OSRS: Best Ways To Get Seeds As An Ironman

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Doing farming contracts for Guildmaster Jane at the Farming Guild is one of the most efficient methods of getting seeds as an ironman.

But there are other options, which include:

  • Killing slayer monsters
  • Pickpocketing master farmers
  • Ppening reward chests at Wintertodt
  • Doing bird houses
  • Managing the Kingdom of Miscellania

We’ll look into each of these methods below and share some extra tips on how to stack up seeds.


Farming Contracts

When a player picks up a Farming Contract by talking to Guildmaster Jane in the Farming Guild, they are told to grow a specific plant or crop.

Once the specific crop has been fully yielded (or if the health of the crop has been checked), the player can go to Guildmaster Jane to receive a seed pack as a reward.

Player getting a farming contract from Guildmaster Jane / OSRS

At level 45 Farming, players can complete easy contracts.

At level 65 Farming, players can complete medium contracts.

At level 85 Farming, players can complete hard contracts.

The rewards scale with the level of the contract unlocked, so you get rarer and more valuable seeds for completing hard contracts than for completing medium or Easy contracts.


Getting Seeds from Monsters (PvM)

While level 96 Aberrant Spectres are great to kill for herb drops at level 60 Slayer, they’re also a great source of seeds.

Aberrant spectres in the Slayer Tower / OSRS

At level 80 Slayer, players can also kill level 115 Nechryaels in the Morytania Slayer Tower for a nice haul of seeds.

Both Aberrant Spectres and Nechryaels are particularly good for a variety of herb seeds, bush seeds, and snape grass seeds.

Nechryaels in the Slayer Tower / OSRS

Level 74 and 92 Dagannoth have similar seed drops to Aberrant Spectres and Nechryaels – but they tend to drop the lower-tier ones rather than mid or high tier.

A great place to kill Dagannoths is with a dwarf cannon under the lighthouse west of the Fremennik province.

A player's cannon killing Dagannoth under the Lighthouse / OSRS

Pickpocketing Master Farmers (Variety Seeds)

Master Farmers can be pickpocketed (at level 38 Thieving) for the widest variety of seeds in the game—almost every kind of seed can be pickpocketed.

Ironmen usually pickpocket Master Farmers as an efficient source of herb seeds especially.

And after 85 Farming, ranarr seeds, snapdragon seeds, and torstol seeds have an increased drop rate.

Player pickpocketing a Master Farmer north of Ardougne / OSRS

Master Farmers can be found at or near various farms in OSRS at the following locations:

  • Draynor Village
  • the Farming Guild
  • Hosidius
  • North of East Ardougne
  • South of Varrock

Master farmers offer all kinds of seeds too. For example:

  • Allotment seeds can be pickpocketed, with potato and onion seeds being the most common, and snape grass and watermelon seeds being the rarest
  • Hops seeds can be pickpocketed, with barley and hammerstone seeds being the most common, and wildblood seeds are the rarest
  • Flower seeds can be pickpocketed, with marigold and nasturtium seeds being the most common, and limpwurt seeds being the rarest
  • Bush seeds can be pickpocketed with redberry and cadavaberry seeds being the most common, and poison ivy seeds being the rarest
  • Herb seeds can be pickpocketed with guam and marrentil seeds being the most common, and dwarf weed and torstol seeds being the rarest
  • Special seeds can be pickpocketed, with mushroom spores being uncommon and seaweed spores and potato cactus seeds being the rarest

Wintertodt (Tree Seeds)

The basic (non-unique) rewards from Wintertodt include logs, gems, ore, herbs, fish, and seeds.

Wintertodt is a great source of tree seeds for ironmen in general.

Lit brazier damaging the Wintertodt skilling boss / OSRS

In order to take part in the skilling boss, 50 Firemaking is required.

Remember that Wintertodt is a dangerous skilling boss, and dying here is unsafe (it will be treated as a normal death, not a minigame death).

Hardcore Ironmen will lose their Hardcore status upon death at Wintertodt.


Bird Houses For Seeds

Bird house trapping is a Hunter activity on Fossil Island where players can set up bird houses, fill them with seeds, then wait around 50 minutes for them to passively fill before collecting.

Player about to collect a full yew bird house / OSRS

While seeds are not a guaranteed reward for collecting bird house loot, players have a chance of getting a maximum of 1 seed bird nest (as well as potentially ring nests, clue nests, etc.) per bird house.

Interestingly, the drop rate of bird nests doesn’t scale with the bird house tier, but with the player’s Hunter level.

For example, at level 30 Hunter there’s a 23.44% chance of a bird nest.

And at 85 Hunter there’s a 67.19% chance of a bird nest.



After completing the quest “Throne of Miscellania”, the player can manage the Kingdom of Miscellania.

Workers tending to the Kingdom of Miscellania / OSRS

The player must speak to Advisor Ghrim to manage their kingdom, and also must keep a high approval level from citizens by doing various jobs around the kingdom, such as chopping maple trees, mining coal, and raking weeds.

Advisor Ghrim in the Castle of Miscellania / OSRS

If the player focuses a full bar on “Wood” and half a bar on “Hardwood”, they’ll passively accumulate bird nests (most of which include seeds), which they can collect later on.

Kingdom of Miscellania management interface, with a full bar on wood and half a bar on Hardwood / OSRS

OSRS Seed Vault Trivia

The members-only Farming Guild was added to the game on January 10th, 2019.

On March 28th, 2019, a very convenient seed vault was added just west of the bank chest in the Farming Guild, allowing players to save lots of bank space by storing their seeds in the vault.

The seed vault in the Farming Guild (closeup) / OSRS
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