OSRS: The 10 Best Hard Clue Scroll Droppers

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Hard clue scrolls are a great way to get some easy cash in OSRS. The minimum reward is generally around 100k, while the maximum reward could be in the hundreds of millions!

A lot of people spend time hunting and doing clue scrolls since they’re also quite fun. And you never know exactly what you’re going to get.

So what’s the easiest way to get hard clue scrolls?

Let’s take a look at some of the better hard clue droppers in OSRS, and where you can find ‘em in the game.


10. Vyrewatch Sentinel

Vyrewatch Sentinel in OSRS

Vyrewatch Sentinels are a great option to hunt for hard clues, as you can AFK them almost entirely – meaning you don’t have to focus much!

They have a drop rate of 1/100, which is fairly good considering that they also have a ton of alchables drops, and the rare Blood Shard which sells for quite a bit of money.

So you will always make money AFKing for a clue scroll, whether you get it or not.

Just note that the area is in Darkmeyer, which is locked behind the Myerque quest line.

Where to Find: You’ll find the Sentinels in the Upper tier of the city of Darkmeyer. There’s a bank and altar right there so you can AFK and resupply easily.


9. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Boss Render in OSRS

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is a high level slayer boss that has a 1/96 chance of dropping a hard clue scroll.

This boss is on the list because it has a great drop table that accompanies the clue scrolls, meaning that while you farm for the clue, you get rich!

To start this you’ll need a fairy high level (93 slayer) and you must be on a smoke devil task to fight the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.

So this boss is not ideal for fast clues, but it is ideal for a passive clue grind, with the ability to make money along the way.

Where to Find: You’ll find the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil’s lair near Castle Wars in the Smoke Devil dungeon.


8. Warped Jelly

Warped Jelly OSRS Render

Warped Jellies were added to OSRS as a stronger version of the already existing Jellies. This way high-level players had an option for more experience on slayer tasks.

The Warped Jellies offer a very high chance at hard clue scrolls, with an impressive 1/64 drop rate.

And they’re easily accessible, only requiring that you have a level 52 Slayer. And did I mention they’re not very tough to kill?

If you want to kill them ASAP then use ice barrage or chinchompas to attack multiple targets at once. This will allow you to get multiple kills at a time, and lots of clues extremely fast!

You won’t make much money. But you’ll obtain clues faster this way than with other methods.

Where to Find: Located in the Catacombs of Kourend in the southern and eastern ends.


7. Steel Dragons

Steel Dragon OSRS Render

Steel Dragons are a great option for hard clue scrolls since they don’t have any slayer requirement to kill!

I’ll admit that their drop table isn’t the most exciting, and they can be a bit tedious to kill at times.

However, with a drop rate of 1/64, all can be forgiven.

The best way to kill them quickly would be using dragonbane weapons such as a Dragon Hunter Lance or a Dragon Hunter crossbow.

However, for players on a budget, low-level fire spells should also do the trick.

To avoid all damage here, a range or magic method is key – with protect from magic on and an Antifire potion.

Where to Find: You can find these dragons Brimhaven Dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend. Note that the Catacomb dragons are in a multi-zone and will all tag you at once.


6. Superior Slayer Monsters

Superior Cave Abomination in OSRS

Superior Slayer monsters technically have the best drop rate for clue scrolls, at an average of 1/12.8 – but with a maximum of 1/6.4, which is the superior version of a Warped Jelly.

But their spawn chance is much lower, with superior slayer monsters only having a roughly 1/180 chance of spawning. And they must be unlocked by a slayer master before they can even spawn at all.

So sure, they might have a great drop rate once they appear.

But getting them to appear can be quite annoying.

Bonus: superior slayer monsters also have the very rare chance at dropping an imbued heart, which is worth 27m!

Where to Find: You can only get a superior slayer monster while on a slayer task, and at random, once you’ve killed a slayer monster on your task.


5. Dagannoth Kings

Dagannoth Rex Preview OSRS Render

The Dagannoth Kings are a common target for many people on a slayer task – or those simply looking to make some quick cash!

All three of the kings offer a 1/42 chance at dropping a clue scroll. Considering you’ll kill all three kings per cycle, it’s extremely unlikely that a trip here won’t result in a clue scroll.

In other words: you’re pretty much guaranteed one if you go through all of them.

Just note that if you want to camp here a while, you’ll need some high end gear. I recommend coming here on a slayer task, and with the Fremennik Elite Diaries completed.

That way you can get bonus damage from the task, and noted bones from the diaries.

This is a great location for clues too, as you’ll have a chance to also get the DKS rings while you’re here! There’s even a minor chance to obtain elite clues too at a 1/750 drop rate.

Where to Find: Found in the Waterbirth Dungeon, remember to take a pet rock to open the door.


4. Sarachnis

Sarachnis Boss Preview in OSRS

Sarachnis is easily one of the best clue dropping bosses in OSRS, hands down!

This boss drops hard clue scrolls at a rate of 1/40 which is phenomenal.

But she also drops elite clue scrolls at a rate of 1/60!

So you have the potential to obtain both clue categories fairly easily.

As a result, this boss is commonly farmed for clue scrolls.

Sarachnis is also aimed at mid-level players, so coming here as a high level player means you absolutely obliterate the fight.

This boss is very easy to get to and very easy to farm. What more could you ask for?

Where to Find: Found in the Forthos Dungeon, which is near the Hosidius house on Zeah.


3. Ninja Implings

Ninja Impling OSRS

These Implings offer an impressive 1/25 chance of obtaining a hard clue scroll when looting them.

They also provide a ton of other loot, predominately rune items.

Provided you have the funds, Ninja implings are the fastest way to get Hard Clue Scrolls.

You can simply buy as many of these as you want off the Grand Exchange, and open them until you get a hard clue scroll. Each impling costs 30k meaning that you would generally suffer a loss of 13k on average – but this does not take into account the clue scroll reward.

Where to Find: You can catch these Implings at Puro Puro, but most clue hunters just buy the Implings on the Grand Exchange.


2. Hellhounds

Hellhound Preview from OSRS

Hellhounds offer a really great chance at clue scrolls at a drop rate of 1/64, which can further be increased if you choose to kill these in the Wilderness with a Ring of Wealth (i).

Using the Ring of Wealth (i) you would have a 1/32 chance of a clue scroll.

And with that ring on, it’d make these hellhounds one of the best sources of scrolls in OSRS!

I highly recommend killing these in either the Wilderness, or in the Catacombs of Kourend while on a slayer task.

In the Catacombs there’s also the chance to receive dark totem pieces, making them more worthwhile to kill.

But ultimately they’re the most commonly killed non-boss enemy for hard clue scrolls (and for good reason).

Where to Find: Hellhounds are found in a variety of places such as in the Wilderness, Catacombs of Kourend, God War Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon, and the Witchaven Dungeon.


1. Skotizo

Skotizo OSRS Render

Our number one spot goes to Skotizo. Because every single time you fight him, he will always drop a hard clue scroll.

You can’t get better odds than that!

The only issue is that you need a fully assembled Dark totem to fight Skotizo, which must be assembled slowly over time.

To get totem pieces you have to kill enemies within the Catacombs of Kourend. There are three in total.

Skotizo also has an impressive drop table and consistently drops over 100k in loot per kill.

He’s also easy to kill and very profitable.

I recommend using the Arclight to face him, as it’ll hit for some pretty high damage – and also kill the eyes protecting him in a single slash.

Where to Find: Found in the center of the Catacombs of Kourend. You’ll need a Dark totem to face him.

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