How To Get Climbing Boots in OSRS

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Climbing Boots can be obtained from Tenzing during the Death Plateau quest.

While they are tradeable and have no stat requirements, they require completion of this quest to be worn.

And since the Burthorpe area and the Death Plateau are off limits to Free players, Climbing Boots are restricted to Members.


The Death Plateau Quest

Denulth in Burthorpe’s Camp / OSRS

Death Plateau is started by talking to Denulth in the center of Burthorpe.

This quest consists of the players helping the troops to find another way to the Plateau, since the Trolls have taken control of it and are guarding the main paths.

There are no mandatory requirements to start & complete this quest, other than some items, which are quite easy to get (even for Ironmen).

Additionally, this quest marks the beginning of the Trolls questline, and is required to start any of the rest.

Tenzing’s Location in Burthorpe / Old School RuneScape

Pictured above: Tenzing’s Location in Burthorpe

You will need to follow along until you’re sent to talk to Tenzing.

The sherpa will ask for 10 trout and bread. In exchange, he’ll offer an alternative route to the Plateau, and a pair of climbing boots!

While you can call it quits here, it’s highly recommended to finish the quest before leaving.

This is because if you lose the boots, Tenzing will ask for another 10 trout and bread to replace them.

Besides, at this point you’re almost done – so definitely keep going!


Acquiring Additional Climbing Boots

Tenzing’s Hut in Burthorpe / OSRS

After you complete Death Plateau, you may visit Tenzing at any time and ask for more Climbing Boots.

Instead of the usual food, he’ll instead ask for 12 coins after a brief dialogue.

This results in a much quicker and cheaper alternative, with the possibility to get a full inventory of Boots to keep spares – just in case they get lost during a dangerous activity.


Common Uses for Climbing Boots

Climbing Boots’ Stats / Old School RuneScape

Climbing Boots are highly popular for low to mid-level players due to their defensive and offensive bonuses.

Specifically, they offer a slight boost in melee defence, while granting a +2 Strength bonus.

That’s the same Strength that Rune Boots offer, which require 40 Defence!

Take all that, plus the lack of any negative bonuses, and these boots make for a great option for low leveled players that lack the money (or the stats) for better & more expensive options.

Furthermore, Ironmen are likely to wear these until they manage to get 85 Slayer and farm for a Dragon Boots drop from Spiritual Mages.

A full inventory of Climbing Boots / OSRS

Pictured above: A full inventory of Climbing Boots

Lastly, Climbing Boots can even be used as a money maker.

Other players are willing to pay for convenience. And most won’t bother trekking to Tenzing for a pair of boots.

As a result, these Climbing Boots can often be sold for around 580 coins each! (as of this writing)

This makes for a low requirement entry-level money making method to help you afford crucial upgrades and some starter cash.

Simply buy as many boots as you can carry, bank them all, and repeat!

With proper teleports, this method can yield upwards of 350k GP per hour.

While it’s somewhat humble and doesn’t give any XP rewards or unlocks, it can make a world of difference for newer OSRS players that are feeling stuck.

So whether you’re looking for an early upgrade, or looking for some quick cash, Climbing Boots can help you find your footing.

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