OSRS: How To Get Blood Shards (Best Methods)

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The fastest way to get Blood Shards in OSRS is by killing Vyrewatch Sentinels in Darkmeyer. To access Darkmeyer, a player must complete the Sins of the Father quest. Upon quest completion, the Drakan’s Medallion can be used to teleport directly into Darkmeyer.

Blood Shards can also be obtained by pickpocketing Vyres at level 82 Thieving, although at a slower rate.

These Blood Shards, when combined with an Amulet of Fury, create an Amulet of Blood Fury – a strong lifestealing amulet.


Best Method: Killing Vyrewatch Sentinels

Vyrewatch Sentinels are a strong variant of vampyre that drop Blood Shards at a rate of 1/1500.

The method for killing these monsters is simple – equip the Blisterwood or Ivandis Flail, as well as your highest strength bonus melee gear and attack.

Remember, these vyres can only be damaged by the Blisterwood or Ivandis flail, so plan your gear accordingly.

Battling a Vyrewatch Sentinel in Old School RuneScape

There is a prayer altar to restore prayer points close to the bank in Darkmeyer, which allows you to use protection from melee and offensive prayers without consuming prayer potions!

And talking about potions, make sure to bring several super attack and strength potions to boost your damage!

For a more AFK experience, equip high prayer bonus gear such as Proselyte Armor or God Vestments.

With this gear, you can protect from melee for longer periods of time.

Keep in mind that this option may reduce DPS compared to high strength bonus gear alternatives.


Alternative Method: Pickpocketing Vyres

Vyres can be pickpocketed with level 82 Thieving, and drop the Blood Shard at a rate of 1/5000.

Pickpocketing a Vyre in Darkmeyer / Old School RuneScape Screenshot

This method is slower than killing Vyrewatch Sentinels, but is a fair consideration if a player’s combat stats are low.

Make sure to equip the Rogue Equipment outfit to gain a guaranteed double looting effect. That is to say, if you pickpocket a Blood Shard while wearing the full Rogue Equipment set, you will receive two Blood Shards!

In addition to the Rogues set, consider using Dodgy Necklaces to negate the stun and penalty damage from failing a pickpocket.

Be prepared to fail a lot – even with level 99 Thieving, the success rate is scarcely 50%.

I would recommend bringing a nearly full inventory of food and a few Dodgy Necklaces.


The Caveat To Pickpocketing

Note that Vyrewatch Sentinels are aggressive toward any player not wearing the full Vyre Noble Clothing set.

While wearing the Rogue Equipment, you will be targeted by Vyrewatch Sentinels.

This is a problem, since you cannot pickpocket while in combat.

A common strategy to avoid this is to pickpocket Vyre citizens that are indoors and out of sight of Vyrewatch Sentinels.

I recommend pickpocketing the Vyres in the northwest bar in Darkmeyer, as the door can be closed to seclude several pickpocket targets.

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