How To Get A Crystal Saw in OSRS

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The Crystal Saw is obtained by using the Crystal Saw Seed on the singing bowl in Brimstail’s cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

This is a quest reward from completing The Eyes of Glouphrie quest.


Construction Usages in OSRS

A normal saw can be substituted for a Crystal Saw when being used to craft furniture and other surfaces within a player owned house.

It also works in place of a normal saw when crafting a STASH unit for clue scrolls.

This saw provides an invisible +3 boost to your Construction level.

However, this effect only applies to activities that require a saw and hammer to make.

Construction Work Screenshot in OSRS

For example, this effect works on boosting to craft STASH units and constructing a restoration pool, but not on planting flowers in a garden and building new level restricted rooms.

As this is an invisible boost, it can be stacked with visible boosts.

With a spicy stew boost that can give you a +5 visible Construction boost and this invisible +3 boost, you can build structures that are 8 levels higher than your current level!


Reclaiming or Recharging The Crystal Saw

The Crystal Saw has 28 charges, or 56 with the Medium Western Provinces Diary completed.

If the Crystal Saw is used to construct something that does not require its boost, a charge is not used.

But if it’s exhausted of charges, lost, or destroyed, the Crystal Saw Seed can be reobtained for free by talking to Brimstail.

From there, simply sing the seed into a saw at the singing bowl deeper in Brimstail’s cave.

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