OSRS: How To Get Arrows on Ironman Mode

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The best way to get bronze to rune arrows as an ironman is to buy them from Dargaud’s Bow and Arrow Stock, located in the Ranging Guild (requiring at least level 40 Ranging).

You can also fletch your own, or get them as drops from Waterfiends, Ankous, and Fire Giants.

For dragon arrows, it’s best to kill the Archaeologist or do the Chambers of Xeric.

And for amethyst arrows, you’ll have to fletch your own.


Fletching on Ironman

To fletch your own arrows, you’ll need to combine arrowtips, arrow shafts, and feathers.

Each action uses 15 of each resource and creates 15 arrows.

But let’s look into how you can get each of these ingredients.

Steel arrowtips, arrow shafts, feathers / OSRS
From left to right: Steel arrowtips, arrow shafts, feathers

Getting Arrowtips

You can fletch arrowtips yourself at any anvil.

One metal bar makes 15 arrowtips of the same kind (i.e., 1 adamant bar makes 15 adamant arrowtips).

Alternatively, you can buy arrowtips from the ranging/archery shops across the map. Hickton’s Archery Emporium in Catherby sells arrowtips up to rune.

Hickton of Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby / OSRS

However, there are two shops that both sell arrowtips up to rune at half-price compared to Hickton’s. These shops are:

  • Dargaud’s Bow and Arrows shop in the Ranging Guild
  • The Void Knight Archery Store at the Void Knights’ Outpost

So you’re better off going to either of those places to buy your arrowtips.

The Bow and Arrow Salesman / Old School RuneScape

Getting Arrow Shafts

Arrow shafts are made by using a knife on a log.

The yield increases by 15 for each tier increase of log. They break down like this:

  • Normal logs give you 15 arrow shafts
  • Oak logs give you 30
  • Willow logs give you 45
  • Maple logs give you 60
  • Yew logs give you 75
  • Magic logs give you 90
  • Redwood logs give you 105

Dargaud’s Bow and Arrows shop in the Ranging Guild also stocks 1000 arrow shafts at 1gp each.

Dargaud's Bow and Arrows stock / OSRS

Getting Feathers

The best way to get feathers on ironman is to buy them from one of the following shops:

  • The Fishing Guild Shop at the Fishing Guild (1,500 in stock)
  • Ava’s Odds and Ends at Draynor Manor (1,000 in stock)
  • Etceteria Fish on Etceteria (1,000 in stock)
  • The Fremennik Fish Monger in Rellekka (1,000 in stock)
  • Gerrant’s Fishy Business in Port Sarim (1,000 in stock)
  • Ishmael’s Fish He Sells at the Ruins of Unkah (1,000 in stock)
  • Island Fishmonger on Miscellenia (1,000 in stock)
  • Lovecraft’s Tackle in Witchaven (1,000 in stock)
  • Warren’s Fish Monger in The Warrens (1,000 in stock)
  • Fernahei’s Fishing Hut in Shilo Village (800 in stock)
  • The Shantay Pass Shops at the Shantay Pass (500 in stock)
Feather on a table / Old School RuneScape

Getting Arrows from Archery Shops

On free-to-play worlds, you can buy arrows from the following shops:

  • Brian’s Archery Supplies in Rimmington (steel to adamant)
  • Lowe’s Archery Emporium in Varrock (bronze to adamant)

On members-only worlds, you can buy arrows from the following shops:

  • Dargaud’s Bow and Arrows in the Ranging Guild (bronze to rune)
  • Daryl’s Ranging Surplus in Shayzien (bronze to rune)
  • Hickton’s Archery Emporium in Catherby (bronze to rune)
  • Lletya Archery Shop in Lletya (iron to rune)
  • Sian’s Ranged Weaponry in Prifddinas (mithril to rune)

Prices are generally consistent across most shops, and they usually break down like this:

  • Bronze arrows tend to be 1gp each
  • Iron arrows @ 3gp each
  • Steel arrows @ 12gp each
  • Mithril arrows @ 32gp each
  • Adamant arrows @ 80gp each
  • Rune arrows @ 400gp each

The only exception is the Lletya Archery Shop, which is nearly 80% more expensive than the other shops. So don’t buy your arrows there!

Hickton's Archery Emporium stock / OSRS

Getting Arrows from Slayer Monsters

There are 3 Slayer Monsters you can farm for arrow drops:

  • Waterfiends
  • Ankous
  • Fire Giants

Waterfiends in the Ancient Cavern drop 90 mithril arrows at a drop rate of 1/12.8.

Also remember that waterfiends are very weak to crush attacks.

Waterfiends in the Ancient Cavern / OSRS
Waterfiends in the Ancient Cavern

Ankous located in the Stronghold of Security, Catacombs of Kourend, Stronghold Slayer Cave, and Forgotten Cemetery can drop 5-14 adamant arrows at a drop rate of 1/25.

Ankous in the Wilderness Slayer Cave drop 5-14 rune arrows at a drop rate of 1/23.75.

Ankou in the Stronghold of Security under Barbarian Village / OSRS
Ankou in the Stronghold of Security under Barbarian Village

Fire giants drop 12 rune arrows at a drop rate of 1/25.6.

These can be found in any of the following locations:

  • Brimhaven Dungeon under Karamja
  • The Catacombs of Kourend under Great Kourend
  • Deep Wilderness Dungeon in level 51 wilderness
  • The Giants’ Den west of the Giant Pit in the Catacombs of Kourend
  • The Isle of Souls Dungeon on the Isle of Souls
  • Karuulm Slayer Dungeon beneath Mount Karuulm
  • Smoke Dungeon under the Kharidian Desert
  • Stronghold Slayer Dungeon beneath the Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Waterfall Dungeon in the caverns underneath the Baxtorian Falls
Fire giants in the Waterfall Dungeon / Old School RuneScape
Fire giants in the Waterfall Dungeon

Buying Broad Arrows

You can buy broad arrows from any Slayer Master at 60gp each.

Each Slayer Master’s shop usually has 50,000 in stock.

Note that you need 55 Slayer and 50 Ranged to equip and use Broad Arrows, and they can only be shot from a magic bow or better.

Broad arrows have +28 ranged strength, which is between that of mithril (+22) and adamant (+31).

Slayer Master shop / OSRS

Amethyst Arrows on Ironman

Amethyst arrows have a ranged strength of +55 and require 50 Ranged to use.

The only way to get amethyst arrows is to fletch them at level 82 Fletching.

Amethyst arrows / Old School RuneScape

You also need 92 Mining in order to mine the amethyst mineral from amethyst crystals in the Mining Guild.

And you’ll also need a magic bow or stronger to fire amethyst arrows.

Amethyst crystals in the Mining Guild under Falador / OSRS

Dragon Arrows on Ironman

You can only shoot dragon arrows from a dark bow, twisted bow, or a 3rd age bow.

They have +60 strength, and can be fletched with dragon arrow tips and headless arrows, or received as loot from any of the following:

  • The Gauntlet
  • The Chambers of Xeric
  • Dragon Implings (and Dragon Impling Jars)
  • The Crazy Archaeologist
  • The Deranged Archaeologist
Dragon arrows close-up screenshot / OSRS


Amethyst arrows were brought into the game on June 22nd, 2017.

This is much later than their stronger counterpart Dragon arrows, which were brought into Old School RuneScape on June 11th, 2007.

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