How Do You Get the Blade of Saeldor in OSRS?

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The Blade of Saeldor is obtained by using an Enhanced Crystal Seed on a Singing Bowl in Prifddinas. These seeds are obtained as rare loot from the Gauntlet.

All of these activities require completion of the Song of the Elves quest.

That said, this weapon is worth the effort. Requiring 75 attack, the Blade of Saeldor has the highest Strength and Slash bonuses for its weapon type – even higher than degradable weapons such as the Abyssal Tentacle.

Crafting the weapon itself requires level 82 Smithing and Crafting (boostable).

Since the entire Tirannwn region and its questlines are Members-only content, the Blade of Saeldor and its creation are completely off-limits for Free players.


Obtaining the Enhanced Crystal Seed

The Crystalline Hunllef / OSRS
The Crystalline Hunllef

Enhanced Crystal Seeds can only be obtained by completing the Gauntlet, a non-dangerous, endgame activity found in Prifddinas.

Inside the Gauntlet, players must craft all their supplies from scratch within a time limit to defeat a highly difficult boss: the Hunllef.

While the activity is highly profitable, Enhanced Weapon Seeds have a 1/2000 drop rate (0.05%) for regular runs, and 1/400 (0.25%) for the super-difficult Corrupted Gauntlet variant.

As a result, this is generally an extensive endgame grind.

But when you eventually obtained an Enhanced seed, bring it along 100 Crystal Shards to a singing bowl.


Crafting the Blade of Saeldor

Standing near a Singing Bowl / OSRS
Standing near a Singing Bowl

Head to any Singing Bowl in Prifddinas. These are free to use, and there’s one located a bit south of the Gauntlet portal.

Sing on it to craft your seed and crystal shards into a Blade of Saeldor.

This will grant 5000 Smithing and Crafting XP!

Note: if you don’t meet the level requirements, you may ask Conweena or Reese to sing it for you, for an extra 500 shards.

The blade has 10,000 charges, meaning that it will degrade back to a seed after swinging it 10,000 times.

When that happens, you can once again craft it into a Blade of Saeldor with 100 crystal shards.


Corrupting the Blade of Saeldor

Corrupted Blade of Saeldor / OSRS
Corrupted Blade of Saeldor

Additionally, you can corrupt your Blade of Saeldor.

This will make it permanently charged, meaning that it will never degrade and will never need to be rebuilt.

To do this, you’ll need to sing your Blade of Saeldor with 1,000 Crystal Shards.

This will rename it into a Blade of Saeldor(c) and change into a dark red color.

While 1,000 shards can be quite costly (or time consuming), it could save supplies in long term if you’ll be using the weapon a lot.

As a result, whether corrupting is worth it or not will depend on each player.


Recoloring the Blade of Saeldor

Liann’s Wares in Prifddinas / OSRS
Liann’s Wares in Prifddinas

If it suits your fancy, you can optionally purchase a recolor for your Blade of Saeldor. This can grant it a variety of colors (just aesthetic).

But keep in mind that this is only available for the Corrupted variant.

To do this, head to Liann’s Wares in western Prifddinas (marked as a clothes shop in the minimap).

She sells a variety of colored crystals for 500,000 coins each.

Purchase whichever suits your fancy, and use it on your Blade of Saeldor to permanently recolor it.

If you ever wish to go back to the original color, you’ll need to purchase another crystal and use it on the Blade to recolor it back.

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