Top 10 Easiest Bosses in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

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Fighting bosses in OSRS is the best way to progress your account.

You’ll slowly obtain better gear and become more accustomed to the mechanics that bosses use.

And there’s a large variety to contend with.

Some are a real challenge, while others are a walk in the park.

We all need to learn to walk before we can run. And every Old School RuneScape player started out learning the easy bosses before progressing to the harder ones.

So let’s take a look at some of the easiest bosses in the game, made prepare you for what’s to come.


10. King Black Dragon

King Black Dragon boss battle in OSRS

He used to be the king, now he’s one of the easiest bosses in OSRS.

However, he’s still the hardest boss on this list.

The King Black Dragon is level 276 and has 255 hitpoints.

He attacks with a variety of different powers, which can poison, freeze, and burn you.

Taking a Dragonfire shield is required to avoid major damage here.

I would suggest taking a Dragon Hunter Lance or a Dragon Hunter Crossbow to KBD – you’ll utterly destroy him.

He’s an older boss from an older time. So newer weapons really slice him apart!

Where to Find: He resides in his lair in the wilderness. His actual arena is not in the wilderness, but you must run through the wild to get to him.


9. Chaos Fanatic

Chaos Fanatic boss battle in OSRS

Located near the Chaos altar in the wilderness, the Chaos Fanatic is level 202 with 225 hitpoints.

All damage can be avoided by praying protect from mage and dodging his green “splat” attack.

Using this method, you’ll actually take zero damage, pretty easy.

The Chaos Fanatic drops a shard for the Malediction and Odium wards, and this boss is commonly hunted for them.

Take a toxic blowpipe with some basic range gear and you’ll absolutely wreak him!

Where to Find: Located in the Wilderness by the Chaos Altar. Just west of the Lava Maze.


8. Crazy Archaeologist

Crazy Archaeologist overhead screenshot from OSRS

As another wilderness-based boss, the Crazy Archaeologist is level 204 with 225 hitpoints.

He’s in the same league as his brother the Chaos Fanatic, dropping a shard for the Malediction and Odium Wards.

But unlike the Chaos Fanatic, the best way to put him down is with magic – using a Trident of the Seas or Iban’s staff is more than enough for this guy!

Just remember to keep your protection prayer up against range, and be sure to dodge his special attacks, and you’ll take no damage.

Where to Find: You’ll find him in the ruins, south of the forgotten cemetery.


7. Kraken

The Kraken boss battle from OSRS

Technically the Kraken is a high level slayer boss requiring a minimum of level 87 slayer to face.

However, he’s ridiculously easy and has almost zero knock out potential.

You’ll take lots of hits of 1 – 4 damage, but nothing substantial. So if you pay attention, you’ll never get knocked out.

Kraken is level 291 and has 255 hitpoints. He’s weakest to magic attacks, and he attacks with magic too.

A common method of dealing with him is wearing a ton of magical defence gear, like Armadyl, and taking a trident of the seas/swamps.

Kraken has low magic defence too – meaning you’ll always hit, and don’t need a high magic bonus either.

Where to Find: Found in the Kraken cove. You’ll need 87 slayer and a Kraken task to face him.


6. Barrows

Karil the Tainted boss battle in OSRS

Found deep in the swamp lands of Morytania, the barrows brothers are 6 bosses who must each be fought one after another, with the last one being fought in a crypt.

Killing them all provides a chance at the barrows armour at a roughly 1/15 drop rate, provided you kill all 6 brothers.

There are four melee brother, one range brother, and one mage brother. Their names are Guthan, Dharok, Ahrim, Karil, Torag, and Verac.

Most mid-level players should have no issues here, as the bosses are fairly easy, with combat levels ranging from 98 – 115.

Barrows items still work quite well, meaning that you’ll earn quite a bit of profit from this fight too.

Where to Find: Near the town of Mort’ton, south of Canifis and the Mort Myre Swamp.


5. Hespori

Hespori boss screenshot from OSRS

Hespori is a very unusually boss on this list, since you have to grow him from a seed to face him.

Growing him takes between 24 and 36 hours, and can only be done within his lair in the Farming Guild.

He’s level 284 with 300 hitpoints, and is weak to slash attacks.

Killing Hespori will yield around 12.6k farming experience, and give you a chance at obtaining his rare drop: the Bottomless Compost Bucket, which is a massive farming upgrade.

He’s very easy to topple with some basic mechanics, and he can be killed by a truly skilled player in less than 60 seconds!

Note: to fight Hespori you need a minimum of level 65 Farming.

Where to Find: You’ll find Hespori’s lair within the Farming Guild on Zeah.


4. Dagannoth Rex

Dagannoth Rex boss screenshot from OSRS

Dagannoth Rex is the easiest of the Dagannoth Kings, and uses the melee style to attack you.

Rex is level 303 with 255 hitpoints – and is very easy to kill with magic.

The reason Rex is so easy is because he’s safe spottable if you lure him correctly!

This means you can take absolutely no damage.

You’ll just need to ensure you don’t attract the attention of the other DKS, namely Prime and Supreme. Because once they agro you, they won’t get off until you leave the room.

Prime can also easily kill you if you’re not careful.

But Rex is actually the most profitable of all the Dagannoth Kings, as he drops the very expensive Berserker ring at a rate of 1/128.

Most mid-level players with an Iban’s Staff or Trident of the Seas should do great against Rex. I highly recommend getting a Dagannoth Slayer Task before heading to him.

Where to Find: In the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, the Dagannoth Kings reside at the very end.


3. Bryophyta

Bryophyta OSRS Boss battle screenshot

Here we have the moss giant boss, and also a F2P boss!

Bryophyta is only level 128 with 115 hitpoints, and can be very easily killed by most players.

She has some very basic mechanics that teach low level players what to expect for mid-level PvM.

And in battle she’ll use melee and magic styles, so I recommend bringing melee gear and praying protection from magic.

To face this boss you’ll need to obtain Mossy Keys, which are dropped by normal moss giants. One key equals one attempt at Bryophyta, so it can be challenging to farm this boss.

Where to Find: Found at the end of the Varrock Sewers where all of the Moss Giants are.


2. Obor

Obor giant boss battle screenshot from OSRS

As the easiest boss in F2P (and the final F2P boss on our list), Obor is the Hill Giant boss.

And he comes with a combat level of 106 with 120 hitpoints.

Obor is very easy for high level players, and is designed as a boss for lower level players.

He attacks with two styles: range and melee.

For low level players I advise entangling him, praying range, and hitting him from a distance. This will make it so you can take no damage.

Obor also drops the best weapon in F2P, the hill Giant Club, which is worth a fair amount of coins.

Ultimately this fight is not difficult – and a great introduction into PvM and PvM mechanics.

To face Obor you’ll need a Hill Giant Key. One Key allows one attempt at the boss.

Where to Find: Found in Edgeville Dungeon where all the Hill Giants are.


1. The Giant Mole

Giant Mole boss battle screenshot

Deep beneath the ground of Falador Park lays the Giant Mole and her lair.

She has a combat level of 230 with 200 hitpoints.

Fighting the Mole is very easy, too, as all you really need to do is have protection of melee prayer up. Then you’ll never be hit.

The mole will occasionally dig around her lair, so you’ll need to track her down during the fight. This is made much easier with the Falador hard diary done, because then her location will always be shown to you.

Overall this is definitely a very easy boss with not much to it.

It’s also very profitable, and at maximum efficiency can provide 900k gp an hour!

So the giant mole could be the best money maker on this list, as well as being the easiest boss in the game.

Where to Find: Under Falador Park, take a spade and dig on one of the mole hills to enter. Remember to take a light source!

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