How To Get A Crystal Halberd in OSRS

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The Crystal Halberd can be purchased from Islwyn, or created from a Crystal Weapon Seed at either Ilfeen or the crystal singing bowl in Prifddinas.

Your first Crystal Halberd will cost 750k, unless you craft it yourself with crystal shards.

Note: The Hard Western Provinces Diary is required to wield this weapon, along with level 70 Attack, 35 Strength, and 50 Agility.

If you’ve ever obtained a Crystal Bow or Crystal Shield before, the method of obtaining the Crystal Halberd is identical.


Where is Islwyn? (Buy New)

Islwyn can be found travelling with Eluned, south of the western entrance of Lletya.

OSRS Islwyn Map Location

Upon completion of Song of the Elves, Islwyn will move to reside in south-east Prifddinas near the bank.

After Song of the Elves, an elf scout will replace Islwyn and Eluned at the former location, and will be functionally identical for purchasing Crystal Halberds.

It will always cost 750,000 coins to buy a Crystal Halberd from Islwyn or her elven scout replacement.

If Islwyn or her elven scout replacement is not there, simply hop worlds to find her.


Where is Ilfeen? (Re-enchant Crystal Weapon Seeds)

Ilfeen is located west of Lletya in Isafdar.

As you must cross agility obstacles and traps to get to her, you need at least level 56 Agility to navigate to her.

OSRS Ilfeen Map Location

To receive a Crystal Halberd from Ilfeen, you need to provide a Crystal Weapon Seed and 750,000 coins.

However, this price will reduce from 750,000 → 600,000 → 450,000 → 300,000 → 150,000 coins after five re-enchantments, stabilizing at a price of 150,000 coins from thereon.

Upon completion of Song of the Elves, Ilfeen will move to reside in west Prifddinas near the house portal.

After Song of the Elves, an elven scout will replace Ilfeen at the former location, and will be functionally identical for re-enchanting Crystal Halberds.

If Ilfeen or her elven scout replacement is not there, simply hop worlds to find her.


Crystal Singing Bowl (Re-enchant Crystal Weapon Seeds Manually with Crystal Shards)

With level 78 Crafting and Smithing, you have the ability to craft your own Crystal Halberd.

At a cost of 40 crystal shards and a Crystal Weapon seed, you can gain 2,000 Crafting and 2,000 smithing experience by singing at the crystal singing bowl in Prifddinas.

If you don’t have the Crafting and Smithing requirements, you can pay an extra 60 crystal shards to have Reese or Conwenna create the halberd for you.

This method avoids paying coins to acquire the halberd, and allows you to gain some crafting and smithing experience as well.

If you have a surplus of crystal shards, this method should be the best way to get one.


Why Use a Crystal Halberd?

The Crystal Halberd degrades over time, and will revert back into a Crystal Weapon Seed after reaching the hit limit.

From there, it can be re-enchanted at Ilfeen or sung at the crystal singing bowl in Prifddinas to create a new one.

Functionally the Crystal Halberd is simply a better Dragon Halberd. It serves as a 7-tick melee safe-spot weapon, and it has a special attack that is useful for damaging large or multiple enemies.

Though it is not a spear, the Crystal Halberd deals full damage to the Corporeal Beast when on stab attack style.

As the special attack is useful against large opponents, this is a great weapon to use at Corp as a special attack switch item.

Costing 30% special attack power, the special attack Sweep has multiple effects and bonuses. In addition to a 10% damage boost, if the target is larger than 1×1, it will deal an additional hit.

Though this hit has 25% reduced accuracy, it can hit enormously large numbers against larger opponents.

OSRS Crystal Halberd Battle Preview

In addition to the double hit effect, the Crystal Halberd’s special attack also functions as an AOE 3×3 centered around a main 1×1 target. This effect can target up to 10 NPCs, or 3 players in PVP.

Note, if the main target is larger than 1×1, then the AOE effect will not occur – rather it will apply the double-hit effect.


Crystal Halberd General Uses

This weapon is great against Corporeal Beast, Pestilent Bloat, and other bosses where the speed of the kill is key.

It could also be useful to some people at General Graardor, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Giant Mole, and more.

Crystal Halberd Battle against Ankov in OSRS

Some 1×1 size slayer tasks may be sped up by using this AOE attack method while in multi-combat zones, such as Ankous or Dust Devils in the Catacombs of Kourend.

This weapon is still useful against larger monsters for a quick damage boost via the double-hit effect as well.

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