Best Places To Hunt Grey Chinchompas in OSRS

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In Old School RuneScape, there are a total of three areas where you can catch grey chinchompas, with the best one being the Isle of Souls.

The other two areas (the Kourend Woodland and the Piscatoris Hunter Area) aren’t bad per se, but they don’t have any spots with five spawns, unlike the Isle.

The Grey (or regular) chinchompas are the lowest tier of chins, and can be caught after completing the novice quest “Eagles’ Peak”, with a Hunter level of 53 and a box trap.

When caught, each chinchompa rewards about 200 experience, making them a very good training method, especially if you want to make some money while doing it (each one is worth 900gp!).


All Grey Chinchompa Hunting Spots


1. Isle of Souls (Best Location)

Location of chinchompas on the Isle of Souls / Old School RuneScape
Location of chinchompas on the Isle of Souls.

The first (and best) location we’ll be showcasing is the Isle of Souls.

Apart from being the arena where the minigame “Soul Wars” takes place, this island is home to a wide variety of other activities and creatures, including chinchompas.

The isle is considered the number one location for chinchompa hunting, since it’s the only place with 5 unobstructed spawns within close proximity of one another.

The hunting spot is located on the northwestern part of the island, and the fastest way of getting here is by teleporting to the fairy ring (code BJP) and running west.

If you don’t have access to fairy rings yet, you can use one of the many different ways of reaching the island (like the minigame teleport), and then run northwest.


2. Kourend Woodland

The chinchompas of the Kourend Woodland / Old School RuneScape
The chinchompas of the Kourend Woodland.

The Kourend Woodland is quite similar to the Isle of Souls hunting spot, as the spawns are all close and relatively clear of obstacles – except there’s one less chinchompa spawn to hunt from.

The fastest way to get here is by using a Xeric’s Talisman, teleporting to Xeric’s Lookout, and running west.

If you don’t possess a fabled talisman, you can always charter a boat trip to Land’s End (from either Port Piscarilius or Port Sharim), and then run north until you reach the grey fluffballs.

There’s also a bank nearby in case you ever need one.

How handy!


3. Piscatoris Hunter Area

Catching chinchompas near the fence / Old School RuneScape
Catching chinchompas near the fence.

The last hunting spot we’ll talk about is the Piscatoris Hunter Area.

Even though it has the most spawns and is the largest area by far, it’s also the worst spot due to how spread out and obstructed the chins are.

If you’re hellbent on choosing this as your hunting grounds, the best spot is probably the one on the southeast part of the Hunter Area – here there are four chinchompas next to a small fence.

The easiest way to get here is by (once again) using the AKQ fairy ring.

But if you can’t do that, you can always make the long trek from Ardougne or the Gnome Stronghold.


Tips for Hunting

Before starting your journey to catch them all and be the very best, here’s a few handy tips to remember while hunting:

  • Remember to always use the max amount of traps available to you. You start with one at level 1 Hunter, and gain an additional trap at level 20, 40, 60, and 80!
  • An alternative method of catching chinchompas is the “Shooting Method”. To do that you have to catch a chinchompa, pay attention to where it spawns, and surround that tile with all your traps. When the fluffer respawns, it’s either going to get caught, or break all your traps and run off. If scenario B happens, you shoot the chinchompa with a bow to kill it, reset your traps, and try again!
  • Hunting chinchompas can have a lot of downtime before actions. If you want to be efficient you can bring something like materials to fletch darts, or high alch in order to be more productive!
High-alching while hunting / Old School RuneScape
High-alching while hunting
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