How Do You Get The Barbarian Rod in OSRS?

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The Barbarian Rod can be obtained from Otto Godblessed’s bed in Baxtorian Falls.

But to pick it up, you must have started or completed the Fishing section of Barbarian Training. This requires an unboosted Fishing level of 48, along with level 15 Strength and Agility.

Otto’s hut is located by the lake above the waterfall, with no mandatory requirements to get to the area.

Note: since this is located in the Kandarin region, the Barbarian Rod and its use are completely off-limits for free-to-play players.

Finding Otto’s Barbarian Rod / OSRS

Teleports & Routes To Otto’s Hut

Otto’s hut Location and best routes on the map / OSRS

Pictured above: map with all five best routes to Otto’s Hut

We’d like to suggest 5 ways of getting to Otto’s hut, ranked from best to worst:

  1. Minigames teleport (Barbarian assault) and running south (Green line)
  2. Games Necklace (Barbarian assault) and running south (Green line)
  3. Royal Seed Pod, then heading north to the Agility shortcut (37 Agility) (Yellow circle)
  4. Skills Necklace (Fishing Guild) and running north (Cyan line)
  5. Ardougne Teleport and running north (Pink line)

Minigames teleport and Games Necklace are the best options, since they leave you near the big waterfall.

Ardougne is the slowest option, since you’ll have to run quite a bit. Bring a stamina potion if you go this route!


Starting Barbarian Training

Otto Godblessed / Old School RuneScape

Once you get there, speak to Otto. He’ll tell you about the Barbarian ways and begin your training, allowing you to take his Barbarian Rod from under his bed.

Simply search his bed in order to obtain it. That’s it!

If lost or destroyed, you may get another one at any time.

But with that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at what this rod has to offer:


About the Barbarian Rod

Fly Fishing With the Barbarian Rod / OSRS
Fly Fishing With the Barbarian Rod

The Barbarian Rod allows for a different method of fly fishing that will only catch leaping Trout, Salmon or Sturgeon.

To this end, you can use any of 5 baits:

  • Feathers
  • Fish offcuts
  • Fishing bait
  • Roe
  • Caviar

Upon catching a fish via barbarian fishing, you’ll get XP in Fishing, Agility, and Strength.

This makes it a great way of grinding your Fishing level, since two other skills are going up without any extra effort!

As for the fishing spots themselves, you cannot use your Barbarian Rod in regular fly fishing spots.

There are three specific spots dedicated to this activity which you may use:

  • Baxtorian Falls, next to Otto’s hut
  • Mount Quidamortem, near the entrance to Chambers of Xeric
  • Kebos Lowlands, also in Great Kourend

The Leaping Fish

Leaping Salmon, Sturgeon, and Trout / OSRS
Leaping Salmon, Sturgeon, and Trout

There are three main ways to deal with your fish once your inventory is full.

The best method depends on what you want to do, or what your priority is with the time you’re investing.

The first option is to power drop the fish you get. This is simply throwing them away, clearing your inventory in a matter of seconds, allowing for faster XP rates.

While this results in a very slight GP loss (the cost of bait), this is by far the most popular and recommended method, since the value of these fish is negligible, and players usually come for the XP rates.

Creating a Mix with Caviar and Roe / Old School RuneScape
Creating a Mix with Caviar and Roe

The other two options involve cutting the fish with a Knife. This will result in fish offcuts and caviar or roe.

These can be used as bait for the following fish you catch, reducing the use of bait, and may even be used in tick manipulation methods if you’re looking for max efficiency.

Or the last option is to cut the fish, drop the fish offcuts, and keep the caviar/roe.

This is because they are a mandatory ingredient in Barbarian Herblore, which creates a Mix by combining a 2-dose potion with either caviar or roe, depending on the Potion’s level.

While these are not popular, they are required for some Achievement Diary steps, and are part of the max-efficiency, high-effort Barblore method.

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