Why Do Hellhounds Drop Nothing in Old School RuneScape?

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Contrary to popular belief, Hellhounds actually do drop items besides bones! It’s just that their drop table mostly drops rarer items, so you’re not gonna see these all the time.

And what they drop will depend on where they’re killed, and the circumstances in which they’re killed.

For example, being on a certain Slayer task or killing them in specific areas will change their drop table slightly.


What Do Hellhounds Drop?

First off, let’s look at killing Hellhounds in general – such as in Taverley Dungeon.

These Hellhounds will mostly drop bones, but also have a chance to drop hard clue scrolls. And they’re actually one of the best enemies to kill if you’re searching for hard clues!

They drop theses at a rate of 1/64.

There’s also an insanely rare chance to obtain a Smouldering Stone at a drop rate of 1/32k (which is a 0.00003% chance).

If you kill Hellhounds on a Konar or Krystilia Slayer task, you’ll have a chance at all of the drops previously mentioned, as well as a chance at a Brimstone (Konar) or Larran’s key (Krystilia), depending on the slayer master who assigned the task.

These keys open chests that can have very high level rewards, often worth over 100k.

And the last place you can kill Hellhounds for a unique drop is in the Catacombs of Kourend, as they’ll have a chance to drop Dark Totem pieces which can be assembled to face Skotizo.

These drop at a rate of 1/384 (or 0.002%).

So yeah, in general, their drops are just very rare. Some are just plain insanely rare, to the point that many players end up asking the very question of this article!


Are There Alternatives Besides Regular Hellhounds?

If you have a Hellhound slayer task and a slayer level of at least 91, you can face the Hellhound boss Cerberus.

He’s located deep within Taverley Dungeon.

Unlike regular Hellhounds, he has a very impressive drop table, and can drop the coveted Primordial Crystal which is worth around 25m.

Just be cautious here.

Cerberus is a powerful and demanding boss that can easily kill an ill-equipped player in seconds.

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