How To Get A Crystal Teleport Seed in OSRS

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A Crystal Teleport Seed is initially acquired when speaking to Arianwyn at the beginning of the Mourning’s End Part I quest.

Upon starting Mourning’s End Part I, you can kill Elf Archers and Elf Warriors for additional charged and uncharged Crystal Teleport Seeds.


Obtaining More Crystal Teleport Seeds

In Lletya, Elf Archers and Elf Warriors drop a charged Teleport Crystal (1) at a rate of 1/128 (0.781%).

In addition, they also drop uncharged Teleport Crystal Seeds at a rate of 1/5.12 (19.5%).

These can be recharged into usable teleport crystals at Eluned.

Prifddinas Guard Screenshot in OSRS

After the completion of Song of the Elves, you can kill Guards in Prifddinas for the same Crystal Teleport Seed drop rates as normal Elf Archers and Elf Warriors.

However, these Guards can specially drop the Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed at a rate of 1/1024, which can be sung into an Eternal Teleport Crystal.

Iorwerth Warriors found in the Iorwerth Dungeon have the same drop table as Guards in Prifddinas – consider going here for an Elf slayer task!

The Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed can also be obtained by pickpocketing Elves in Prifddinas.


Charging Crystal Teleport Seeds

Upon exhausting the charges on the teleport crystal, you can recharge the seeds at Eluned for between 150-750 coins.

The price decreases based on the amount of times you’ve recharged crystals.

Arianwyn Location in OSRS (Screenshot)

Initially, the crystal received from Arianwyn at the beginning of the Mourning’s End Part I quest contains four charges.

However, Eluned claims she can only restore three charges to the teleport crystal.

Note: Teleport Crystal charges must be fully exhausted before being re-enchanted.

Eluned can be found in the clearing south of the western entrance to Lletya.

After the completion of Song of the Elves, Eluned can be found north of the dye shop in Prifddinas. An elven scout will replace Eluned at the former location, and will be functionally identical for recharging teleport crystals.

Upon completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary, Eluned will enchant crystals up to 5 charges.

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