How Do You Get The Catspeak Amulet in OSRS?

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The Catspeak Amulet can be obtained as a reward from the Icthlarin’s Little Helper quest. This is started just outside Sophanem, and most of it takes place inside said desert city.

This item, when worn, allows you to talk to cats (including their pets) and engage in different dialogue.

This is similar to the Ghostspeak Amulet in that it must be worn in order to take effect.

Since the Kharidian Desert and its surroundings are completely off-limits for Free players, Icthlarin’s Little Helper and the Catspeak Amulet are members-only content.


Step 1: Starting Icthlarin’s Little Helper

Wanderer’s Camp near Sophanem / OSRS
Wanderer’s Camp near Sophanem

This quest requires completion of Gertrude’s Cat in order to have a cat of any size.

Other than that, there are no hard requirements.

But bear in mind that you’ll have to face at least one level 91 enemy. Come prepared!

Aside from that, we recommend at least a Combat Level of 50 to make some enemies unaggressive, good food, and a decent Agility level.


Step 2: Claiming Your Rewards

High Priest in Sophanem / OSRS
High Priest in Sophanem

Since the Catspeak Amulet is obtained as a reward from the quest, you’ll need to go all the way through it to obtain your prize.

You’ll get the Amulet along a decent chunk of XP in Woodcutting, Agility and Thieving.

And if you lose your amulet, you can ask the Sphinx in Sophanem for another one. But keep in mind that it will ignore you if you don’t have a pet cat following you.

Additionally, she will grant no spares; so you can’t get duplicates, and you may not pick them up after drop tricking (unless you telegrab them, similar to Skillcapes).


Uses For The Catspeak Amulet

Chatting with a Cat / OSRS
Chatting with a Cat

The main use for the Catspeak Amulet is talking with your own pet cat; you can inquire about different things according to their age/size.

Additionally, this item is required for a handful of cat-related quests, such as Ratcatchers or A Tail of Two Cats, where the infamous Bob the Cat is involved.

It’s also worth noting that after completing Dragon Slayer II, players obtain the ability of speaking to cats without the Catspeak Amulet.

This renders the amulet useless for the most part, aside from cosmetic purposes.

And that’s it!

The Catspeak Amulet definitely holds value for mid-level accounts during their questing efforts. So if you’re on the journey to your Quest Cape, go get your Amulet right meow!

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