How Do You Get Gold Bars on Ironman? (OSRS)

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Gold bars are a mid-level items that require 40 Smithing to be crafted. These serve lots of purposes depending on the activity being considered: Their main use, though, is to craft many kinds of jewelry that can later be enchanted for better stats or for unlocking teleports.

There are three main ways of obtaining Gold Bars:

  1. Telegrabbing
  2. Skilling methods
  3. And PvM drops (P2P only)

Let’s take a look at all of these three methods:


Option 1: Telekinetic Grabbing

Telegrabbing in Varrock Bank Basement / OSRS
Telegrabbing in Varrock Bank Basement

This is a super low-level yet rather inefficient method of obtaining Gold Bars. You can use Telekinetic Grab (requiring level 33 Magic) to pick the unreachable item.

This means you’ll be spending one Law Rune per gold bar, while obtaining some Magic XP along the way.

There are three spawns, all available to F2P:

  • x1 in Varrock bank’s basement
  • And x2 in Corsair Cove (eastern and northern ends)

We recommend the Corsair Cove’s northern end, since there are 5 Gold Bar spawns, resulting in less world hops.

While this method is not recommended for obtaining Gold Bars in bulk, this can be quite useful for obtaining a handful of them to craft some starter jewelry or complete a couple quests. It’s also worth noting that there is little-to-no competition, since bots cannot turn a profit from this activity.


Option 2: Skilling Methods

Crafting Gold Bars / OSRS
Crafting Gold Bars

Players with 40 Mining and 40 Smithing may choose to craft their own Gold Bars.

This implies mining the gold ore, and then smithing it on a furnace to create bars. It’s worth noting that no coal is required for this.

In general, it’s highly recommended to mine all the ore and then smith it all at once. This is because there are mining and smithing spots close to banks, but it’s unusual to find all three of them together.

For example, we suggest mining at the Crafting guild, and later smithing at the Edgeville furnace.

Members may find it convenient to use the Blast Furnace, which will drastically increase the smithing speed and XP rates. Additionally, wearing Goldsmith Gauntlets will more than double the XP received by every bar!


Option 3: PvM Drops (Members Only)

Killing Gargoyles for Bars / OSRS
Killing Gargoyles for Bars

Lastly, Members have the option to obtain Gold Bars by farming them through PvM methods.

Enemies like Gargoyles and Greater Nechryaels can drop 5-15 noted bars at once, which adds up quickly over time!

These monsters are highly profitable, which results in gold bars stacking up as you perform a money maker and gain Combat XP. On the other hand, drops are RNG based, so other methods may prove more worthwhile if you’re trying to target-farm Gold Bars.

It’s also worth noting that most of these monsters are Slayer-related.

So you may find your stack of Gold Bars to increase over time as you continue your Slayer efforts, similar to items like Pure Essence or coins.

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