How To Get a Bronze Defender in OSRS

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The Bronze Defender can be obtained in the Warrior’s Guild, located in western Burthorpe.

You’ll get the Defender as a drop from Cyclops, which are found on the top floor of the building.

To access this area you’ll first need some Warrior Guild Tokens, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

But entering the Warrior’s Guild itself requires a level of 130 of Attack & Strength (combined), or just Level 99 in either of them – neither can be boosted.


Acquiring Warrior Guild Tokens

Farming Warrior Guild Tokens (close-up) / OSRS

To enter the Cyclops room, players will have to pay a fee in Warrior Guild Tokens.

These are taken from their inventory at a rate of 10 per minute, or 600 per hour.

Running out of tokens will kick the player out of the room until they get some more. These tokens can be obtained from various activities around the Guild.

The recommended method for getting tokens is fighting Animated Armours at the ground floor, and it’s by far the fastest method.

To do this, bring a full armor set (Full helm, platebody, and platelegs) and use it on one of the stands.

It will come to life and start attacking you.

Upon defeat, it’ll drop the armor back, along with some tokens.

The amount of tokens will depend on the armor used (From Bronze to Rune).

It’s recommended to use Mithril or higher, since using lower tiers may result in an armor piece breaking and being lost forever.

Once you have a decent amount (At least 300-450), pick up your armor and head to the top floor of the Guild.


Warrior’s Guild Top Floor

Kamfreena outside the Cage / Old School RuneScape
Kamfreena outside the Cage

This floor is solely dedicated to a giant cage full of Cyclops.

Players may pay Kamfreena with their Tokens in order to enter the cage.

Once inside, they can leave through the door at any time, or will be kicked out after running out of Tokens.

Cyclops can be tough opponents for mid-level players, since they come with 75-100 hitpoints and hit for 6-7 damage max.

It’s advised to bring some food, stat boosting potions, or prayer potions if you choose to use Protect from Melee.

A Rune Defender drops from Cyclops / OSRS
A Rune Defender drops from Cyclops

Defenders have a chance of 1/50 to drop from these Cyclops.

It’s common to go dry on them, so if you run out of Tokens, simply farm some more and come back when you can.

The first Defender drop will always be a Bronze one.

If you got it, congratulations! You may leave the cage and show it to Kamfreena (use it on her). Doing so will release more cyclops, which can now drop an Iron Defender.

And you can repeat this process all the way up to a Rune Defender, which is the highest tier available on this floor.

This can be quite the grind, but persevere and you’ll triumph!


The Warrior Guild’s Basement

Lorelai’s Basement Screenshot / OSRS

In the basement of the Warrior’s Guild you’ll find Lorelai, Kamfreena’s apprentice, guarding another cage full of Cyclops.

To enter this area, the player will need to show Lorelai 100 Tokens and a Rune Defender – which basically proves that you completed the top floor.

The Cyclops here are much stronger, with a combat level of 106, 150 Hitpoints, and a max hit of 8.

It’s advised to bring your best armor and weapons.

Level 106 Cyclops have a 1/100 chance to drop a Dragon Defender.

This is the best and rarest Defender in the Guild, and it’s the ultimate reward to those patient (or lucky) enough to obtain it.


About Defenders in OSRS

Wielding a Dragon Defender (Equipment Screen) / OSRS
Wielding a Dragon Defender in OSRS

Defenders are untradeable items that require the usual Attack level for their weapon tier, and an equal level in Defence.

They’re worn in the off-hand slot, similar to shields.

All defenders offer a great mix of defence, accuracy, and strength bonus.

This makes them highly popular, and commonplace for activities that involve melee combat – such as Slayer, high level bossing, or quests.

And this makes Defenders useful for most players, so they’re a common sight in most combat related activities.

Additionally, endgame players can convert it into an Avernic defender, one of the best offhand weapons in the game.

So be it bronze or dragon, if you’ve got your eyes set on Defenders, come get yours at the Warrior’s Guild.

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