archers Ring
  • The Seers Ring
  • The Dragon Axe
  • Three different boss pets (one from each king)

Tip: Don’t forget to bring a Pet Rock and some Rune Thrownaxes if you’re going in solo!


Additional Dagannoth-Slaying Knowledge

Here’s a few things you should know before going toe to toe against the dagger-mouths:

  • Dagannoths drop many different types of seeds, so a Seed Box might come in handy to save a few inventory spaces.
  • Similarly, make sure to complete any medium clue scrolls (if you’ve got any) before going to do your task.
  • A Soulbearer may also prove useful if you want to bank any Ensouled Dagannoth Heads that you might get.
  • Completing the Elite Fremennik diary makes all dagannoth bones drop in noted form, making the Dagannoth Kings a much more profitable boss (each bone is almost worth 10k coins).
Prayer gear to use against dagannoths / Old School RuneScape
Prayer gear to use against dagannoths
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