How Do You Get The Chompy Pet in OSRS?

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The Chompy pet (Chompy Chick) can be obtained by hunting and plucking Chompies in the ogre hunting grounds, at a rate of 1/500, after completion of the Elite Western Provinces Diary.

It’s worth noting that you have two chances of getting this drop for each prey:

One when the prey is killed, and another when it is plucked.

Without the Elite diary, the pet isn’t rolled at all – and so without the Elite Diary completed it’s impossible to obtain your pet.

Meeting the requirements means you’ve hunted at least 1000 chompies, but in case that was a long time ago, let’s quickly review the activity!


Required Items

Rantz outside his house / OSRS

For this activity you’ll need three things:

  • An ogre hunting bow
  • Ogre bellows
  • Ogre arrows

All three can be obtained around the same area:

  • You can purchase another ogre bow from Rantz for 500-550 coins (varies)
  • Ogre Bellows are located in a chest inside Rantz’s house (Get a handful!)
  • Arrows can be crafted by fletching achey trees and wolf bones, combining the two, and adding feathers to finish them.

And since you’ve finished the Elite diary, Rantz will gift you 150 completed arrows every day.

Here’s a map with the locations of all required items:

Item Locations on the Map / OSRS

Red Circle: Rantz’ House (Ogre Bellows and Ogre Bow)
Blue Circle: Achey Trees and Level 64 Wolves

If you’re going to craft your arrows, you’ll need to move around a bit.

For killing wolves, definitely bring your melee weapon of preference, and food for lower leveled players.


Hunting Chompies

Best Chompy Hunting Spot on Map / OSRS

The best and fastest spot for hunting chompies is south of Castle Wars and west of the Smoke Devils cave.

This is because there are swamp toads next to the Chompy spot, and no aggressive enemies are nearby.

Inflating Toads in the Swamp / OSRS

First, fill up your Bellows in the swamp bubbles.

This will give 3 uses to each of them, allowing you to left click near toads to inflate them and add them to your inventory.

Dropping these toads will work as bait, making Chompys spawn after a small amount of time.

It’s worth noting that with the Elite diary, two Chompys will spawn 100% of the time – effectively doubling your Chompy farming speed!

A Chompy appears / OSRS

When Chompys spawn, use your bow and arrows to take them down.

They don’t attack back, but will rather attempt to flee – which doesn’t matter much since they only have 10 Hitpoints.

Once your prey is dead, click it again to pluck it.

This will stack feathers in your inventory, and leave its meat and bones in the ground.

Repeat this process until you get your Chompy pet.

This will go by pretty quickly with double spawns and an empty world. So getting your pet will take a rather small amount of time, with around 400 kills per hour.

And that’s it!

Chompy pets are pretty quick to get, and they work as a nice reward for a pretty tough Elite diary.

So if you’ve claimed your rewards then come get your new feathery friend!

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